October 1st, 2016 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “incognito”

  1. “Where’s Charlie?”

    “Oh,” she said with a sharp exhalation, “You haven’t heard? He’s gone incognito.”


    Lara sighed again. “All ninja secret, you know?” she said. “Like, ‘I think I’m being stalked by the FBI’ secretive. You know, all paranoid about his social reputation and sh**,:

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.01.2016

  2. I am sure, he will come to the party incognito. Nobody knows his face, so it won’t be difficult for him.

    By BR on 10.01.2016

  3. connect resources

    By Abhinav Jain on 10.01.2016

  4. Whenever I walk around the city, I strive to be incognito, even though I have nothing to hide especially. I want to be invisible, and whenever someone recognizes me, or I get called out on some error or minor transgression, I confess I feel disappointed.

    By Abraham Mulst on 10.01.2016

  5. business on board

    By Abhinav on 10.01.2016

  6. Incognito. Hidden from view. I try to keep my feelings that way. I try to hide them. Plaster a smile on. It doesn’t really seem to work. I try so hard to keep it all under wraps, it all come bubbling to the surface. It’s embarrassing and I feel crazy. I just want to be happy. I just want to find what makes me happy. I thought it was him…but I’m not sure. I’m so happy when I’m with him, but I’m so sad when I’m not. I don’t want to be dependent. I don’t want to feel like I need him. When he gets mad at me or doesn’t want to talk, I don’t want to be distraught all day until it resolves itself. I want to compartmentalize better. Is this how love goes? Am I supposed to be this dependent on another person? Or is it a sign of an unhealthy relationship? It’s been so long now. I don’t know.

    By Emma on 10.02.2016

  7. invisible man
    no home, no coat, in the cold
    unseeing, cold world

    [For coat missed on 30th sep16]

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.02.2016

  8. man incognito
    until he garners great wealth
    what magic, he’s seen!

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.02.2016

  9. We went incognito. I was a traveler with high expectations and she a dutiful wife. We proceeded to everything mandatory and found our way in. We knew the moment we saw it, that we have found the secret files.

    By Keira on 10.02.2016

  10. She dressed in a grey sweatshirt and jeans. She pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail and brushed a mascara wand over her eyelashes. She put her phone in her pocket and looked in the mirror. You couldn’t even tell that three hours earlier she had been dancing the night away in a long flowing dress surrounded by champagne and chandeliers.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.02.2016

  11. I don’t really know what this word means. I honestly feel really dumb right now because it doesn’t matter how much English proficiency you think you have you know there’s always going to be a word or a phrase or a term that you never got around to actually look up the definition of. So here I am trying to describe incognito. What is that anyway?

    By Joanne URL on 10.02.2016

  12. As a child I always wanted to be a spy. Sometimes i still do. Extraordinary intelligence and athleticism and skill. All the cool gadgets. I wanted to be Black Widow, using my beauty to seduce and my fighting to reduce. I guess I never really thought of the consequences of killing.

    By Daisy Leason on 10.02.2016

  13. I was incognito, I am almost sure I know what it means, Invisible while being visible? correct me if I am wrong. It is a good phase to be in.

    By Daniel Carter on 10.02.2016

  14. incognito

    By 장한준 on 10.02.2016

  15. She placed the sunglasses over her eyes and the blond wig on her head. It was itchy, but she didn’t worry about it. She wouldn’t be wearing it for long. She adjusted the black hat on her head and took one last look in the mirror. She was ready.

    By Rain Imber on 10.02.2016

  16. Today, I am incognito. I have to pretend that I do not care. I have changed my habits for protection. Whether it is to protect those I love or to protect myself, only time will tell.

    By Zap on 10.02.2016

  17. sometimes I travel to cities
    where no one knows me.
    I stroll through crowded streets
    without worrying about seeing someone
    that I used to know.
    I enjoy these moments of freedom,
    of solitude in company.

    it is smothering, living in one place for too long.

    By Kate on 10.02.2016

  18. in plog pleeto.

    By Colton Adrian on 10.02.2016

  19. The shadows of the late night cast around and bounce back into the ally. He seems to travel only by darkness, disappearing entirely against corners and under bus shelters. He blends into the night, becoming one with the velvety backdrop of the sky.

    By Anonymously Familiar on 10.02.2016

  20. people smiling when they are sad. she said okay when she is not. he tried to be strong when he is not

    By Fani Fransisca on 10.02.2016

  21. It was just like they used to talk about, when they were young. Run away, where the Organization could never find them, where they wouldn’t have to be puppets or soldiers or anything they didn’t want to be.
    But it was all wrong.
    “So this is it, then?” Lydia asked.
    Luisa smiled. “I’ll come back for you,” she said. “For all of you.”
    And Lydia believed her- she really did. After all, how was she to know this was the one promise Luisa wouldn’t keep?

    By savvadrokki on 10.02.2016