November 10th, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “individual”

  1. I sigh as I watch the tv, groaning internally when the news comes on. I flip the channel, finding a re-run of my favorite show. I watch that instead. After a little while I get up to go the the bathroom, finding that my dad was listening to the news in the other room. I groan and roll my eyes, go to the bathroom, and go back to my show.

    By Deandra on 11.10.2016

  2. aeiasldhgas

    By Vulcani on 11.10.2016

  3. I adhere to my little place, my little ways
    passed me so many different faces pass
    I am transfixed at seeing them
    A striking purple catches my eye,
    then a daring scarlet
    next a beaming yellow
    again and again I see the unique brilliance of those around me
    All at once I look down at myself
    My eyes dull at the sight

    By Ami on 11.10.2016

  4. threads tied in a knot
    connected loosely, caught
    bonds break, snapping silently
    an attack in the night, almost violently
    alone again (at last)
    relationships (a thing of the past)
    this moment is pivotal
    become an individual

    By vanikey on 11.10.2016

  5. I used to think I was an individual, until society told me to conform. Now I march in the back of the line, with eyes blind to the way I’m mimicking their actions. The world was once a painting with different colours added by each new sets of hands to pick up the brush; everyone adding individuality to a canvas of meshing colours. Now the world is a series of the same painting, tutorials followed to paint them as such. Those canvases painted with the same set of colours, no paints mixed to form any other. I used to think I was an individual, until I painted the same picture as everyone else, through a series of brush movements my mind was hard-wired with; like a slave to conventional society.

    By Lexy on 11.10.2016

  6. The individual spirit of our country, while in many cases a true asset, is also a dividing factor that keeps us from truly understanding each other.

    By kkup on 11.10.2016

  7. every individual is unique and has some things decided in destiny. There is a lot of charm in being themselves and doing things in their planned way. Being individualistic is a happy feeling

    By Rady on 11.10.2016

  8. every individual is unique and has some things decided in destiny. There is a lot of charm in being themselves and doing things in their planned way. Being individualistic is a happy feeling to experience. There diversity in the different individuals makes this society colorful.

    By Rady on 11.10.2016

  9. Every individual – regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, family origins, or disability – deserves every freedom written on that goddamn piece of paper that is meant to guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do not forget that. Do not also forget that blood was shed to keep those freedoms alive, and more than once. If we have to fight, then we fight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.10.2016

  10. chaos. all around me. enveloped in the mystery. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt this way. different. I stood out from the crowd. I can’t blindly follow. how nice it must be.

    By Josh Miller URL on 11.10.2016

  11. One of something. Only one. In = not. dividual = divide (ish) Everyone wants to be an individual, but maybe not so much when you’re a teenager. Then you just want to fit in, and standing out is the LAST thing you want!

    By Elena Hershey on 11.10.2016

  12. you’re different
    bright day
    don’t let them hold you back

    I am all alone
    falling from
    crowd to crowd
    someone will
    pick me up and take me in

    does that mean anything

    By Hannah on 11.10.2016

  13. I divided,
    innards visible,
    self invisible,
    out, not in, now divisible

    Dancing duel for two,
    split, duality,
    self implode,
    forced plurality

    A compass found
    named morality
    self modality
    met, now in reality

    Agree, accept
    converse, connect
    shared abundance, winnings mutual
    reclaim the sense of individual

    By omqwat on 11.10.2016

  14. the leaf was crescent shaped, with a thin vein down the middle, delineating the the half, then another vein down that middle, so that one became two, then four. Each division marking territory. So which is the individual, the leaf, or the territories inside it?

    By nytrist URL on 11.10.2016

  15. herghbelerhghhg
    this is individuality!
    This is unique! The essence of being – a random series of words, letters, formed into lines that do not make sense.
    This is a protest of our uniqueness.
    This is what defines us.
    Come on, come on – next time, try and write your own lines. These are MINE

    By Yue on 11.10.2016

  16. what ever comes to mind
    whatever play part in entertaining me I keep to myself
    I have a habit of believe I store my best ideas in my sleep

    By justin on 11.10.2016

  17. She looked about her, saw so many people. It made her think. “I’ve been worrying about how I need to get closer to my friends, about how I’m gonna do at my performance, and If my friends will come.” She thought to herself, as she was bustled among hundreds of people. “But so are they, they’ve got lots of tiny problems that seem like huge walls. Just like me. They’ve got friends that they’re worrying about and things that they’re practicing for.” She looked around realising that this made her feel so very small in a big world. “It makes me feel,” She searched for the right word. “Lonely.” “They’ve got whole lives that they’re going through.” She mused. “I’m just an individual in this huge world” She whispered to herself. Suddenly a feeling came over her that doused the awful feeling of insignificance and loneliness that she had become used to. “I am a solitary being in this world. But that doesn’t make me unimportant. I comforted Phoebe when she had a problem” She started realising the truth. “She would have cried all night if I hadn’t been there. And my family love ME so much, I’VE done hundreds of jobs around the house that needed to be done, and somebody else would have had to do them.” She started to smile. It felt so good, she hadn’t smiled in so long. She realised that she had wasted so much time. “I’ve gotta do things!” She said aloud. People around her smiled sympathetically at the strange girl in the middle of the footpath. “I’ve gotta see people, and read things, and dance!” She laughed at people’s curious stares as she ran down the street. “I’m going on an adventure!”

