January 4th, 2017 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “hydration”

  1. it trickles down your fingers.
    dances on to the page.
    creates seas.
    it isn’t water.
    water would destroy everything.

    your thirst is slaked
    with ink.

    By anothershadowbox on 01.04.2017

  2. Healthy ter levels. Youthful energy relaxation. The state of not being thirsty. Moisturizer skin out of the desert. Minerals

    By Loretta on 01.04.2017

  3. It sinks into my skin. Makes it wrinkle and prune. Few people actually understand what is happening when your skin gets exposed to water over a long period of time. The cells expand and constrict. Perhaps to help us grip surfaces. I should be drinking more water and less alcohol. But I’m not. Water won’t affect your memory.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 01.04.2017

  4. When I played baseball, my father told me over and over that there were two important factors to maintaining my speed, endurance, and skill: Practice and hydration. Now, I’m not sure why he was so hung up on me drinking so much water that I felt like my stomach would burst, but the practicing did help. Still, by the time I turned seventeen, I was sneaking in and out of the drugstore with friends, and soon I was hydrating with cheap, awful whiskey instead of good old-fashioned H2O.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.04.2017

  5. it is important to stay hydrated. you need water to survive. i believe that hydration also affects your mood and emotions but i still need to conduct more research on my hypothesis. i will most likely just google it and watch some videos about it maybe. well i hope some studies decided to research more about the topic

    By chernelle on 01.04.2017

  6. Water. Kinda ironic that this is the word for today because I”m in this fitness challenge thing my cousin is putting on and today’s challenge was about drinking water. Hydration. Kinda important to survival. Not kinda. Crucial. Critical. Life or death.

    By Cat on 01.04.2017

  7. purification reflowing of goodness into the body. RejuviNATE AND RENEW THE BODY SO THAT

    By MISSY URL on 01.04.2017

  8. exercise
    bodily fluid

    By Karen on 01.04.2017

  9. She always found it crucial to drink water. How couldn’t she when running was her life? The adrenaline of running, the wind rushing, cooling her face and her emotions: that’s what she loved. All knew it, and, though she was pretty, boys avoided asking her out because they knew she would never have them first.

    By Vana on 01.04.2017

  10. Water is a key to life
    The secret to successful gardening, health, and skincare
    But what if the flowers wilting arent in the ground?
    Your soul is chapped and your heart malnourished

    By K on 01.04.2017

  11. Great word. I was just thinking of ways to hydrate today as I was discussing running the Ride for Heart (bike 75km) today at work with several of my colleagues. I was thinking of perhaps buying a water book bag (often used in marathons) to keep myself hydrated for the duration of the race. I am excited for the race. I do have 6 months to train and I must use as much as possible of that time to prepare – I will need it.

    By Ali on 01.04.2017

  12. The ocean, the rivers, the rain as it cascades down the side of a hot, tin roof. Rivulets dancing and moving in rhythmic motion as they travel down, down toward the ground, the parched ground awaiting them to quench its need.

    By Jen Sardam on 01.04.2017

  13. No one knows I am here beside L and she is too far away for it to matter. I am kind of thirsty. Of course I lost my water bottle. Is the lack of hydration going to kill me here…?! Do I have to climb up all this just to get back on the path. Everything is wet. Why is all the plant life so obnoxiously tall. Please let there be nothing chilling underneath. Apparently everything can kill you in A. Great idea doing this alone in the rain. I have seen like two people all day. Lamest shit ever if I slip, get stuck and die…

    By procrast URL on 01.04.2017

  14. drink from the fountain of knowledge
    frequently, deeply
    quench your thirst for wisdom
    hydrate your mind
    let not your intellect become parched
    dry and brittle
    cracking from knowledge’s lack
    wasting away
    immerse your brain
    in waters of wonder

    By poetwarrior on 01.04.2017

  15. Thrist. An extremely powerful urge. Keep drinking. You cant make it with out it. Keep drinking. Do not let anything pull you away. Keep drinking. You will die without it. Keep drinking. Just keep drinking.

    By Toni on 01.04.2017

  16. it is important to have good hydration in your body if you dont you could die. and dying is not fun. if you die you family and friends will all be every sad. they will all cry at your funeral. or have a party. really it depends on if you were a fucking horrible person or if you were kind and loving to everyone.

    By Wade on 01.04.2017

  17. The water is sweet and cool and it slides down his throat like music came out of it; a thousand and one years ago. But this is not music; he is in a desert, the water is lukewarm and grainy and it scrapes his throat raw-

    Desert. He is in a desert. There is no water. His lips are beaded with not moisture but sand. The boy drops his handful of rough sand and forces himself to stand up, sucking in a dry sob and lips bleeding from the effort.

