October 30th, 2011 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “husband”

  1. Then the pastor anounced with much gusto ” I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride.” They kissed

    By smiley on 10.31.2011

  2. My husband was a troll. No, I’m not talking about one of those creatures who lurk on the internet, spamming chat rooms and sending snarky comments. He was a real, under-bridge lurking, child scaring troll.

    By Pat URL on 10.31.2011

  3. Well, they have to be faithful. When they’re not it runs people and things. My father was an unfaithful husband and ruined our family. And my mother. why did he do it? I don’t know. He’s just worthless in everyone’s eyes but his own.

    By Kelley URL on 10.31.2011

  4. me and my husband have been married for 20 years this month ,we have 4 children between us but unfotunately non together.

    By anne URL on 10.31.2011

  5. In the first blush of love, it is easy to place your confidence in a sweet and tender husband but it is unwise to expect it all to carry on swimmingly. He is fallible, too.

    By dtsas URL on 10.31.2011

  6. You get in the car and close the door. “Ritz crackers. I can’t believe in a house that size and with everything, she brings out a plate of Ritz crackers.” Who else can you tell?

    By nannan URL on 10.31.2011

  7. I would never want a husband they are wired they kiss alot yuck i would never want a huband so thats that

    By Madison URL on 10.31.2011

  8. a guy thet is married to a lady and some of them have kids they work hard for the famliy

    By beatriz on 10.31.2011

  9. husband .. several meanings. One is to gather your resources, to husband them together. The other is the other half of the partnership in life. and then there are good meanings for this word, the comfortable assurance of your loved one. that is good.

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.31.2011

  10. What is a husband, I ask myself. I have one, but do I really love him? We have said our “I dos” and have the ring,

    By Jessica on 10.31.2011

  11. Dan, Jill’s sisters brother-in law’s best friend’s neighbor who lives down the street murdered her husband. Said it was self-defense.

    By URL on 10.31.2011

  12. Her husband was lazy. He just didn’t seem to care at all. He hardly even ventured out of the house to find a job anymore. He just sat around swearing up a storm. It annoyed Jennifer that she had married such a dead beat leech. She had thought about leaving him, but what good would it do her? The house was his, and a waitress job only paid for so much.

    By Wyatt on 10.31.2011

  13. Some might think it is a man in a band but it isn’t. It’s a married man.

    By bowman URL on 10.31.2011

  14. Later on in life I want to get married and have a husband.

    By Giraffe URL on 10.31.2011

  15. Later on when I am older I would like a husband.

    By hdaisy123 URL on 10.31.2011

  16. One day i will get married and have a husband.

    By chunkymonkeyfudgepops URL on 10.31.2011

  17. A husband is a spouse to a wife. the husband is the male spouse.

    By Laurez Hernandez URL on 10.31.2011

  18. Husband is a man that is married to a lady.

    By tum tum URL on 10.31.2011

  19. Wives and husbands are call spouses.
    Husbands DO NOT abuse your wife.
    Wives submit to husband!

    By Tribalwerewolf URL on 10.31.2011

  20. Later on in life I want to get married and have a husband.I think it would be fun.

    By Giraffe URL on 10.31.2011

  21. Why is he always such a dick? He cant be able to be with me just for a second. Is as if he does not care about me. I have to change this impression of him.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 10.31.2011

  22. i dont want a husband yet. i would wait till i was done with college before i met my husband . i don’t want to get a husband yet!

    By mccrazy URL on 10.31.2011

  23. my dad is my moms husband
    my moms dad is my moms husband
    my dads dad is his moms husband

    By Legit Llamas URL on 10.31.2011

  24. When I grow up I want have a husband, but probably not until I get out of college. My mothers husband is my dad, and grandmas husband is my grandfather. My brother will one day be a husband. He better be a good husband. Other wise he will be in trouble.

