November 9th, 2016 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “idiots”

  1. Idiots are those who forget that USA is a democratic country with three separate branch: Executive, Legislative, and judicial. idiots are those also forget that with the US Constitution Neither branches hold a higher power and that the president who is one member of the executive branches cannot, does not make laws, they also seem to forget that the president can’t even present a bill a member of the legislative branches has to present the bill on his behalf than the bill has to go through a long process before even being considered for a vote, than once its up for a vote it has to pass in the house rep first than the senate before it becomes a law. They also forget that most bills don’t even make it 1/3 of the way before it is dismissed so for them to say trump will do away with our freedom is stupid. Since Everything a president does has to be approved by all the branches and it has to be within its constitutional power. Everybody was sooo focused on the presidential elections they forgot that what really matter is making sure the law makers that are elected will uphold your constitutional right to religious freedom, speech, peaceful assembly, etc.. but NOOO Many people did not do that now who’s the idiot not those who voted for trump but everyone who seemed to forget all that they learn in their American Government class.

    By CJthe master on 11.10.2016

  2. these idiots are the abhor, bigots, of the world
    all I do is hurl
    when I’m in these justifiable curl
    up against a wall
    kindle up a warm campfire, and roast the choclate haze marmellows
    renumeration awaits the whose are patient, thee who knows how best
    to persevere in any one atmosphere.

    By Milad URL on 11.10.2016

  3. wow, the same word again.I’m feeling like one :). i just try to remind myself to be sane inspite of any crazy thing or experience coming my way. let yourself be cool

    By Rady on 11.10.2016

  4. I feel that there are a lot of idiots in this country. How could there not be? How did they elect Donald Trump as president. And at the same time, I know many people who might appear to be idiots but that have a powerful story. I think if we could all see each other as humans we’d see fewer people as idiots.

    By Autumn Grassel on 11.10.2016

  5. Idiots are unbright light bulbs that have no light
    bigots, racists, mean, heathens, unloving, abusers, unkind haters
    these are idiots
    dont be an idiot be a light

    By Anita Campbell on 11.10.2016

  6. We were foolish to believe that we could outrun it. Looking back, I think it followed us. It followed us on the skinny pathways through the forest, attached itself to our softened voices. It followed us past my tearful evenings tucked away in the darkness you refused to allow reign. It followed us closely while I listened to the quiet in your heart. It followed us until we started making noise.

    By H URL on 11.10.2016