    By SentientExistence on 01.04.2017

  18. water
    that escalated quickly
    kylie jenner
    people i hate
    big lips
    fake tans
    christmas with the kranks
    pastors sees you in a bikini

    By ellehope on 01.04.2017

  19. i think waters where its at
    got a water bottle for christmas
    new years resolution is to stay hydrated
    stay healthy
    stay purified
    water is life
    life should be healthy and pure

    By celeste URL on 01.04.2017

  20. why am i always writing about hydration im not sure if i have to start with this everytime or if it’s just a coincidence that this is my fourth time having to write about hydration which i have mentioned before needs further studies of it’s effect on moods

    By obvianne on 01.05.2017

  21. This is a bit ridiculous. It’s hot (it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses, aha sure sure) but I can’t drink enough water. I just keep gulping and gulping but nothing happens. It’s like I could fade into dust without it. My veins are popping up because I’m hot, up through my skin. They’re starting to hurt. They’re getting bigger. Spidery. Blue. Bigger. I growl.

    By Em on 01.05.2017

  22. I need to drink more water. When I was competing for Miss America, I was so good about eating healthy and drinking water. My skin just glowed. These days, caffeine is my main liquid and consequentially, I don’t feel as beautiful or radiant. I miss my summer, Miss America glow…..

    By Samantha on 01.05.2017

  23. is a state of where you feel exhuasted and weak you need to be filled again with the life liquid we call h20 it will send the correct things into your blood and body the body is over 70% water and we need to be hydrated to live and work and survive

    By ClarkeJ on 01.05.2017

  24. Drowning in sweat, I poured a tall glass of water and imbibed it in one, long gulp. That wasn’t enough. I’m desperate.

    By Lynn Dreisbach on 01.05.2017

  25. Drinking water to quench your thirst.

    By Bud Diehl on 01.05.2017

  26. The sun ray’s felt like the highest level of radiation. She wanted to stop but if she did, she knew she would have a chance, so she continue on, wishing for water, more hydration, or she would die. Continue and sweat, she resented the water leaking from her pours or give up and die.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.05.2017

  27. you are wet
    damp sticking struck a chord
    my piano listed under the downpour
    i dived in
    drenching you in colour, carnivals of melody

    By Emma Jane URL on 01.05.2017

  28. The kids goddamn dreams lost their hydration

    By Sameeka on 01.05.2017

  29. She gulped, greedily, filling her stomach with water. “Oh man, I guess I was thirsty.” He gave a half laugh and went back to his tasks. She poured another full glass and sipped it as she watched him. It wasn’t clear what he was doing, but he was clearly doing it well. She set down the glass.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.05.2017

  30. Jonathan drank the sight in. Alexander was standing in front of him, unharmed, except for the small cut on his cheek, bleeding golden ichor. He smiled at Jonathan, who felt like a man who had just discovered an oasis on a desert. His thirst for justice was quenched.

    By Margsa on 01.05.2017

  31. having enough water to keep your body cool and working properly. to feel refreshed.

    By Kim McNabb on 01.05.2017

  32. winter is so very dry I had to water my plants when I came into the office and my skin is flaking off as I type this. I got a new humidifier for the bedroom which is miraculously quiet but has a little light that sometimes keeps me company at night — how can it be so dry when there’s so much snow? These are the deep questions that plague me. v

    By Liz URL on 01.05.2017

  33. To get full hydration I need to drink so much water everyday.

    By Simon Woodard on 01.05.2017

  34. I was taking a hiking trip with my best friend Oliver. We were on a trial and I started to feel faint. “Hey Oliver, I dont’ feel so good.”
    “What’s wrong?”
    “My head hurts and my vision is kinda weird.”
    “Where’s your water?”

    By Gerald on 01.05.2017

  35. The water cooled my skin,
    As dewdrops formed and fell,
    Littering my tainted skin.

    I peeked through the embrace of a crippled tree,
    Only the blinding headlights greeted me,
    As the grey clouds cried unheard

    The girl got out of the car and walked over to a grave,
    Full of dry bones and teeth and hair,
    Drenched wet in minutes,
    She just stood there, and soaked it all in.

    By Minxy on 01.05.2017

  36. Hydration. Thirst. Quench. Dry. Hydrate. Satisfy. Sate. Health.

    By watsonje on 01.05.2017

  37. My imagination needs hydrated. It is dry. I seem to have nothing to say. A desert, but even in the desert, water exists somewhere.

    By watsonje on 01.05.2017

  38. Water

    By james da on 01.05.2017

  39. Water is my life. Without it nothing exists ashen aschenputtel life Cinderella water Amsterdam kiss love Anne frank curtsy love loss dying swear sweat gallow humor

    By James Day on 01.05.2017

  40. Augustus, August water pool life love creeks water love marriage anne frank canals boats beauty love beauty Amsterdam hydrate the soul keep the faith augustus has some news.

    By James Day on 01.05.2017