July 26th, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “vacant”

  1. My eyes
    Your eyes
    Share only the absence of what had once moved between us – a ghostly touch
    Alas its complexity confused too much
    My vacant one, this rift has grown ever since

    By Oslo URL on 07.27.2017

  2. A sip wont leave you vacant,
    especially in the living room where dreams groom
    into permanent files stored in a Iron cabinet;
    bitter sweet, just every one life’s treats,
    maybe the liver erodes like chubby roads in harsh snow,
    but if we lived everyday thinking about how we melt,
    then we’d be below bliss that we undergo,
    so make a toast when life is there to show how generous it can be.
    A quiet voice prevails against the noise of the wind,when up
    against a loud wrecking-ball.
    prop up a tent, and put on the native navao feathers,
    because the king is here,
    here to whisper wise words of wisdom,
    and drink until the argument is a sand storm calmed in wind, just specks floating.
    watch your surroundings until its time to find better, and start eloping. .

    By Milad URL on 07.27.2017

  3. I feel vacant. I feel empty. not because I don’t have a life, I have a life I am living. I feel it’s vacant. I feel there isn’t anything inside me’s empty. it’s vacant lot. a vacant house. the structure stands, without any purpose.

    By Kanishka Verma on 07.27.2017

  4. As she looked into the windows of the house, she could tell that no one had been living there for some time. There was a general disarray and a thick layer of dust over everything. Strange. She had heard music coming from this living room last night. She tried to shrug it off as she stepped back into her lawn and approached the front door.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.27.2017

  5. the vacant stare told a story. He was sitting at the inyerroation table. Detective Seargent stared into his vacuous expression knowing that he had hit a

    By Charlie Oh on 07.27.2017

  6. She stepped inside the house, the house that no one dared to go in. The house that she had been dared to go in, the house that would prove her bravery. She wasn’t some quiet teen who struggled with anxiety and listened to bands no one knew about and hid in her room, terrified of the other side. The house had a feeling of vacancy, never mind the bugs and spiderwebs filled with bugs, dead or struggling to save their lives. “What’s taking you so long, Vic?” The boy who dared her shouted from a few hundred feet away, not daring to get close to the house. Who’s the brave one now? She thought to herself, and ventured farther into the house. She didn’t watch her footing, and then she was falling, falling, falling.

    By ✩ Abby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ✩ on 07.27.2017

  7. lost tin thought

    By DUBRA WATTS URL on 07.27.2017

  8. Clara gazed out at the vacant parking lot, filled with fear and anticipation at what was about to happen. The monster turned to face her, its vacant eyes staring into her soul.

    By Livia on 07.27.2017

  9. her eyes, her gaze was fixated on someone, or something….

    she was a sight to behold, the long wavy hair flowing in the breeze…

    what is she looking at? her empty gaze puzzled me , that stare, so vacant…

    This question stayed with me for the rest of the day.

    By askJeffrey.lee on 07.27.2017

  10. The house next to us was vacant for some time, before the crackheads moved in. Well, that’s just wrong, they weren’t crackheads – they used heroin. They got it from Jerome down the street. He rode by occasionally on his bike to see if they needed more or Prissy had done any tricks.

    By Carolyn on 07.27.2017

  11. The vacant smells good today.

    By Jessie URL on 07.27.2017

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  13. He woke up startled from the mysterious footsteps coming from the floor above him. He asked the his neighbors if anyone was living in the room above him but they hadn’t had any clue, so they ask the front desk lady, so he went down to the lobby and asked when the reception lady told him that the room above him was vacant and no one was living their for years.

    By Bilen Henok on 07.27.2017