April 14th, 2011 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “hysterical”

  1. i think about my friends in wheaton and how we used to laugh hysterically at things. i think a lot about how i used to laugh more. i miss laughing. i hope people still think im funny. I dont like feeling like im not a fun person. when was the last time something hysterical happened to me? i think i forget to laugh at things that could be hysterical sometimes. hmmm. this turned into a lot of nostalgia.

    By Melanie Brkich on 04.14.2011

  2. me – my favorite word –
    I was psyched when I found out that only women can truly be – as the hyst’a of it refers to a woman’s anantomy, biology!!
    I love to laugh and laugh out loud – it is my favorite

    By Kat5 URL on 04.14.2011

  3. I am frightened by hysterical people because they seem like creatures of another ilk entirely incapable of stillness and not only a threat to me but to the very time space continuum that holds us steady.

    By nannan on 04.14.2011

  4. I find it hysterical that people in the US are totally oblivious of what is happening to our environment, our government, and our civil rights. I don’t believe stupidity is this prevalent.

    By JonnyRoboto URL on 04.14.2011

  5. I try to not become hysterical when something traumatic happens in my life. And I actually surprise myself on how calm I can be in a crisis, I guess that is why I make a good nurse.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.14.2011

  6. Joe became all worked up, blazing mad actually when he found that his wife laughed at his painting.

    “But Joey, your mother was laughing too, almost uncontrollably after seeing your self portrait.”

    They both become very hysterical with his mom that day. She, later posed for him.

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 04.14.2011

  7. I haven’t laughed much lately. Probably because all I can think about is the disaster that was my relationship with Juan. I’m not sad. I think I did enough crying and lamenting while he was still a major part of my life.

    By Blanca on 04.14.2011

  8. Red is hysterical nearly fifty percent of the time. The rest is either divided between rapturous fits and paroxysms of rage. She never does anything by halves.

    I’m pretty surprised when, catching sight of Jack’s mutant pod creatures, she doesn’t say anything. Well, even if she wanted to, I don’t think she’d be able to. She just stands there, mouth agape with whatever she wanted to tell me, eyes bulging at the seams, staring at them.

    Jack looks pleased as punch. I could slap him.

    By Kaye URL on 04.14.2011

  9. Is what I feel when I think of my life. Of when I nearly died. Of being nearly thrown out of my flat. When I think of my future. My life ahead. I just feel lost.

    By amulya on 04.14.2011

  10. her screams echoed through the corridors as the men in white tried to hold her down. All she wanted was to get away. to go home. this was not where she was supposed to be. there were much more important things going on, things that only she could make happen. but the men in white wouldn’t listen.

    By Aki on 04.14.2011

  11. is when i cant stop laughing. time with my girlfriends. smoking weed. having a bottle of wine in my blood. dmac’s classes. paul coppola, when he cries like a baby. family guy. hyperactive. controllable. undeniable when im with marae. gut rolling, belly laughs. make my face hurt the next day, freshie year- night on acid.

    By nads on 04.14.2011

  12. my brother is so hysterical. hysterical means Deriving from or affected by uncontrolled extreme emotion: “hysterical laughter”.
    2. Extremely funny.

    By chase URL on 04.14.2011

  13. A totally hysterical person is my mom. She totally freaks out if you try to grab something from her and blames everything on me! Usually though, It’s her fault!

    By Kolton URL on 04.14.2011

  14. I hate crying so much that your head your heart and your body hurts. You fel so panicky that you can’t breath and so stressed that you don’t want to move. Rooted to one place you stand still and try to think of a time when life was normal and you weren’t feeling these overwhelming emotions that are dominating your brain right now

    By Alex on 04.14.2011

  15. something is really funny.

    By alena URL on 04.14.2011

  16. that is so funny oh my god I love to laugh at things that are funny. especially when they are so funny that i start to cry and almost pee my pats. some things are just hilarious and usually only your best friends make you laugh like that. hysterical laughter is my favorite kind of all

    By Kelsey Michelle on 04.14.2011

  17. When something is so funny you cant stop laughing and every time you think of it you always laugh.

    By beanie URL on 04.14.2011

  18. Hysterical is either incredibly funny or horribly sad. When you’re hysterical, it’s a rush of emotions. You’re usually hysterical over something someone said- when it’s night, right before you go to bed or during a sugar rush.

    By nikki URL on 04.14.2011

  19. Being hysterical is being controlled by one emotion. Like when you hear a really funny joke and you cant stop laughing or you start crying and you cant stop it means that you are hysterical.

    By lizzy:) URL on 04.14.2011

  20. the man was hysterical. who could blame him. after an event like this most anyone would be hysterical. ever me

    By tylllet URL on 04.14.2011

  21. Hysterical. Hysterical means extreme emotion. For example: My dad is very hysterical, he tells the funniest jokes and does the funniest things.

