August 18th, 2013 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “infinity”

  1. The rush to reach the finish line was unshakable, but as the seconds flew by, the road seemed to lengthen. Her heart in her throat, she could feel barely catch her breath. They were passing her, one by one. She couldn’t tell if it was tears or sweat suddenly clouding her vision.

    By Soft URL on 08.18.2013

  2. In this universe, we find nothing but what we can see with our own two eyes. There is something more than what is already available to us. The human capacity cannot fathom the concept of infinity, which makes it silly that those who are religious think that they can understand god.

    By Mia A on 08.18.2013

  3. Wastelands
    Water to the brim of my eyes
    one tear

    By cc on 08.18.2013

  4. The sardines bought sardines.
    Without thumbs, they had trouble opening the miniature cans
    so they got the tiny robots to do it for them.
    When the robots laughed, it sounded like the rattle and clank
    of roller coaster wheels going up up up.
    What will the future bring?

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 08.18.2013

  5. Scientists say that the universe isn’t infinite. That’s kind of…. scary? They believe it’s shrinking, actually!! Even scarier! If I believe other wise, it won’t make it true. But it makes me feel better. Not much. The universe could possibly be shrinking and I am frightened.

    By Brooke on 08.18.2013

  6. Her moment gazing far above the infinity of the red rock landscape felt dreamlike.

    By skylarkin on 08.18.2013

  7. “How can you love me so much?” She asked, a tear escaping.

    “You are my air, my water, my life, my infinity. I couldn’t live without you.” He answered.

    And for once, she slept soundly.

    By Kat on 08.18.2013

  8. Does anything out there have no end? The universe? Human stupidity? Is there anything that will never end, will never stop ceasing to be? Sure, life goes on, but for everyone, it does end. So it cannot be infinite, even if it seems as if there will always be life. But will there always be life, even if it’s just one life?

    By Alexis on 08.18.2013

  9. isn’t so bad. It’s how many half-way points you cross, when you drive to work. It’s a train that never passes. It’s an afternoon that never ends. Are you there yet? Never.

    God and freshman calculus can tell you everything you need to know about it.

    Oh, but *finity*. Death, nothingness, ceasing to be. Wrap your head around those.

    By amygdala on 08.18.2013

  10. To infinity and beyond we go the stream of our quintessential thoughts pour into the lagoon that ravels of our strife. I lost myself quickly inside the zephyr of my brooding, a thought a rose.

    By nikola on 08.18.2013

  11. It felt like an infinity since he had seen her. He fidgeted with the latch on his bag and wondered if the dozen roses in his hand was a cheesy gesture. He had thought so on his way here. That’s why he went back and got one more rose, making it a dozen and one. That’s also why he was late. But he thought she might like the gesture. A dozen and one.

    By Terri on 08.18.2013

  12. She looked out past the horizon and for a moment, she thought she saw his boat, bobbing up and down, on the turquoise waves. But of course, nothing was out there except the seagulls. She believed in infinity – she really did. What she didn’t believe in was second chances.

    By musicrazi on 08.18.2013

  13. The infinity of my breath takes us away and will inseminate the future generations, their very existence as much as their thoughts with the wind of today.

    By J. on 08.18.2013

  14. Someone once told me “some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” I never really understood what it meant, until this moment. You see, all I’ve really known my entire life is regret. My life, my forever, has been an infinite stream of mistakes. Even so, sitting here, under the never-ending stars, looking into the countless colours in your eyes, I can see a much larger infinity. One that cannot possible be a mistake. One that will override the last, and create a new and better forever for both of us.

    By Regan on 08.18.2013

  15. Infinity scares me. Infinity means that something never ends, and I don’t want that to happen. Well actually I do want a few things to last forever, such as my love for my boyfriend, or my relationship with my brother. I do want those to last forever, but for other things, I wish they would end the second they came into existence. For instance, that one year, when he broke my heart in so many pieces, I still am not the same, nor will I ever be. I just wish the pain would stop, but it seems to last for infinity. I can’t do anything about it, except wish that it would be erased from my memory. It feels like infinity is a stab in the chest. Infinity is the realization that something is never ever going to end, and that’s scary to me. Very scary. The pain is never going to end, but my love for my boyfriend will also never end, so there is a broad spectrum when we talk about infinity.

    By Ashlynn on 08.18.2013

  16. Time passes by into infinity and I wonder about the past and the future, the way the sunlight dapples against the trees and the next moment the land is but a desolate white waste land, and that is infinity. It is time, time is infinite.

    By charlotte URL on 08.18.2013

  17. The space between here, where I am and there, where he is. Not far in measurable distance, but far in time spent wasted. Too far. No longer able to bridge that time span with general niceties. Too far; seeming infinity.

    By Fiona on 08.18.2013

  18. just look at the starting line. your life is about to begin. the race goes on forever, and race against what you will – take any trail you want, twisting through life, going on forever. infinity and beyond – with no end to time and space, there is no end to the world’s race.

    By firelight on 08.18.2013

  19. forever. no end in sight. a symbol of unending-ness. bottomless. not-to-be-comprehended. WAY out there. breathe it in.

