October 30th, 2011 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “husband”

  1. i will marry and have a husband when i am older and more mature!!!!!!!!!!

    By Sydney URL on 10.31.2011

  2. I have no idea how to write about husband so bye!!!!

    By Sammy Doodle URL on 10.31.2011

  3. my mom has a husband, making him my dad

    By zoe lewis URL on 10.31.2011

  4. my mom has a husband which is my dad. my dad is weird sometimes.

    By shminky URL on 10.31.2011

  5. i have 7 husbands and i hate their guts. dont ever get a husband it sucks. dont be gay.

    By ChrisBybee URL on 10.31.2011

  6. The man that runs the house. and sits on his butt every sunday and watchs sunday football all day long.

    By madmax1587 URL on 10.31.2011

  7. I am a guy so I don’t have a husband. If I did, I would be considered socially incorrect.

    By Frankenbob URL on 10.31.2011

  8. A husband is a man in a marriage… The man in a real relationship.

    By keilar URL on 10.31.2011

  9. A husband is someone you love and share your life with for the rest of your life with.

    By epicfaceofdeath45 on 10.31.2011

  10. husband is a married man to a lady.

    By Mr.geek URL on 10.31.2011

  11. Steps to becoming a husband : )
    First: admirer

    Second: boy friend

    Third: Boyfriend

    Fourth: engaged

    Fifth: Husband

    Sixth: dad

    By stripes URL on 10.31.2011

  12. When a women likes a guy, and they get married. that guy is her husband, and she is the wife. and they have lots of babies. And they live together till there really old, if i had a husband. he would be a creep head. so… i don’t.. k, bye.(:

    By kaylee Roud URL on 10.31.2011

  13. My husband is Jordy Barth.

    By Leo URL on 10.31.2011

  14. MY moms husband is my dad.I dont know what to right?

    By Pamela URL on 10.31.2011

  15. My mom’s husband is my dad. My aunt got married her new husband. This. That. This. That. Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah.

    By danielle scott URL on 10.31.2011

  16. He doesn’t treat her with any respect she feels.Constantly demeaning her choices in life.She cant find a reason to be with him anymore but fears the repercussions of a split cold damage their children terribly.

    By Luke on 10.31.2011

  17. Today I found a large bug in my house. Luckily I have a husband who is not afraid of bugs. He cleaned it up, went to the store, sprayed the house, cleaned the leaves, and made me happy. Moral of the story: best bug defense is a husband.

    By Andrea on 10.31.2011

  18. Husband used to mean something else a long time ago, but i forgot what it was. it had something to do with houses or hazard, which also used to mean something else, and it had something to do with a dice game.

    By just582 URL on 10.31.2011

  19. I love my husband. Three’s a charm, though there were times when I thought things would fall apart. But in the end, we worked things out and now I believe he’s with me until one of us leaves this plane for the next, He is the love of my life and in many ways the one person who truly completes me.

    By Andie on 10.31.2011

  20. Husband. Please understand that it will happen again. I do not know why I do these things. I am selfish and unkind.

    By elle MNOP URL on 10.31.2011

  21. Come ride with me trough tha veins of our story :x
    you,ma dear husband)

    By cuppy URL on 10.31.2011

  22. needy, strong, provider, loving, special, worthy, sexy, handsome

    By Raysa on 10.31.2011

  23. A husband is someone who loves you for you and will do anything to be with you. He is the one person who you trust the most and who you love the most. He will always be there for you. Sometimes you may get in a fight, but he will always be there for you when you need him. He loves you thats why hes your husband.

    By Samantha on 10.31.2011

  24. If you are a woman, the husband is whom you’re married to. Many people say that wives should submit to their husbands, and that’s true, but husbands should also submit to their wives. And most people say that women should do the cooking and the cleaning, and my mom does some, but my dad does some of it too.