    By ;) Heather <3 URL on 04.14.2011

  22. Hysterical means you are very funny and it is also a word that can be used in many ways it is a word with letters within it.

    By clair URL on 04.14.2011

  23. People can often get that way. It’s so bad and wierd at the same time. If something is funny, you can laugh about it or express your feeling about it in a lot of ways. Why do people have to be so noisy and annoying when it’s not really needed. It’s about being yourself and keeping yourself, not over extending or trying to be something or someone you are not. It is about control.

    By Hugo on 04.14.2011

  24. “Man, that was hysterical,” Sunshine said to Flower. “Did you see that? That dog just peed in your face.”

    She was sick of the taunts. For once, Flower had a perfect comeback to say to Sunshine. It would have put that stupid sun in his place once and for all. “Glub,” she said, “glub, glub.” It had been a lot of pee.

    By richpee URL on 04.14.2011

  25. the children were hysterical with the oncoming storm

    in a state of panic the hysteria just continues to grow and grow

    hysterically speaking, history if at times hysterical

    By she53lly URL on 04.14.2011

  26. Chaos. I absolutely hate hysterics. I love that I can sometimes comfort people when they’re hysterical. I also like being hysterical, but the funny way, not the way that some people take it to mean, like upset beyond comprehension. I am not very good at being the “crazy” type of hysterical. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be hysterical about something, like a tragedy. That’s horrible, I know, but I really am curious. I’m pretty steady, and I really don’t know how to be any other way.

    By karina URL on 04.14.2011

  27. lack of emotional control. to what degree can one help it? how do you go about that? is there a point where it becomes impossible to step back? do the chemicals surpass equilibrium?

    By Alex URL on 04.14.2011

  28. I like when people use that word as a laugh HAHAHAHAHAHA I could laugh like that all day oops I stalled dang it I lost lots of time good sond I’m listening to by the way

    By Jay Franzmeier URL on 04.14.2011

  29. Hyenas that love their mothers may not have much to hunt most times like me. Nothing new.

    By Luther on 04.14.2011

  30. The origins of this word have to do with the womb and women in general. The word hysterics was used to describe women who flew into fits because of their reproductive organs, which is funny but messed up

    By beth on 04.14.2011

  31. She wept hysterically into the pages of the book. It was the best book she had ever read and was sad to see it end. The characters were perfect, the setting and plot new and fresh. Unlike those Twilight novels.

    She continued to weep. She read never read again. For reading would make her forget this book, this moment.

    By AnyMousse URL on 04.14.2011

  32. What is hysterical. I’ll tell you what hysterical is. My brother critisized me for writing on this silly page. That’s what is hysterical. Now what happens next? May time is almost gone.

    By Jeremy on 04.14.2011

  33. I cry, I scream, I hit my head against the wall. Tears can’t sum up the chaos insided me right now. I can’t breathe, I can’t speak. I’m panicking and I’m losing control. The floor is swallowing me in blackness, the ceiling close to my face. I can’t touch reality anymore, it’s beyond my grip. I don’t know what to do. Help me, I’m drowning in myself. My emotions rule me.

    By Joshua Hildebrandt on 04.14.2011

  34. I love it when you laugh so hard that your eyes start to water and your face turns bright red. It feels like you can’t breathe. It’s so hysterical that it fills you from head to toe.

    By Care URL on 04.14.2011

  35. My little brother was faking to cry hysterically. I don’t really know the meaning of hysterical. I think it means very happy or funny. Not very sure.

    By Yadi.M URL on 04.14.2011

  36. I laughed at myself yesterday. Genuinely laughed. It was nice to be hysterical at myself, it rarely happens. I am so serious all of the time (which I can’t help but laugh at when I make a face as I say that). So serious. Lets be hysterical people together.

    By Lindy URL on 04.14.2011

  37. She ran out of the house, hands drenched in crimson blood her eyes bloodshot and her hair wet and plastered to her skull. She was pale, and she reminded me of ice. She screamed, and screamed…

    By Andalus on 04.14.2011

  38. Hysteria is the best state to be in in terms of laughter. Those moments when your sides are ripping apart and your cheeks hurt from being pulled back for too long and there a tears just rolling out of your eyes as your laughter makes no sound. Those moments are the best moments.

    By Rachel URL on 04.14.2011

  39. She was a hysterical girl. Screaming till her lungs exploded. He ran. She screamed even more. They arrived. She stopped screaming. The day went to night.

    By Hanne Kari URL on 04.14.2011

  40. laughing without regard to your surroundings. Embracing the joy in our heart until it bursts at the tears that line your eyes. A bit of medicine for the soul.

    By Kiara Hernandez on 04.14.2011