July 11th, 2013 | 96 Entries

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96 Entries for “influence”

  1. The way to really see into a person’s soul is to see what influences the most. Or who influences them the most, for that matter. Who do they look up to? What do they center their decisions around? See what influences them and you’ll see what they aspire to be, already are, and have been before.

    By ToriJoyLynne on 07.11.2013

  2. The gold dripped off of his fingertips, or so it seemed. His blonde hair flowed just past his shoulders, elegantly disheveled. He was truly stunning, leaving me with nothing but breath and the taste of unsaid words on my tongue.

    By Roxxi Jaxx on 07.11.2013

  3. The sweet, siren call of coffee beckons me from my sleep. The smell of it — freshly-ground, freshly-brewed caffeinated goodness is the result of nothing short of mastery and months of study to choose the finest beans and machines.
    This is a problem, says you. This is how I wake up, says I.

    By terradi on 07.11.2013

  4. She stared at the boy, wondering who he was. She normally had a great deal of influence on people, but this was a different case. He wouldn’t even look at her. It was like she didn’t exist. It wasn’t something she was used to. Normally, everyone was very aware of her. Perhaps he was immune to her influence. Perhaps.

    By ShadowPrayers on 07.11.2013

  5. People said that he was a great influence to youth learners.
    But at that moment, Jean thought of something else.

    There was good influence… or there was bad influence.
    And when it was bad, it was very, very bad.

    Already, Jean sense the badness of it, the greediness.

    By OneJen on 07.11.2013

  6. Above or below, with or without, high or low, holding or dry, consuming or defecating, free or enslaved.

    By Jesse B. on 07.11.2013

  7. one day i had a dog and he was a great infuece in my life, he taught me many things and litttle by little i learned to be just like him, i soon began to grow a tail and became exactly like him, i mutated into a blue nose pit bull.

    By Evelyn on 07.11.2013

  8. There have been many influences in my life, mainly I have been under them. I caught a flu once, it was in Florence. Consequentially, my opinions of italy have been influenced by the amount of poop that was a result of the flu. I got hella drunk.

    By Cavallo Rosso URL on 07.11.2013

  9. It is good to have a positive influence on others, because their actions can reflect on you. Do you

    By Stephanie URL on 07.11.2013

  10. He had the kind of influence on the kid that a person of a higher standard would disapprove of. The kid didn’t care though and neither did he. They did what they wanted to when they wanted to and nothing was going to stop them.

    By Patrick URL on 07.11.2013

  11. The lens on her camera changed the color of everything. The window she peered out of in the attic of the dust and decay, the stale time come to rest, gave her one view of the world. She was content to believe it.

    By Grace on 07.11.2013

  12. There I stand. My boyfriend there, in front of me. I don’t want to, but he threatened to leave me if i didn’t, He smiles and hands me a drink. I take a drink and spit it out. “Eww, bubble tea is disgusting!”

    By Toria on 07.11.2013

  13. “There are…rumors, your highness.”
    “Rumors?” I replied, raising a single brow in question. “Of what kind?”
    “They say…” he hesitated to wipe at his brow. “They saw the Lady Karo has great…influence here at court. Some say…too much.”
    “Influence.” I began, my eyes narrowing. “Over what?”
    He swallowed, small eyes darting around the room as though desperate for some sort of reprieve. “Over…you, highness.”
    My fingers clenched hard around the arms of my chair.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 07.11.2013

  14. the person who has had the greatest influence in my life is my grandma. i love her so much and i did not want to let her go. her and my grandpa were my favorite people in the whole world

    By Brianna on 07.11.2013

  15. The greatest influence on a person’s life is their family. The attitudes and values modelled by your parents forms the foundation for the way you carry out your everyday activities. It also affects how you respond to other people. If your parents are positive, hardworking and slightly ‘driven’, you too will most likely, unconsciously follow their example. On the contrary, if your parents have been lazy and expect life to hand them what they want without giving, you will probably expect the same.

    By Janet Power on 07.11.2013

  16. The cerebral influence of “smarter-than-thou” types can be a little daunting at times. It’s as if they’ve forgotten not every joke as to be so clever you need a secret decoder ring just to figure it out. Sometimes you just need something stupid and ridiculous so you can for once just lighten the eff up.

    By Intuition on 07.11.2013

  17. the influence of you that has latched yourself to my soul is far greater than the influence of any rational sense that could possibly try to bring us down.

    By Pip on 07.11.2013

  18. And yet she always knew there was another life she had never lived, and never could live; without the influence of her “father”. As she grew older, she wondered how different a person she would have been had she not been taken that day so many years ago.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.11.2013

  19. He spoke with the untamed oil of a man on the rise. Sitting down with utter precision and grace. “Well, we could just kill a couple of hours then.” he smirked at me. Like honest to god smirk. A lot of men have tried to produce such a genuine display of confidence and few succeed. It was easy to be putty in his hands.