    By Damaris URL on 10.31.2011

  25. I want to marry someone boring. Someone who will shake their head at me and sigh, someone who doesn’t have any points on their licence, someone who works in an office or someplace quiet and has never really gotten into any kind of trouble. Someone who won’t try to change me, as long as I don’t try to change them, who will love and respect me and we’ll have a moderately happy life with an average number of children and live in an averaged sized house. Someone reliable, because lord knows I need them.

    By Katy URL on 10.31.2011

  26. I stared down at the giant lustrous rock on my finger. “Husband” I mouthed. It had such an exciting but such a heavy meaning. I couldn’t believe it, all my childhood dreams of marriage, all of my fantasies of my Prince Charming were actually real. And he is mine.

    By Preston on 10.31.2011

  27. My husband was late for dinner. I didn’t know what to do. This never happened before and I was pretty sure something was wrong. I grabbed my laser gun and ran.
    Eventually I found him.

    By Schma URL on 10.31.2011

  28. i never want one, and although I will be a terrible one, I know that I’ll try to be one more than once. At least. My real problem in life will be trying to avoid jealous husbands… not trying to become one. That’s easy, you just need to get a bitch pregnant.

    By Jim Beam on 10.31.2011

  29. The opposite of wife perhaps, although I wonder how many other people have said the same…?
    What about:
    Like broadband, but for horse lovers. Not in a sordid way (steady)… e.g husbandry, which is possibly also a course in how to be the opposite of a wife. Ah, cyclical.

    By Sam on 10.31.2011

  30. love cherish happiness smothered ritual underappreciated dont stop i told you that already. retired rushing reproduce

    By jen on 10.31.2011

  31. A man to love. Care about you for your whole life. To take care of you, support you. Make you his, and he is yours. A strong man, that is willing to take care of you, when you need him, when you don’t. A man that could never stop loving you.

    By Montana URL on 10.31.2011

  32. I don’t know what kind of husband I would be. I would be loving, compassionate, caring – but every day for the rest of my life? That I’m not so sure about. Life is too complicated and long to make a promise like that.

    By dan URL on 10.31.2011

  33. Husband and wife, in holy matrimony, atop a large funnel cake. The reception lasts as long as he can have booze. Spike the fruit punch with LSD and watch friends and family turn into hunched over creatures. Snarling and foaming at the mouth. When will this end if not in horror

    By nate on 10.31.2011

  34. Someday i want a husband. Someone who will make me smile and who I in return can make smile. Because i want my husband to also be my best friend. Who I can make fun of and be made fun of, while both of us know that we never mean harm to one another. We can both just enjoy our lives, feeling lucky enough to have someone to share all our moments with.

    By Melanie B. on 10.31.2011

  35. Husband. A person to trust, honor, and cherish. The father of your children. The protector of your house. The foundation of always and forever.

    By Katie Jackson URL on 10.31.2011

  36. She stared at the man that had just become her husband, smiling at that thought of how that sounded. He was perfect for her, that one person that completed her inside and out. She watched as he looked over the balcony from their honeymoon suite and sighed. “Could this get any better?” she asked herself under her breath as she walked out clothed only in a robe to greet him. “Morning” she replied wrapping her arms around him and inhaling his scent.

    By Wendy on 10.31.2011

  37. When I was little I would always have a dream.. just the same dream over and over again. I was in a castle, surrounded by the most wonderful things, I had everything. A prince waiting for me at the end of a long hall. Now I finally understand the meaning of this dream whenever I see my husband the dream becomes real.

    By Kim on 10.31.2011

  38. Jenny’s husband looked at the clock on the wall. He wanted to leave, but he couldn’t think of a way to get out of the situation. He screamed in his head for relief. His back ached, his mouth was dry, and the man he was talking to just would not shut up. He kept rambling on and on about his four kids. How little Timmy was eight now, how Jenna grew her first tooth, and how Eddy wanted to join the soccer team.

    By Christian on 10.31.2011