February 4th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “husband”

  1. She always knew she wanted to be a mother. She wasn’t always sure she needed a husband. I know that sounds sad. I’m not saying she didn’t want a partner and a father for her children. It’s just that every ‘Husband’ example she could think of from her life, seemed so very disappointing. But she of course wanted a big gorgeous wedding, so there was the problem right there. How do you have a wedding to a handsome lovely man-who won’t end up your husband- because he will inevitably disappoints himself and you? Hmmm…?

    By laurenlauren28 on 02.05.2013

  2. Her husband just upped and walked out without as much as a by your leave. And all because of a piece of chocolate cake.
    Would you believe it!

    By Hibou on 02.05.2013

  3. One day my husband said to me, “I love you.” These words may seem to be typically said. But sometimes that is just all I needed to hear. It is just as simple as that sometimes.

    By Chelsea on 02.05.2013

  4. Her husband cheated on her. I really couldn’t believe my ears, that’s really what she deserved? After taking the gun to the face when they were robbed, after being with him at all times, he cheated on her with such, such, uhh!

    By David on 02.05.2013

  5. He loved me, I knew that much. But I couldnt stop the nagging feeling that I had inside, that quiet voice saying NO! He doesn’t really. Because you cant satisfy him. And now l accept that.

    By Solo Tester on 02.05.2013

  6. a random man that wants to have sex with you and abuse your kids. he will only love you if you make a sandwich or you’re a guy. BE GAY!

    By Talitha on 02.05.2013

  7. I often think about what being a husband will be like. Will I be a good one? I’m eager to be the best man I can be to my wife, and to our children. It seems as though all of the hurdles I still have to jump through pale in comparison to my duty as a man to my wife and family; neither of which I have yet.

    By Jacob on 02.05.2013

  8. That cheating bastard! I couldn’t even think about him without getting angry. Oh…I just want another glass of wine. And with the first sip I see that hey, maybe if I hadn’t cheated first, he wouldn’t have cheated on me.

    By Solo Tester on 02.05.2013

  9. I know a husband, he is my dad. He was an okay husband, but a not so good father because of his wife and maybe his own flaws and misconceptions. I don’t want or need a husband, except to lift heavy stuff or change the tire.

    By charlie on 02.05.2013

  10. Another day another husband, Melissa Mclarain thought. That was the problem with living forever, of course, one tended to accumulate things like husbands.

    Of course it’s not all bad, Melissa thought to herself checking the balance of her bank account.

    By Zac Katz-Stein on 02.05.2013

  11. Husbands hold your hand, help steady you as you move forward through life. Keeping each other close at heart, you progress as one through the turbulence of the future.

    By Miss H on 02.05.2013

  12. So what is it like living with someone you don’t really know? As he breathes nearby. Hears your every word. Listens. Or does he? Is there an absence of connect? Is living together merely an act. Charade. A lifelong pursuit of nothing. What is it like not knowing yourself.

    By Tushar on 02.05.2013

  13. She walked into the bedroom. There he was. Sleeping ever so quietyl, as though nothing had just happened downstairs. She thought to herself, how can I go on calling this man my husband?
    He turned in bed and looked at her. He had a blank look, like he could see right through her. He turned back and continued to act as though he’s sleeping.
    She didn’t know what to do.

    By Fouad on 02.05.2013

  14. what a word for me. i’ve had one, but i’m not your average divorcee let me tell you. i’m a twenty one year old college student. my marriage was at seventeen. i never talk about it. i don’t need to.

    By thorpe on 02.05.2013

  15. softly he kills me,
    one lie one bruise one std at a time

    sweetly i let him,
    til death do us part, we promised

    and i never, ever
    want to be parted from him

    a ten minute drive
    for our conjugal visits

    we’ll grow old and
    rot, softly, sweetly


    By isa on 02.05.2013

  16. A husband is something I see myself having in a different life. For some reason I don’t see it as possible in this life. That could be because I’m in college and everyone tries to find the one at this age and I haven’t even found a boyfriend. No biggie though. Marriage is scary

    By masked habit on 02.05.2013

  17. There was once a wife who’s husband was loving and caring but let the romance slip away. His gentleness and hard work went all for naught as she ran away with her spontaneous foreign lover in spite of all her former lover had done.

