July 12th, 2013 | 106 Entries

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106 Entries for “submerged”

  1. I lay there quiet and still submerged in an ocean of grief. Theoretically I knew that ” this too shall pass” but the pain was so new,so raw that it was difficult to think coherently. At that moment in time all was darkness, all seemed lost.

    By Tracey on 07.13.2013

  2. Before I am deeply submerged in a cooking adventure I have this minute to anticipate it’s delight.

    The recipe says that it will take 55 minutes to complete, with 40 minutes baking. By then the kitchen will be clean and polished and I will have a warm dish of pear and caramel pudding with cream to enjoy. The kitchen will be warm and will smelling of cake and pears spiced with cloves. On Monday morning I know I will be grumbling about winter again, but tonight I am happy.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.13.2013

  3. dive dive the captain yelled. all to arms all to arms. quickly the men responded. not a thought went through their minds they just moved like one entity to their posts. fear ran through their minds but

    By Tosh on 07.13.2013

  4. And nothing could save her, she just began to fall submergerd in every feeling inexplainable. No one could help her, or stop her, she went for it, she hated and loved it all at once, and thats tjust how things are sometimes.

    By Dasha Morrison URL on 07.13.2013

  5. My thinkings are submerged at the far end of my brain,
    my feelings are submerged at the bottom of my heart,
    the fishes are swimming in the big and dark ocean
    I know where are the most importants things but,
    where are you love?

    By kelly on 07.13.2013

  6. “But why?” He studdered, falling into the rebel. “I cannot think of why someone would be so cruel.. you know?” And with large eyes he cried, desperate in his musing, yet his father only smiled and submerged him in the moment.

    By Wulfhug on 07.13.2013

  7. He struggled to bring the creature to the surface, but its thrashing weight dragged him under. Once submerged, he found the creature’s bulk less overpowering, and he was able to wrap both arms around it.

    By mrsmig on 07.13.2013

  8. There I was. Surrounded by strangers that I didn’t know, submerged in my own thoughts. Unable to move, but all the possibilities to think. And even though the world was blurred and I would shiver, the night seemed so right.

    By Lexx on 07.13.2013

  9. I’m drowning. My human body immediately starts fighting the submersion but I hold on to my control, willing myself to stay down, stay under. I can’t see anything, the water has gone pitch black and cold. I can feel things moving against my face. They are laughing at me. They think they’ve won. But no one can win unless I let them. I duck my head further beneath the waters and take my last breath with the name.

    By Claire on 07.13.2013

  10. The male found himself flung out of the boat, his whole body submerged before he gathered his senses and kicked out frantically, fish scuttling in all directions. He burst to the surface and let out a great shuddering breath, abruptly feeling the effects of the water as he started coughing like a hag. Gasping great lungfuls of air, he watched with horror as the boat chugged away. In desperation, he kicked out his legs and frantically started doggy paddling, a momentous effort as he still had his sodden clothes on.

    By Izzy Malak on 07.13.2013

  11. I was completely submerged in the romance novel knowing that this sort or reading was considered trashy. It was nonsense in the fairy tale sense but I couldn’t stop turning page after page after page.

    By Jacqui on 07.13.2013

  12. I watched the submerged head of my best friend frantically paddling to the surface, wanting nothing more than to jump in and grab her out myself. However, the knife aimed between my ribs was a subtle reminder that I mustn’t, cannot, get involved.

    By Lara on 07.13.2013

  13. “I am submerged. In my thoughts, in my head. I am sinking into an abyss, with no escape route out. I am submerged… but mainly due to my undying love for you. You submerged me.”

    By Kameela on 07.13.2013

  14. I loved him.
    What am I saying?
    It’s denial.
    And not a very good lie at that.
    Not even original.
    Better to claim that I can’t love him because I am too submerged in my own thoughts. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone because of not only that but it’s always complicated.

    By Silly People on 07.13.2013

  15. Plunged into the icy lake, time stopped for young Michael. “This is what God entering my body feels like?”, he thought. “Cold, uncomfortable, and making my nose burn?” When reverend Josef pulled him back up, he felt no different, and the beaming smiles on his parents’ faces from the shore broke his heart, in this moment and throughout his life.

    By JV on 07.13.2013

  16. The creature remained submerged in the deep waters of the lake, bidding its time until the moment when humanity succumbs to greed and lust. Only then will it rise, to cleanse the species from its degeneration.

    By walkingriddle on 07.13.2013

  17. She doesn’t know what’s happening really. The last thing she saw is the bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds and all she sees now is… well… darkness. pure darkness in a tint of blue. And it doesn’t feel painful. It’s just numb.

    By Sarah on 07.13.2013

  18. grass

    By AkkaKbn on 07.13.2013

  19. dark , tunel, street,

    By luci URL on 07.13.2013

  20. there is nothing i want less
    than your unchanging,
    unflinching eternity.

    send me to the Pit
    that i may bathe in fire

    and everyday be reborn.

    By h. b. on 07.13.2013

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    By can on 07.13.2013

  22. Summer after higscool , whats happening? seriously ? realy ? are you kidding me ? O come on guys this not the end of the world :D Yes yes yes speaking and sharing you can check down and social media links

    By IceWitch on 07.13.2013

  23. for every time i think of water i think of being in the deep, submerged in the infinite indefinite. everything is so calm and silent down there, nothing ever seems to end, because nothing has a beginning.

    By andreiul on 07.13.2013

  24. Tons of water. Spilling onto the dirt. I dive, and the air is caught in my body as the pressure holds me, in the infinity of the Sea and of time.

    By Grace on 07.13.2013

  25. I don`t know what it meas but i hope it`s something about dreaming and hoping and fun. About life, because i love having fun and living. You have to love living or you won`t love life.

    By Georgiana on 07.13.2013

  26. My thoughts are submerged in sleepiness; it’s a wonder that I took time to write. But write I do because I want my dreams to get better.
    And they do. Sweet dreams, everyone!

    By P J Colando URL on 07.13.2013