    By ~Shell on 08.18.2013

  20. I tried counting to infinity once, but I only got to 1,752 before I fell asleep with my back against the wall and my knees against the rug. I tried adding together every single number I could think of, to see what the sum would be, but my calculator was crap and I couldn’t keep track of the totals in my head. I wound up buying a telescope, just so I could multiply every star by a hundred, just to make the night look brighter.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.18.2013

  21. beyond
    only possibilities and hope
    and beyond
    infinity times infinity
    belief and the uncertainty

    By Regina on 08.18.2013

  22. Deep inside that once which was Andy was quickly fading,infinity calling.Yet,Robyn’s last words hurt him to the core.As the last embers went out,included in the horror of his last moment was the feeling that in death Andy had never felt so much alive.

    By A False Terl on 08.18.2013

  23. the infinity darkness of the universe trumps my mere measly existence.

    By erin on 08.18.2013

  24. As a mathematician, he sought infinity. He knew it could never be attained, of course, but he liked knowing there was always more to discover. Sometimes, though, there was nothing more comforting than coming home on a cold winter day, having dinner with his wife and son, watching the snow through steamy glass. Sometimes, three was greater than infinity.

    By Holden URL on 08.18.2013

  25. all i can think of is that stupid perks book and how dumb our conversation are because they always end in you saying forever and me repeating it and i know forever isnt infinity but they sure as hell feel the same and i dont know what to make of that

    By corrine marie on 08.18.2013

  26. It was a sad, sombre infinity before he spoke agian: “Sometimes, I wonder if it would’ve just been better for him to leave me there for dead.”

    By WearyWater URL on 08.18.2013

  27. The concept of concepts, infinity. It’s hard to imagine something that never ends by beings who spend most of their lives thinking about how little falls into that category we can actually see or touch. The stars and universe seem to go on forever, but even the universe has a fringe, an edge. I hear this word and I think of love, of imagination, and of art.

    By JDwrites on 08.18.2013

  28. To infinity, and beyond
    So many dreams wrapped up in one statement
    Childish thoughts and grown up hopes
    I may never make it to outer space but lying here with you right now
    I’ve made it to my infinity
    And you’ve taken me beyond any place I’d ever hope to reach

    By Pax on 08.18.2013

  29. There are an infinity of reasons not to fall in love with you, your attitude,your temper, your husband, but only one thing fills my mind through day and night, and it is that perfect curve your cheek makes when you smile.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.18.2013

  30. Infinity is forever
    not sure it’s something i want
    i can barley stand reality
    an infinity of this?
    i’d gladly decline

    hasta morir
    ire al fin
    de la infinidad

    By Karla URL on 08.18.2013

  31. and beyond, what’s infinite? everything ends. revenge, makes me think that love is supposed to infinite, i guess hate is too. there’s always more of both to go around…forever to more and more people, more and more. life isn’t infinite, or maybe it is if theres such a thing as the afterlife, heaven, or other lives. this life is enough to deal with though i sometimes wonder if i’m if i’m paying the price for a past life sin, crime or something i need to make amends for as nothing grows or florishes for me.

    By Jo on 08.18.2013

  32. In a world were every action is defined by time, wouldn’t it be nice to be infinite?

    By AutumnB93 on 08.18.2013

  33. Infinity makes me think of a car model, but the first thing that really came to mind was Buzz Lightyear and his motto, “To infinity and beyond.” I also can’t help but hear the nun saying, “In the light of eternity . . .” What’s the difference between infinity and eternity. As soon as the minute is up, I’ll google those terms. Meanwhile, I’m nowhere near the infinite writing that is needed to fill the hole that is my life. What the hell is this? Infinite worry. Get over it, already. It’s going to take a long time to get to infinity!

    By michaelbuzz on 08.18.2013

  34. I want to go where no one’s been before. I want to stay there, with you. But if you’re there i won’t be alone. And i want to go where no one’s been.

    By sitara URL on 08.18.2013

  35. My ability reaches infinity, in such a way that that statement is a lie. To imply that my ability reaches anything gives a slight misconception that it stops which isn’t true. I can do anything and i will write until death catches me and my legacy will continue on.

    By Kayaus on 08.18.2013

  36. Infinite reasons why he loved her. The way her hair smelled, the way she looked when she was reading her newspaper in the morning, the way her face scrunched up when she realized she’d burnt the coffee. But he couldn’t tell her those reasons. He sat in silence, wishing he was capable of speech.

    By Sam on 08.18.2013

  37. This it is. The end. What happened? I trusted. We all did. They gave us hope and they let us down. What are we supposed to do now? OUr infinite supply of Tim Horton’s donuts gone…

    By Caitlyn on 08.18.2013

  38. Infinity is a concept of forever. Forever in this hole, forever in their arms, all forever. But I am really happy…no, maybe not happy but relieved that nothing really lasts. A type of promise in that, something to believe in if there’s nothing else.

    infinity is a long time, a overextended and lengthy period of time.
    Something I am not too keen on experiencing.

    By Danaé on 08.18.2013

  39. Infinity is, simply put, on and on, an endless journey towards some unknown destination. But it’s so much more.
    It’s something above and beyond, something not quite explainable or equatable. It’s…forever and a day, a thousand and one years, an hour past eternity. It’s everything that can be, will be, would be. It’s everything and nothing, because how can it truly BE when it has YET to be?

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.18.2013

  40. Infinity. A word we know as the equivilant to forever. Buzz Lightyear says “To infinity and beyond!” A catchphrase all kids of my generation will remember for probably their whole lives, because it’s inspiring. Although its only the words of an action figure from a children’s movie, it holds the power to drive someone to “reach for the stars” and chase their dreams. Infinity also stands to represent best friends, marriage, and I don’t even know what else. It could mean so much to so many different people.

    By Bryce on 08.18.2013