December 10th, 2013 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “improv”

  1. That moment when you realize that things didn’t go as sour as you thought they would.
    The spontaneous taste of creativity spurred by the challenge in front of you.
    Oh, how you enjoy.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.10.2013

  2. He looked into her eyes, then drew a deep breath. “I love you, I want to spend my life making you happy. Suzie, will you marry me?”.
    Her mouth opened slightly, and her eyes widened. Seconds passed…
    “C’mon, say something!”, he nudged her. ” This isn’t your improv class, there are only two choices!”
    She nervously, momentarily, returned his smile, then turned her eyes away…..

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.10.2013

  3. improv, that is the correct word to describe what im doing for this essay. im improvising out of the clouds, and the steam and the snow outside. im improvising out the molecules of caffeine and sugar in my redbull. im improvising out of my passion and at the same hatred hate of psychology and art. i should be paid for this.

    By Pigeon37 on 12.10.2013

  4. Writing requires improvisation. It means thinking up regurgitations in a new way to make your audience cackle with hurt sides, cry with slow heaves, sit with quiet awe. If it doesn’t make the writer feel the emotions as she writes, then it isn’t good improv.

    By Sophia URL on 12.10.2013

  5. Improv is what I’m doing right now. It frees the mind, the soul and lets you explore the unexpected parts of you that you’ve got so well hidden by plans and over thinking.

    By Federica URL on 12.10.2013

  6. When we write the words flow out of our minds and through our fingers with some kinetic, indescribable energy. When our inner thoughts reveal themselves there is no way to articulate how they formed or where the inspiration stemmed. We just know that there is joy in its rawness and purity.

    By Simone URL on 12.10.2013

  7. Walking throught the grocery store I found at my feet a bracelet. Its beauty was mesmorized me so much so that I found myself staring into the light reflected from its many stones. As soon as this improv was done, the angry chef smacked me in the face with a wet turkey. #oneword #improv

    By Will Creates URL on 12.10.2013

  8. with tender lips,
    dawn swallows down
    the sun with a touch of noon,
    while we lay entangled in
    the sunflower gardens of my duvet,
    and the crowns whispered into my hair…

    until one is another,
    and I am no longer just myself,
    but a part of something bigger–
    something more.

    Love is unknown,
    but we shall explore it
    hand in hand.

    By Pandatry on 12.10.2013

  9. I admire people who can do improv. Fast, funny thinkers. Well… I guess you don’t have to be funny now do you? Just a fast and imaginative thinker come to think of it. I guess many of us just associate improv with comedy.

    By just a girl on 12.10.2013

  10. Acting withought thought or design do I know what I am doing or is it all a charade? Improv is a lot like improve or impoverished–are they of the same root? I guess I will just guess and roll with the

    By Kelli Frykholm on 12.10.2013

  11. I plaster a wide smile on my face as I turn back to the Havensports. “Hi! I’m Rayna Wynn.” I extend my hand to them. Richard. Caroline. Elissia. “You’re here for a tour?” I ask. The father, Richard, nods. “I was under the impression this would be a prompt appointment.” Funny thing that prompt sounds like improv. I make a mental note to give koodos to Rory for sending me to improv classes.

    “As it turns out, I’m afraid,” I pout, “Our head representative is a bit tied up at the moment” – I have to catch my breath after saying ‘tied up’ – “So -”

    “I will be escorting you around our refine campus.” Will touches me lightly on the shoulder. And takes the Havensports away.

    By Alibay on 12.10.2013

  12. go.
    just go.
    um, ok.
    our tongues stammered together in perfect unison.
    like we’d somehow gotten together in an awkward amphitheatre and rehearsed this awkward dialogue.
    perhaps we had once waited for Godot together.

    By Kairn on 12.10.2013

  13. Don’t you ever feel like this is all your life has amounted to? An improv in which you don’t know which direction you are headed, don’t know which direction you have come from. You’re just there. Floating, existing. The meaning is a figment of your imagination and you are left to interpret what is real, while simultaneously holding on to the improvised better version of yourself you have created in your mind.

    By Theresa on 12.10.2013

  14. I walked into the studio, ready and raring to go. All the other auditions before now had been mere warmups compared to this one. I would finally be getting into the movie. Someone had finally appreciated my ability, and I had been called back. It was time to strut my stuff.
    I stopped, and looked around.
    Blood soaked into the floor, and I screamed.

    By Lock on 12.10.2013

  15. “The trick to succeeding in class is improv. That’s what you have to do” I could hear my brother saying that. Heart beating quickly, I knew that if I didn’t improv, done the drain my grade would go. The teacher was waiting in front, waiting for my answer. Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth – and then, the bell rang. I was saved.

    By liyasha85 on 12.10.2013

  16. life is nothing but improv. you never know what its gonna do. you just have to roll with the punches.

    By Shelby on 12.10.2013

  17. It was Improv Night at the Kentucky Fried Funhouse, and drinks and appetizers were half off. I was enjoying a round of “Sex Is Like…” with my friends, switching mouthfuls of wonton tacos with cold sloshes of cider, when my phone rang. I took it. It was my mom.


