December 1st, 2017 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “ignorant”

  1. The things I don´t know could fill books. In fact they do. I dont know shit about the world. The funny thing is, I know about myself. Or do I? Sometimes I feel like that´s not even true at all. When I try to peel off the superficial layers of the self to get to the corse of it, of who I am, I get nothing.

    By Alba on 12.01.2017

  2. I think of people. I think of babies. I think of systems. Especially government. Probably because they don’t think of people, of babies, as beings…but as systems.

    By Jae Dionne on 12.01.2017

  3. “You’re the most ignorant bastard I’ve ever met,” Joklin said, sharpening his sword.
    “Me? Ignorant? Ha, I know enough to know I never should’ve come here.” The darkness was closing in like fog. Max wasn’t too proud to admit he was scared.
    “I’d said leave, but the only way out comes with this.” He pointed to the sharpened blade.

    By Nathan Moss on 12.01.2017

  4. identity crisis
    we don’t know what to do with what we see
    there’s no objective truth
    or is there
    facts don’t matter in a world where we’re indoctrinated
    to be ignorant
    truth to some is a massive conspiracy to spread misinformation
    we persist
    forget to resist
    the truth of the lie
    unless it’s missed

    By Matt m. on 12.01.2017

  5. There was hatred here. It seeped out of everyone like puss, and pushed away friends and loved ones alike without care. Manifested in the words scrawled above the habitat, it was hard to ignore. Especially once you were on the receiving end.

    By Michael Sondergaard on 12.01.2017

  6. There was something about the way the word was said that made him pause. “Ignorant.” He’d never been called that before. Stupid? Sure. Spiteful? Of course. But Ignorant? He’d never considered himself ignorant. He had no reason to believe anyone else would either.

    By Sondergame on 12.01.2017

  7. “I don’t think anyone wants to be ignorant,” Erika pointed out to the group, waving a fork loaded with potatoes as she spoke. “They just happen to be so. They’d rather just believe the things they do because it’s comfortable. It’s cozy. I had a college roommate – really sweet girl, liked to play piano – who was convinced that gay people were secretly out to turn her gay. Convinced. And I could never talk her out of it.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.01.2017

  8. They spoke of night as a friend, as something they had chosen, as something they loved and cherished and would never abandon, as if it was not their only choice. As if they did not secretly long for the golden warmth and the silver kisses of the sun against the water.

    By Riannon on 12.01.2017

  9. She was not sure how long she had been ignorant of it, this deception that had been occurring right under her nose. It was only when she entered the drawing room that day, feeling like she ought not to be there at all – in her own home. Imagine. It was a betrayal of the utmost offense. And she had known nothing of it.

    By zoe on 12.01.2017

  10. when owning property, it is a show of ignorance to ignore ants

    By omqwat on 12.01.2017

  11. ignorant people make me angry. I don’t feel like I should really waste my time arguing with them, but sometimes I just want to spout off anyways to make myself feel better. This seems like something that happens on Facebook a lot. This has not been a fun paragraph to write, and I hope I get a more positive word next time.

    By lbrygk on 12.02.2017

  12. She had been ignorant of the way things would be. She thought that people were generally good and trustworthy, even if they made mistakes. Maybe that was still true of most people, but clearly her teammates weren’t in that camp. They were in it to win that trophy, no matter who they stepped on in the process.

    By Taylor on 12.02.2017

  13. Oblivious to privilege, oblivious to history and context. Wandering through a forest without knowing what a tree even looks like. Everyone does it, because the definition of a tree changes with each step, but most of us are self-aware enough to identify and recognize patterns as we walk; others assume the trees will part on their behalf, or that trees are a construction of other peoples’ minds; they reshape reality around their inability to understand it.

    By Kybard on 12.02.2017

  14. She blinked up at her, completely unfazed, “I don’t get it.”
    Suzanne sighed, “No, of course you don’t.”
    This is how it was always going to be with them, wasn’t it? It was always going to be uneven footing. Suzanne was always going to be smarter, always going to be more astute.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.02.2017

  15. brick wall
    layered over bone
    the music plays inside the cranium
    shutting out all other sound
    vacuum cleaner

    By Ryan Lathem on 12.02.2017

  16. Remember that time
    when all you had to think
    about was what made you happy &
    what made you happy actually made
    you happy except
    for that one inch
    in the back of your brain telling
    you there is more out there? And
    now that you are grown & learned
    happiness is a little more
    than arm’s length away & you’re looking
    back thinking:
    am I glad I scratched that itch?

    By Shineapple URL on 12.02.2017

  17. People are not ignorant. They just lack common sense.

    By Jo on 12.02.2017