    By Steve Gardella on 02.05.2013

  18. The husbandry in the garden represented twice the attention paid to his spouse.

    (Also, equal marriage)

    By bewarethejabberwock on 02.05.2013

  19. He’s warm. He’s cuddly. He holds me tight. I look for him late at night. Wearing green, sometimes he keeps my blanket warm.

    I much prefer my stuffed husband to any real one.

    By Lynn Blackmar URL on 02.05.2013

  20. The flames of a wild Camus from going to the fad of an in when I saw that there was a majestic feeble wanderer in the wood and I said hey you ! Please don’t go in there, and you told me that you had to and I said what can I do to change your mind, but you said that there was nothing. I’m so sorry to have let you down this way, I only wanted to love you forever and ever and ever and ever.

    By Jorge Franco IV on 02.05.2013

  21. my one and only love. my most precious thing in the world. means the world to me. meaning of love and equals to every single good feeling in the world. want to grow old together

    By MK on 02.05.2013

  22. a man worth to be loved. should be thankful to have a beautiful wife.
    has to merciful and caring. the man that holds a family together.
    the one that should help his family in everything with his wife.

    By Sarah Mary on 02.05.2013

  23. It was not at all as she had thought. Twenty-three, she had told her mother. Twenty-three she would be married, get herself a husband, have some babies. And twenty-three came and went. Thirty-four came and went. No husband in sight. Nada. So where was she now? Alone, not lonely, and life was rushing by as a deer running before a fire.

    By lilbit on 02.05.2013

  24. as he sits playing video games, for the third night in a row. i wonder to myself what the hell did i get into. what purpose is there anymore. and then i remember when we first met.

    By slikchik on 02.05.2013

  25. Her husband’s body laid motionless next to her on the cement floor of the basement.

    By Jerri on 02.05.2013

  26. marriage
    soul mate
    trust, promises and faith

    By kya on 02.05.2013

  27. The man of the house is out today, scrubbing the lawn with a little lawnmower with tarnished red caps over the spinning blades. A family of rabbits hide deep in the coolness of grass blades and sleep dreamlessly as a tornado passes over.

    By Amanda on 02.05.2013

  28. And wife, sit in their home with only three hours until the sun winks out. They simply sit in each others arms and wait for darkness to fall.

    By Chris on 02.05.2013

  29. I really do wish to have a husband one day. I know I am still young, but the thought of a soulmate, of never being alone, of having someone to start a family with- well it seems like a pretty good deal to me.

    By Kelly T URL on 02.05.2013

  30. I guess I could be a good husband who treats his wife nicely and wants to raise a proper family. besides that I don’t know. husband is the provider and also nurture with the wife. and wearing black suits I guess.

    By dapenguinninja on 02.05.2013

  31. Anne van der Veer of Glamour magazine had been sent against her will to Iron City, Georgia to interview Slade Bachman, the phenom auto body man and proprietor of Painted Ponies. Soon as she’d pulled up to the place and stepped her dainty heels through the dry red dirt, a sweaty Slade asked her if she’d like a beer. To be polite, she said, “Alright.” Slade banged on the side of an old Coke machine he kept stocked with beer, watched a couple of Buds tumble down and bounce into the tray. He grabbed them out and offered Anne one. She pulled the tab and beer sprayed all down her front. “Ain’t it great?” Slade said. Anne glared daggers at him, said, “Well, you’ve just answered the most burning question on the minds of America’s husband-seeking women.” Slade chuckled, “Yeah, they’ll be all over me now fer sure.”

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.05.2013

  32. my teachers husbund has a cool job

    By Tyler Baker on 02.05.2013

  33. my husband is a great hard working man and loving husband. i love him so much. i apprectiate hime and evrything he dose for me aqnd the famliy. he treats our family geat.

    By alfredo on 02.05.2013