    By bean! URL on 10.31.2011

  25. i will have a husband when i grow up. husbands can be with you forever. i love my husband. just kidding, i dont have a husband

    By lil-gaylord URL on 10.31.2011

  26. Strolling down the
    flower festooned aisle
    pretending that
    we weren’t choking on bile

    The priest read from
    the Holy Book
    the words washed over us
    As we shared a look

    “You may…”
    We heard no more
    and embraced and kissed
    like we had to settle a score.

    By Dave Mercer on 10.31.2011

  27. a husband is a man that is married.

    By Amazing Antonio URL on 10.31.2011

  28. um i do not want to put husband in a sentence. i am writing about husband. i will marry my husband.

    By pinkydinkydoo URL on 10.31.2011

  29. Every women dreams of having a husband.
    To be loved.
    To be held.
    To be special…
    It is rare to come true.
    It takes forever to be you.
    That is…when one lucky someone comes to be the one for you……

    By cupcakebunnyeater URL on 10.31.2011

  30. i don’t have a husband yet. my punctuation is going off. I don’t know how long I can hold on for. I believe Luwee is going to be my husband, and we’ll live in a hip apartment and have at least one child. Who might be a rebel like myself. Only when that day comes. I know my dad is a good husband. So is my brother. Maybe it runs in genetics. I don’t know. Time! Ah!

    By Nicollette URL on 10.31.2011

  31. I don’t have a husband. I guess I’d like one someday. They seem to be somewhat useful. Plus I want kids. I don’t NEED a husband for that, but I guess I’d be nice to have one. Share the bills and all.

    By Cordelia URL on 10.31.2011

  32. She was looking for a husband in all the wrong places. she wanted someone dependable but yet was heading to the local bars of a weekend. She knew deep down this wasnt going to lead to the most stable relationship but in the end, something is better than nothing

    By DLSH on 10.31.2011

  33. when two become one,
    when love becomes whole,
    a sharing of self,
    a communion of soul.

    By KC URL on 10.31.2011

  34. I am but a young man, not a husband yet. But dream of being that prince. To make a woman the happiest woman ever. Give her the reasons to smile and dream, and go on. I look forward to being that husband one day. The one that never lets love go cold, that at 80 will still be the romantic that only movies show anymore.

    By William Gruber on 10.31.2011

  35. He was in that pile of manure for a good two years until he was fully gone. The hard part had been getting him to stay still while he was under the pile, being dissolved slowly and painfully. “He won’t hurt anyone else every again,” I said as the cops finally came to take me away, and I went with them quietly.

    By Matt URL on 10.31.2011

  36. lover. friend.
    a compiled mess.
    our fingers intertwined.
    giving us connection.

    By •••• URL on 10.31.2011

  37. A husband will almost certainly have a wife. He will have a wife whom he perhaps loves or once did love. He will either be happy or long for the happy days of the past.

    By KerryGT on 10.31.2011

  38. It is a man that I can depend on. Or should. It is often the ideal word for the ideal man and when it passes from my lips, I release all the distain I truly feel. It is not just the man I hate, however. It is the difference of the ideal from the real; I expected what the novels write about, what television shows me. Instead, I received a hateful, angry man who expects the ideal of a wife and got me.

    By Samantha on 10.31.2011

  39. husband . . . what conflicting images the word brings! What is supposed to be or what is real? What is fantasy? All in all, the bad outweighs the good – I don’t want another one!

    By bearface URL on 10.31.2011

  40. She didn’t know where to go, or who to be. She just came as she was. It’s funny, how you’re expected to pick up the threads of an old life as if it can be that simple. She knew she couldn’t live her life torn, that she’d have to be whole for many years to come but she just couldn’t quite understand how to be so. Solitude was her husband now. A comfort in these dark of times that seemed to veil all air from her lungs. She was constantly searching for a way to breathe and to escape and to run and to just… be. But it’s hard, you know? All these pushes and pulls, pushes and pulls. It oh so hard.

    By Saskia URL on 10.31.2011