    By Nikki Riles on 07.11.2013

  20. I’ve been influenced by many people over my still-young life. My parents. My dad, especially. To be a musician. My best friend, to be a better person. I try to only take in positive influences. Negative ones don’t serve me.

    By Kessa on 07.11.2013

  21. The influence a boyfriend can have on a girl, the way her insecurities are magnified by a suggestion. Can we become our own influence? Or are only subject to being influenced by others? Can I reinvent myself? Or must you?

    By Megan on 07.11.2013

  22. What influence do I have over others to do my bidding? None. None at all. What influence do I have over my cats? Minimal. How have they influenced my life? Tremendously! TV shows have also very much influenced my life.

    By Dax on 07.11.2013

  23. She tries not to let his condescending words have influence over her decision, but it’s hard. So hard.

    So instead, she takes another approach. She chooses the exact opposite of what everyone expects of her—particularly him. She chooses this path, and hopes she won’t regret it.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.11.2013

  24. The influence a man has is amazing, especially when he doesn’t even know it. People look at a man. They listen. They want to know what a man is doing and why, even if they don’t express it.
    Never forget that every choice you make is going to impact someone, is going to influence them. Will your legacy be for good? Or will your influence guide people to ill action and thought? What you do today will seal the gates of the past and set you on the course you take tomorrow.

    By Devon on 07.11.2013

  25. I just want to be a bad influence on you. ;)

    By Jason on 07.11.2013

  26. I’ve never influenced anyone, at least as far as I’m aware. I’m shy, soft-spoken; not quite leadership material. Still, people seem to enjoy my company. I guess I’m just agreeable.

    By Dale Harrison URL on 07.11.2013

  27. I don’t know who influences me, or what. I think so much about how I can change the world and everything that small people get affected by. We are changed and manipulated by so many things it would be so nice just to see what a human would be blank. Without influence.

    By Brynn on 07.11.2013

  28. I like the way how people around us play a big role in affecting the way we talk and react to things, how the actions of others influence our thoughts and perceptions without us realizing it.

    By EvelynPaul on 07.11.2013

  29. teachers…friends…life….wrong things…also good things…saving me from worse at times as well…also lately i realise i get dont get influenced with people easily.

    By sneh on 07.11.2013

  30. The wizard’s breadth of influence was so great that even kings trembled before him. Surprisingly it came from his kindness not from power.

    By Vijayalakshmi on 07.11.2013

  31. Nobody has ever influenced me like my father. If I could step into his shoes, pay the bills and take care of my bratty siblings and me, I think I would appreciate it more. But instead we fight.
    We fight and argue.
    The day I lost him was dark, gloomy, and I regretted leaving him behind all those years ago.
    If only I could have apologised.
    Oh Dad, I miss you.

    By Celly on 07.11.2013

  32. I like because influence is cool because of pie and so I can’t behave because Scooby took my cereal this morning and I cried because it tasted like pie. So I cried and cried cause I like pie with PewDie on top. Wait okay so life and lemons make pie and glitter so yea

    By Payton on 07.12.2013

  33. The power of your presence, like breath too long, too short, too loud, but essential to living. The grip of your gaze, the smile that spills the secrets of the heart even as it tries to hide them… you influence me in so many ways.

    By Harvinder URL on 07.12.2013

  34. Some people have influence. Others do not. I was one of the former. I came from a privileged background. My father was rich and my mother came from a rich family, though she’d never worked a day in her life. My father earned his riches. He tried to instill in me the meaning of hard work, but mother’s ways undermined his efforts.

    By NekoInu on 07.12.2013

  35. The princess
    And the princes sleep
    Nested in their beds
    The morning mists roll uphill
    Across the castle grass

    The Queen and I kiss
    As lovers must
    borrowing and surrender
    A promise eternal

    I shall ride north
    She south
    Upon our lips
    The kiss
    And the remnant mists

    By david URL on 07.12.2013

  36. I am influenced by everything around me. My friends, my family, my teachers, my peers. We all get influenced by our surroundings – both unconsciously and consciously. I always say that if all my friends jumped off a cliff, I wouldn’t follow, but if truth be told, if everyone was doing it, I can’t help but wonder if I would be influenced by their examples.

    By Alya on 07.12.2013

  37. people may have influences in their lives.; which effect their activities in many ways. sometime people are not thinking straight and they get influenced by some one who is not playing a positive role in the society; so for being influenced by somone on has to thik straight.

    By Sara Ahmed on 07.12.2013

  38. Your opinion has no influence on my opinion.

    By Apala URL on 07.12.2013

  39. The influence kids have on each other is overwhelming and sad. It is a shame that in today’s society it is “wiser” to follow the lead of your peers instead of the elders in the community. Society seems to degrade constantly because the influences really don’t have the knowledge to lead.

    By Jenn URL on 07.12.2013

  40. I was fortunate to be surrounded by persons of good chararter that influence my life when I was growing up. Today my life story is one of a positive nature and I likewise am in a position to offer advice to those less fortunate than myself a way forward.

    By victor URL on 07.12.2013