February 4th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “husband”

  1. he sat in the corner,
    reading his paper sitting at his desk.
    looking at me with awed eyes,
    with no room to speak,
    and I never let him.

    By Rachel on 02.04.2013

  2. She said, I do. He said his vows. They kissed chastely in front of 200 people. The bride was blushing pink. The groom was adorning black.

    They said they would spend their lives together. Save each other each time they faced trouble. Be there whenever they needed them.

    And then they walked away from each other, vows shattered. Esteems hurt.

    By paridhirustogi on 02.04.2013

  3. Well, he’s not dead, I’ll give him that. And sure, there’s the occasional foot massage. Kinda. You have to twist your wrist in a weird way but it works. He’s just not much to cuddle with afterwards, you know? I don’t know, I just wonder where he got that nickname? Who goes around calling themselves ‘Pink Rabbit’ on purpose?

    By Jesse on 02.04.2013

  4. i threw the handful of graveyard dirt onto his coffin and turned away, too caught up in my emotions to notice She was there. Her, the black widow of our small town. Shed buried 15 husbands and lovers before mine and theres no doubt she would keep going. Someone had to do something about this.. I resolved right then while standing next to his tombstone that that it would be me.

    By stefanny on 02.04.2013

  5. your husbands not your husband. he will be a flower under your foot say hello dig him a hole to bloom recklessly in the sun will save him clouds dream of him he is not your husband

    By scarlet on 02.05.2013

  6. My husband died. I killed him. Why ? Because he was rich and I was fedup with him. He always ask me “what do you eat ?”. We eat your arm tonight, honey ! I hope you’d like that ! But now, he’s died.

    By Lucile L. on 02.05.2013

  7. He is the man in the house. His wife will obey his commands. He eats steak. He drives an SUV. Don’t be fooled by his bad shape, because his brilliance is not questionable. He has a job: He drives. And supports his family.

    By Johannes URL on 02.05.2013

  8. Some day, I want to be a husband. I’m not sure how this will go because the woman I am interested in right now doesn’t want to get married. It’s unfortunate because we both really like each other but I’m not sure how we will be able to continue on if neither of us have such different plans for the future.

    By Alex on 02.05.2013

  9. something in dont have or want anytime soon….too controlling..maybe some time in the future…YOLO!!!!!

    By b.k on 02.05.2013

  10. When I was younger I wanted to be a husband. A father. Then I realized I was selfish. And to be a husband one needed to be selfLESS. You live for your wife. Your plans are for your family. All I can think of now. Is. Myself.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 02.05.2013

  11. I have never had a husband before. Watching my friends, I’m not sure I want one. Some of them are ok, but usually they are a bore. How do you stay with someone forever? Why have a husband if you aren’t gonna be married forever?

    By vanessa on 02.05.2013

  12. i want to be your husband
    in a purely hypothetical sense
    like in a dream
    an idle reverie
    a fantasy from which we will awake
    where i am not with you
    and you are fading from my memory
    because love is all too transient
    when you think clearly
    it comes and goes
    but mostly goes
    with nothing left to show
    but who knows.

    By Matty M. on 02.05.2013

  13. that i will never have. that i will never call someone with this word. husbands are for other people; other men, other women. i am my own band.

    By buket on 02.05.2013

  14. Sometimes I just don’t want to see……
    It’s just too painful to watch….
    But when I close my eyes…..
    I would hit a wall….
    Then my face would go flat!

    By LunaSyn20 on 02.05.2013

  15. Too much responsibility!

    By LunaSyn20 on 02.05.2013

  16. When my friend husband John return home from work on Monday, he was surprised to fine a large package at the front door. he was hesitant to open it, but thought that it was something that was important. it turned out to be a stone and he knew that someone had played a prank on him.

    By victor URL on 02.05.2013

  17. I keep on getting the same word over and over, I really don’t want this word anymore, so i’m going to make up something for 60 annoyingly long seconds. I think this site should have more than only one word per day, and if you think so to…..

    By Kelly Apple URL on 02.05.2013

  18. Even now, she tries not to think about how she is actually married to him. And not in the normal sense of the word but in the truly unbinding since where there is no escape and that he will forever exist around him and permeate her being. He is the domineering Victorian husband. He locks her true self away and oppresses her to be what she is not.

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.05.2013

  19. Fresh eyes, but a tired mind. He walks out their front door – suit and tie – buttoned up and ready to go. This is the last time he walks out. The only time he never returns.

    ‘Goodbye. I have to be something else now.’

    By genahtastic on 02.05.2013

  20. husband is a how we untie emotions and share a bond and network dail

    By hno on 02.05.2013

  21. Someone loyal and true to you. He’ll always be there, by your side, cheering you on. It’s someone you share your life with. Who you wouldn’t dream to be anyone else in the world besides themselves, because you love them.