    “Honey?” my mother sounded worried. “Have you heard from your brother at all?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.10.2013

  18. Let’s not pretend that you’ve thought this through. Impulsion, compulsion — who can tell the difference anymore? The only thing that matters is the outcome, this terrifying puppet show that you can’t control. And the best part? You’re the star. You’ve always been the star. An unwitting, barely breathing, hardly sentient star shining with a black light that is undeniable yet intrinsically ugly. You think too much and too hard and it carves lines into your skin. So make it up. Go with the flow. Maybe you’ll be beautiful then.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 12.10.2013

  19. Well, this whole site is about improv, no? when I get a chance to spew thoughts in a completely and dizzily orchestrated jumble, it somehow makes me feel like I got something off my chest. I am tired of reading other people’s thoughts and wondering why I spend my time thinking about someone else’s day.

    By Theresa URL on 12.10.2013

  20. Improv is a game. You play it to fool people, and keep them on their toes. Life is a game, and difficult to play.

    By Senya20 on 12.10.2013

  21. i was a very good liar.

    i had joined a theatre class when i was six years old, and i had stayed until i was 18. throughout those years, we did several improv exercises. after years of those, i could make up lies like they were honest truths.

    however, i had never lied about something like this.

    By Lilian on 12.10.2013

  22. I don’t understand how people are able to do this so well. I would really enjoy

    By stimjim on 12.10.2013

  23. It was in improv class during college. The teacher had her eyes tearing through his every move, but he didn’t feel it. He felt the lights hitting him strong and the stage firm beneath his feet. He know then that this was his destination.

    By Lisa on 12.10.2013

  24. Improv? He asked.
    Improv. She replied.

    He returned to the, dingy steam stained window and started from the top.

    By Lena on 12.10.2013

  25. I didn’t prepare to be a clown,
    but the audience was ready —
    armed with tomatoes,
    some with potatoes;
    and I was only slightly heady.

    By Marissa on 12.10.2013

  26. I lacked what seemed
    what everyone else had
    like everything in the world was a stage
    life was a story played by actors
    with predetermined rolls and lines
    that followed each act
    without even thinking that
    maybe there was a way to break free
    from all the held us down
    in the world

    By Lovelysunnyday on 12.10.2013

  27. He takes his bow and topples off the stage, to the laughter of the audience. The lights are scalding, even from down here. He lies in a satisfied heap on the floor, absorbing their appreciation. Next time. Next time.

    By Liv on 12.11.2013

  28. He had a deep, guffawing laugh that seemed like it belonged in the body of a good-natured improv comedian—not a thin, bespectacled computer technician.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.11.2013

  29. “Argh!”
    I didn’t even look up as Lacey stormed into our room, throwing her bag to the floor and her body onto the bed. In fact, I managed to ignore two similarly inhuman sounds before heaving a sigh, slipping a bookmark in between the pages of my latest find, and turning to face her. “What happened?”
    “Improvexercises,” she mumbled into her pillow.
    I frowned. “What?”
    She raised off of the fluffy cushion just enough to keep her words from slurring together. “Improv. Exercise,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.11.2013

  30. Spontaneous creation-
    Anti-matter collision,
    Altogether reality-
    Guided by chance?

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 12.11.2013

  31. Well, this is appropriate. After all, writing about a surprise word while under time constraint is, in and of itself, a form of improv. I’m not quite sure how to transition this into a musical number, though. Whose Line was much better at this.

    By Brandon Steward on 12.11.2013

  32. Suddenly, it all comes to him. The motions, the gestures, the dialogue; everything coalesces. The crowd laughs in appreciation. He was finally starting to find his rhythm.

    By Brandon Steward on 12.11.2013

  33. well aren’t I improving right now? I’m improving these words to the word improv. I wonder if others will see this as improve without an e. An e makes a big difference in the lives of words. I have to improv every day of my life, especially when the student loan sharks come out of the water to try to bite my head off and steal all the money I don’t have. When you got nothin, you got nothin to lose.

    By Mosher on 12.11.2013

  34. Improv isn’t for the faint of heart. Believe me. It is far easier to read and memorize from a script than it is to do improv. And by improv I mean GOOD improv. Any fool can get up in front of a crowd and yell “look! I’m a typewriter!” but it takes real skill to make that typewriter interesting and engaging.

    By mrsmig on 12.11.2013

  35. “You may have to improv,” she said, trying not to look down.

    “Surely it’s not that strange a situation,” he replied.

    “I’ll grant you that you’re probably not the first person to try to cross a border while not wearing pants,” she said. “But completely naked? I’m pretty sure that’s a new one.”

    “You don’t think they’ll give me a visa?”

    “I don’t think you’ll like where they stamp you.”

    By Anthony StClair on 12.11.2013

  36. I walked in to the theater and wasn’t really expecting much. A friend had invited me to his improv show, and I agreed to go and show my support. He wasn’t the best at this in real life, but maybe, just maybe, he’d be better on the stage. At his own show.

    By Alouette on 12.11.2013

  37. Improv your life, your home, by Interior Painting your Home, or Exterior Painting it It also helps improv your way of life

    By Bernstein Painting URL on 12.11.2013

  38. One day, our teacher asked us to do improv. Improv is where you just start acting something out with no script. It is a fun way to entertain others. You must be creative and able to think very quickly in order to do improv. You must also be able to act out things. You can’t be afraid to get up in front of others. If you are a quick thinker and able act, improv might be great for you!

    By Amber URL on 12.11.2013

  39. We went to an improv place to see what it was all about, and it turns out that a jam band was performing, and that was that.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 12.11.2013

  40. I love improv. Four years ago, when I first discovered it, I was fantastic. I was able to do all this fun stuff, make people laugh, throw myself around like there was no tomorrow. But now? Now I haven’t done it in over a year and I kind of miss it. There was an acting group at my high school, but there aren’t any at my college. If only.

    By Karen on 12.11.2013