July 27th, 2017 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “incapable”

  1. I no longer hope. I am incapable of hope. I see the decline and fall of a country that tried so hard to be an empire without the emperor part. And now that the emperor struts around in orange wearing a toupee crown, I guess we can safely say that this experiment is over. Forget norms. Forget institutions. At least I happen to be living in an area where maybe we can raise the flag for independence if the rest of the nation falls apart like stale chocolate left too long on a grocery store shelf.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.27.2017

  2. The word seems like a barrier or a wall. I see it as telling someone they can’t or won’t. To me, this word represents a challenge…tell me I am incapable and I will show you differently.

    By Grady on 07.27.2017

  3. Ed: So they fired him. Mart: Really? Ed: Yeah well he wasn’t pulling his own weight. Mart: What a loser. Ed: Gotta do you thing, keep the credits rolling. Mart: Yea man yea. Keep going. Keep going.

    By and& on 07.27.2017

  4. Dearest Sir,

    It’s really inescapable how incapable I am when it comes to whatever this is. It also doesn’t help that I don’t do anything like a “real” girl should. There’s no reason to argue. It’s all true. Time to forget this strange attraction ever happened. My apologies if you felt led on. It was not my intention to let my attention become fixated upon the person I dreamed you to be. You have your own real thoughts and feelings.

    skewed perception

    By Froggie URL on 07.27.2017

  5. i cant

    i dont even want to anymore

    By celeste cervantes URL on 07.27.2017

  6. But he expects the second half of the season to bring fireworks.

    By adidas supercolor womens URL on 07.27.2017

  7. too sham to know that writing within 60s is that hard without practice.

    By liya on 07.27.2017

  8. So many people throughout your life will tell you “no”. They’ll tell you that you “can’t” do something. There will be so many obstacles placed in front of you telling you that you will fail. Screaming in your face that

    By Makenna on 07.27.2017

  9. So many people throughout your life will tell you “no”. They’ll tell you that you “can’t” do something. There will be so many obstacles placed in front of you telling you that you will fail. Screaming in your face that you aren’t good enough.

    By Makenna on 07.27.2017

  10. What if I am incapable of it?
    It’s a question that keeps haunting me. I keep thinking I would not let myself think negatively.
    I keep myself from going over the edge – but I still ask myself whether I am capable or not.
    It’s not the work that makes me think – it is emotions.

    By Ayu on 07.27.2017

  11. I don’t always know what I’m capable of. People tell you that you can’t do this and you can’t do that. But what if I want to? Who’s to say what I’m capable of? I can’t fly or anything crazy and scientifically impossible, but I think I can do some things that people said I’m incapable of. I have to make myself work a little harder, but I think I can blow some people’s minds.

    By Braxton on 07.28.2017

  12. I was incapable of telling him goodbye. Instead I just walked out the door, carrying the few things I needed. I closed the door softly behind me, barely a whisper.

    By Carolyn on 07.28.2017

  13. She never felt the sting of an insult quite like this. “You’re not capable” was somehow so much worse than “you’re dumb” or “you’re immature.”
    It was talking about her capacity, the absolute value of what she had to offer at any given time. And apparently it wasn’t enough.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.28.2017

  14. am i able to do it?
    so young, they say, too old, they say
    can you push past their glares and become
    C A P A B L E ?!

    By Pandyfish on 07.28.2017

  15. Chelseas enigmatic midfielder has scored three goals in three games for the first time in his career.

    By adidas all red URL on 07.28.2017

  16. I am incapable of separating my own happiness from the happiness of others. This needs to change. I know that I am not responsible for their happiness, but I feel compelled to try and ensure that happiness anyway. Soon, I will be capable.

    By Joey on 07.28.2017

  17. I thought a lot about what had happened and I knew I could have been killed.

    By adidas black shoes womens URL on 07.28.2017

  18. He was very incapable when it is time to wake up.

    By Jessie URL on 07.28.2017

  19. I was incapable of breathing as I saw them together. they were laughing and smiling, holding hands.. they leaned over and kissed. but this isn’t out of the ordinary unless one of them is your best friend and the other is your boyfriend… I was left broken at my locker as they walked away. I was incapable of stopping them, incapable of looking away.

    By sammy on 07.28.2017

  20. I can’t fucking breathe.

    By Brad on 07.28.2017

  21. It would seem as though all of my skills are for not. I feel entirely incapable of pursuing the dreams I once had in mind for myself. Now all that is left of me is this empty shell of a person.

    By Kelly URL on 07.29.2017

  22. Incapable rose stops from the deaths of every dark shadow, turning night into violet, and light by a dark roses side.

    By Christopher on 07.29.2017

  23. The day I figured I was incapable to breath, the world came crashing down on me. Thinking that I was different from others, me who regarded myself as a well integrated member of productive society, was unbearable. I started wondering if people were looking at me a strange way, or were having fun behind my back.

    By Pierre Buty on 07.29.2017

  24. “…because sometimes things will just be going so *wrong,* and then out of nowhere this cheap screen will light up with whatever you’re thinking at this particular moment, and it’s like seeing a live daisy in the middle of a snowstorm because it fucking throws me off so much. Like here things are being the way they are, and then there you are, being different—being you—and I guess I forget that the planet doesn’t revolve around me and all the things I can’t stand about my life. I forget everything that isn’t in my direct vicinity, and I get so sucked up in what is. I forget that there might be good things in this world, and that you might be one of them, and that, somehow, you’ve reached me.

    And then just like that, you help me remember.”

    By arcas on 07.29.2017

  25. What am I incamapable of? Is there even a thing? Because we are all able to do so much when we put our minds to it. What is God saying no to? Because whatever he says no to, no one is capable of. But are there really limitations, or can we really get what we seek after? What limitations are we, am I putting in place? Courage would take us past all these things we believe we are incapable of!

    By Braxton on 07.29.2017

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  28. when i think of incapable i think of a person in a wheel chair or people that have disability’s. I also think about old people.

    By solara URL on 07.29.2017

  29. he finds he is incapable to fight, not even now when the weight of his kingdom lies on his shoulders, he is unwilling and he will not, never for the life of him, pierce the heart of a dragon, any dragon, much less this one, and he drops the spear. it falls for a very. very long time.

    By Gee N. on 07.29.2017

  30. I’m not incapable
    I’m lost
    Washed ashore with nothing
    Silent and scared
    Alone and crowded
    How long will this go on?
    I need guidance
    But I can’t take your hand
    I can’t trust anyone
    Not even me
    Who am I?

    By Addison Scott URL on 07.29.2017

  31. I am incapable of locating a well paying career or even short term shitenjobs. I am incapble of holding a job. Depression is a bitch. I am incapable of curing it only masking it. The Prozac is wearing off. I still have no appetite. I am incapable of staying out of trouble in this quickly sinking ship. I welcome our North Korean overlords! Michinoms the lot of ya!

    By Derrick on 07.29.2017

  32. “I feel it. Incapable. Towards almost everything – most things, in fact.” He was nibbling on the tip of his thumb. It was an action I’ve come to know as a sign of stress or discomfort for him. But what about? Why was he so stressed?

    I felt my brows knit together as I studied him, trying to find some sort of answer that I knew would only escape his lips but I don’t think he even knew what he was on about. His curly hair was a mess and his glasses almost at the tip of his nose, he mumbled words I couldn’t hear and I guessed that he was trying to formulate some kind of sentence that would… release him from this state.

    What are you stressed about? What’s on your mind? Why are you like this? What do you have to say? Why can’t you say it… right enough?

    By autumn on 07.29.2017