    By WolfHeart URL on 11.10.2016

  18. spark walks
    we are all an ambulating world
    with our own storms.

    his own night never let up, and he wondered if the same was trapped in every other soul as well. he wondered when the word ‘individual’ would turn to ‘togetherness’.

    By anothershadowbox on 11.10.2016

  19. THE individual in the photo is elated.

    By HEATHER on 11.10.2016

  20. What is the individual? We live today in a world where there are blurred lines between you and me. You flow into me like wet ink on a page, and I mix with you like fingerprint. You breathe me, and i devour you. We are not individual. Not independent. Help.

    By Alastar Kettles on 11.10.2016

    we’re all technically, but
    act as mindless herd

    for group attention
    wrong is done, right pushed aside
    most people are slaves

    maybe you try hard
    to seem unique outwardly
    thats average and false

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.10.2016

  22. I was the last one on the planet. I was completly alone. Everyone was dead but me. I am the last individual. I am the last human

    By Emma on 11.10.2016

  23. I finished reading some of the posts yesterday for the word “idiots”. Wow, it’s embarrassing how many people express their own idiocy. Don’t be an individual idiot, while trying to put others “in their place”.
    If you’re going to call others dumb, THEN learn the difference between “then” and “than”, don’t have a lot of misspellings, capitalize at the beginning of a sentence, and basically act like you have an education beyond grade-school. Also there (not their) is a little something that non-dumb people call FACTS, and also relevancy. Stating that a law or rule exist against something is not, even slightly, supporting that something does not or can not happen. Were you born yesterday or have brain damage? I guarantee we have all known rules and broken them, even if only by accident.
    Those of you claiming that others are forgetting or don’t know something, should make sure you don’t forget relevant information yourself. This is especially true if you make a statement that you have had a class in a particular subject. Go back and review, please. I’ll just say this, about history and politics, we are all dumber than we think we are. The more emotional a person you are the more likely you are to be wrong about almost anything. The angrily written comments, with the most offensive name calling, were the most ignorant. Stay in school and LEARN, or just quit and do the world justice by being unseen and unheard. To the good writers and thinkers that write well, THANK YOU!

    By Saggio on 11.10.2016

  24. he has always been alone, one shadow in a world surrounded by light. it’s not really like he was being pushed away; it was by his own choice. he doesn’t like people and he both blends in and stands out. it’s strange really, but he likes it.

    By lynn on 11.11.2016

  25. I wanted to find a date. being a individual is no fun. i need someone to laugh with, to cry with, to be angry with. i need someone.

    By Haley on 11.11.2016

  26. life is all about what you accomplish at the individual state,
    but life is not all about living individually, there are many things more than accomplishment you can do being together,

    By kushalatreya on 11.11.2016

  27. I am. I will be. Forever It is I. From depths of the ocean to heights of sky.

    By Osheen on 11.11.2016

  28. Nobody is the same. We are all our own. Our own individual. There are billions of twins and triplets in the world, but none of them are exactly the same. They are their own individual. Nobody, i mean NOBODY, is exactly the same… until they invent an exact cloning device that copies exact features, likes, dislikes, and all that good stuff!!

    By Julianne Engel on 11.11.2016

  29. an individual has no choice in who they will become
    okay maybe they have a little choice
    but not enough to concern you or me
    lets face it guys we live in almost 2017 and free will is just an illusion
    its time to face the facts

    By grld URL on 11.11.2016

  30. I am an individual. You are an individual. We are all an individual. Individual means different. it means you’re not same. It means everybody has their own personality. So please, stop the bullying. Whoever you are bullying, just stop bullying them. They are are human being just like you. They have feelings just like you. Before you bully someone, ask yourself, “How would I feel if someone did this to me?” STOP BULLYING

    By Julianne Engel on 11.11.2016

  31. being individual is not attractive. everyone seeks to be just like the others, only diference is wearing newer shoes and a brighter shirt.

    By vocorina on 11.11.2016

  32. even though,we were living in same house and sleeping in same room.i always felt distant with him. I thought meeting with him will complete my individuality but i fund myself lost in a strange world

    By Kirti on 11.11.2016

  33. is a person who is alone and not a responsible for them selves and continue to grow

    By brenda on 11.11.2016