November 30th, 2017 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “dive”

  1. I like to dive into the pool. Diving is when you jump into a pool downward with your arms and hands together pointing.

    By Jonah on 11.30.2017

  2. Foods out. Everyone dives in. That is except me. How can they stuff their faces like that? I can’t take a single spoonful without obsessing about the calories of it.

    By WritingTheStars on 11.30.2017

  3. The boy’s parents had been anxious for days on end, and the boy knew why. Today, straight after breakfast, he was going to be diving on the biggest generator boat on the island. He didn’t want to go because there were so many risks, like the generator failing, drowning and of course, the bends. One of his close friends had died a few days earlier and the loss was still red raw when he thought about it. The time had come. He was boarding the ship, watching his parents tearfully wave goodbye, hoping, wondering if they would every see him again….

    By M.L on 11.30.2017

  4. i dove into the water headfirst, like it was calling out to me. I couldn’t see anything else, just water all around. and it wrapped me cold. Like a blanket comes and gives you warmth.

    By Eshita URL on 11.30.2017

  5. Come with me to the waterhole, and watch me take a dive into the deep blue abyss. I’ll let you know if I see any fish or shiny stones or dead bodies decomposing against jagged banks. I’ll reemerge and find you sitting on the shore of pebbles, counting each tiny shard in your palms. You don’t know how to swim, but you sure love to watch a swimmer, especially one like me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.30.2017

  6. As she flew towards the blue stretch below, her mind emptied itself of all her worries and fears. It was as though the past year had never happened. Her arms fluttered as she approached the surface and, with an echoing splash, broke through. The sky seemed to grow brighter in this moment, the birds sang sweeter than ever before and the sun seemed to double in size and shine with renewed vigour. When she emerged, grinning like a young child, the world was a new place. The emptiness inside and around her had been filled, by something most powerful. For the first time, she felt hope.

    By Nicole on 11.30.2017

  7. Dive into an agenda. Learn all you can about it, perfect it so you can present it to others. Live it and learn from it.

    By Anna Connors on 11.30.2017

  8. Let’s just dive right on in, I know it’s already November, but the water can’t be that cold. Especially when surrounding a pair of hearts as warm and minds as open as ours. For all we know, the two of us give Luna and her dearest waves one hell of a run for their money anyway, so what are you waiting for, Baby, let’s get this over with.

    By adreamer on 11.30.2017

  9. The sky is deep, deep, deep enough to make her head spin like she’s been hyperventilating, sucking the world into her lungs until her vision goes black and spotty. It’s not infinite, but it might as well be. It’s blue, but it might as well be the leftovers of white light after bouncing off a million bits of air. Or the other way around.

    By Riannon on 11.30.2017

  10. live in pieces, live like broken glass
    shattered smiles a fragrance of grass
    divvy dreams forgotten in moments
    a spectral eyesore aching atonement
    deep dive into our mire
    forgotten so much, too much
    forgetting that which inspires

    By Matt m. on 11.30.2017

  11. Just go. Dive for it. No looking back. You can do it. I know the water looks deep. You might not be very good at swimming. But all you have to do is go to that rock, get the ring, and come back. I’ll be right here waiting in the boat. You’ll come back. I know you will.

    By a person on 11.30.2017

  12. dive bars studded the street they walked down in Las Vegas. Johnny knew for a fact they were lost, but didn’t want to admit it and was having a good time anyways. He told Dave they should check out the bar with the goofy-looking cowboy statue out front that squinted into the setting sun.

    By lbrygk on 11.30.2017

  13. A courtesan, approaches you,
    and its just a mirage, a past dream,
    that was brought to you during the day,
    so you dived in,
    you fell right into the lap
    of the devil,
    now you’re in trouble,
    your feeling the stubble,
    of pleasure.
    let it burn, like usher did,
    and you’ll churn the pleasure of waiting,
    like a russian kid did,
    when alcholol fled them.

    By Milad URL on 11.30.2017

  14. The sun will dive into the sin, but as I write the feeling is deep and the sensation is sleep. I think I will dive to strive.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 12.01.2017

  15. She took a the plunge, “And what do you think this means?”
    He shrugged, looking at her askance, “What do you think?”
    “I think you just answered my question with a question.”
    “Yeah, so… I dunno.”
    “You don’t know,” she articulated slowly.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.01.2017

  16. dive into a swimming pool, dive headfirst into the snow, dive out of an airplane, skydive, diving board, dive, creepy run down bar or restaurant

    By Bailey on 12.01.2017

  17. Entering into work like a tide pool, hitting it at the crest and falling deeper into it, you have to churn against it at first as you sink deep and fight the current — have to force words that don’t fit into place until suddenly a puzzle emerges from the mismatched blocks. That’s how you build something, misshapen at first until enough pieces exist to form shapes. All starts with a crash, like a big bang, a deep dive, a somersault and belly flop.

    By Kybard on 12.01.2017

  18. I dive off the diving board into the pool. The water is cool, but it feels good. It is hot outside today. I love to dive into the pool.

    By Dominic on 12.01.2017

  19. dive under the water. dive dive dive. thats all i do around here. i never get real appreciation. but hey, at least i get to see all the swishy little fishies. i like them, especially if the are zombies.

    By Jayson Myers on 12.01.2017