    By Princess Insomnia on 02.05.2013

  22. I want to have a husband when I’m older. I’m sure of it. No single status for me. I feel like if I had a husband, it would mean that I had my life figured out. And that someone saw it as a good enough life to want to be a part of it.

    By Natalie Waterhouse on 02.05.2013

  23. A person with whom you commit to spend the rest of your life in matrimony. Somebody who you love and cherish, somebody who supports you and makes you happy.

    By Breeana on 02.05.2013

  24. If there once was a man who had a hart of stone and a fist of steel, ask his wife…

    By Nico on 02.05.2013

  25. Ah, the husband, working so far away for so long, leaving me feeling like an army wife – except, you know, for the fact that he is in one of the best places on earth to snowboard and not the hell hole that is Afghanistan – and of course, that no one is actively trying to kill him. Not really the same at all, but the same sad feeling of absence is probably not that different, minus the worry.

    By Ara on 02.05.2013

  26. Her husband was not ready for the things that she had said minutes ago. It was all not clear to him. But unfortunately, she’s changed her mind. The wife would no longer be a wife to him. She wanted to stay away from her husband.

    By Danielle on 02.05.2013

  27. men who is great guy in your life and who makes you happy and sometimes mad and crazy. i wis to have one one day.. jeah i love husbands.

    By sara on 02.05.2013

  28. I believe you were the right candidate then. You swept me off my feet, on to my back, and in to a reverie. Clouds eventually fade into time and men who make your heart beat faster, who make you walk into poles have a better shot. Fantasy men will not have me though. I believe you are the right candidate now. No one else will have me and I don’t have to shave with you. I wonder if comfort will get me down the aisle.

    By Christina URL on 02.05.2013

  29. This is my idea of a husband: strong, virtuous, faithful, patient, loving, responsible, full of the Holy Spirit, generous, kind, hospitable, hard-working, honest, true, and above all, loves Jesus Christ more than he could ever love a human… even me.

    By Emma Travis on 02.05.2013

  30. He had brown hair when we first met. His green, bright eyes were the reason for me to go out with him and his winning grin made me stay. Whenever he now looks at me, I can only see the brave young man he used to be and the altered version of himself he has become. Or is it just a version?

    By Helene on 02.05.2013

  31. ha yeah right, husband. unspeakable.
    im sure one could exist,
    im sure ,
    but would it be worth the time
    or effort to put in.
    so demanding, controling
    everything, would it be
    worth the time
    spent, not looking
    but still finding
    what is not meant to be found

    By Chey on 02.05.2013

  32. here is an apple for you
    you may have it,
    i just picked it
    from among many others
    which had fallen to the ground
    but i picked it up
    whipped it on my overalls
    like my father used to do
    i only took one bite, husband
    you may have the rest
    i picked it just for you .

    By CheyenneDrew on 02.05.2013

  33. The way you look at me changed. The way I look at you changed. You don’t touch me anymore, not physically not my heart. What has comfort done to us? I still love.. Do I?

    By helene on 02.05.2013

  34. caring.loving.partner-in-crime.difficult.abusive.hardworker.good provider.thoughtless

    By althea may pilapil on 02.05.2013

  35. love. a life together. family, children. buying a house. wedding. engagement. commitment. divorce. end.

    By chi on 02.05.2013

  36. it’s such a joke in some manners. People don’t think of marriage the same anymore. I know people that are more committed to each other that will never put a ring on each others finger or a claim on the other, than many who decide to become husband and wife. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to be there for another person. I don’t know what I’m more disappointed in.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.05.2013

  37. We were to be married in the spring. I couldn’t quite get over the image of it in my mind. I would go about my day like normal, and that simple thought – that Joseph and I were to be married in the spring – would invade, and fill my whole reality. Sometimes, it terrified me. I had never been married before. I didn’t know HOW to be married. Most of the time, though, it just made me feel tingly all over – in the tips of my fingers, in the roots of my hair.

    By hannah URL on 02.05.2013

  38. I didn’t say I kind of
    because I know it takes two
    I didn’t say well maybe because
    I know I said I do.

    By R on 02.05.2013

  39. yesterday i wrote about husbands. i still don’t have one, although i am not opposed to the idea. who would make the best candidate? is it my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years? i hope so because i love him deeply, despite his quirky habits related to a severe anxiety disorder. i like a good challenge.

    By l on 02.05.2013

  40. She looked at me and said I do.
    I’ve never heard two syllables sound more beautiful.
    I saw the wrinkle in her nose as she smiled. I felt her love wrapped around my heart.
    I saw her and saw our children, white picket fences, and 50 years of fighting and making up.
    I took her hand in mine, thought about kissing it, and said I do.

    By R on 02.05.2013