February 4th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “husband”

  1. I smiled at him across the alter, vowing to spend my life with this man. I know life will bring trials and we will have our rough times, just like every other couple, but I also know that we will get through it. “I do.”

    By Sydney URL on 02.04.2013

  2. I don’t have a husband. Someday I might, but I honestly can’t take care of myself right now, so I can’t even think about a boyfriend or a husband or a family. The other day, I make a key lime pie and thought “why don’t i have a boyfriend? oh well. i don’t care. I have a pie all to myself.” It was equally hilarious and sad. Regardless, whoever gets this, I love you and am happy that you’re there to get my short minute story.

    By Kaitlin on 02.04.2013

  3. He was wonderful to begin with, always gentle and kind, he even did the dished on occasion. Then slowly, things changed, he grew distant and we no longer cuddled. One day, when I thought it was finally time to tell him I was leaving, I opened the bedroom door to find him hanging from the ceiling.

    By Sarrah DaGraca on 02.04.2013

  4. i don’t have a husband. sometimes i wish i did, but mostly i crave independence and the ability to design my rooms however the hell i want, without needing to worry how my husband likes or doesn’t like to decorate.

    By l on 02.04.2013

  5. What a journey she had travelled with her husband. Unlike her contemporaries who had left, she’d stayed and worked through the crises.

    By Margaret on 02.04.2013

  6. You need to find a good husband
    Who is kind faithful and supports you in every way.
    You need make yourself into the kind of woman who
    Can handle such a strong man.

    By Robin on 02.04.2013

  7. I want it. I want you. All of you, to myself, no one else. I can’t wait for that wonderful day. Where we will be one. I will be a part of you, and you of me. One soul, together, to walk together.

    By Maria on 02.04.2013

  8. Husband has flown away to the moon on a rocket ship. Will he be back? I don’t know, nor do I care. That’s a long trip on a rocket ship.

    I just received news that my husbands ship blew up on the way there. Oh well.

    By Dean Marshall URL on 02.04.2013

  9. Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamed about marriage and having a husband. According to my parents, I would chase the boys around the playground asking them to be my boyfriend or marry me. Now, as I’m older, I believe I’ve found the perfect man

    By Julie on 02.04.2013

  10. husband where are you
    working nights while I work days
    ships and merrygorounds don’t cut it
    but the love post-its sure do help.
    I miss you.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 02.04.2013

  11. she grasped his hand with a wink in her eye
    the clouds moved on and above
    the stars flew by
    they sat as the fresh pine scent flew
    and a love they never new set flight

    By Aidan URL on 02.04.2013

  12. Oh my gosh I have one of those! The very first time that I saw him I knew that he was the one so fine so perfect but something went wrong somewhere and now though I still love him he just does not understand me nor does he care to it seems. Oh well life is life

    By Arlene on 02.04.2013

  13. I cannot wait until I walk down that aisle and see you. I cannot wait until we say our vows to love and cherish through anything we face. I cannot wait until our first child, hearing a baby’s cry. I cannot wait until we help that child grow and learn, together. I cannot wait to sit by a fireplace, after many long years of learning from each other, watching our grandchildren run around. All this I see in your eyes as we say I do…

    By Julie URL on 02.04.2013

  14. Gay, straight, bi – in whatever configuration – does it truly matter?
    Rather, were it only about being partners
    An act of being ancillary to one another
    Now that some must, for comfort and tradition, define the boundaries of marriage
    To me it would seem it’s for whom you’ll forever plant your kisses – and where
    Soft pliable kisses: even better when inch-by-inch-by-inch lays bare, bare, bare

    By Intuition URL on 02.04.2013

  15. He is someone who is loving, supportive and married , not only to females but males as well. I think husbands should be good fathers and that they do not necessarily need to be the sole breadwinner or main wage earner. A husband should honour his commitment and not cheat on his spouse. It is better to divorce than be a cheater.

    By Becca on 02.04.2013

  16. One day I will have a husband. Who knows if it will be you. I hope it will be but sometimes I run with a short breath and second guess every choice I made since birth. Then I remember…

    By strawberrymoon URL on 02.04.2013

  17. My husband and I could only love each other for so long before we could not take it any more. We were just so different at the time. But i think we have changed, changed for the better.

    By Paige on 02.04.2013

  18. Man. Love. Wife. Bond. Promise. Forever. Commitment. Life. Hard. Together. Duo. Grow old together, New life.

    By Danny URL on 02.04.2013

  19. It takes more than being married to be a husband. He takes more than being a man to be a husband. It takes more than a husband to be a father.

    By Patrick URL on 02.04.2013

  20. He wouldn’t be my husband, it just wouldn’t do. We were too different, too alien, to make it work. That was the problem with this arranged marriage. Tradition and culture knew nothing of the heart, of the mind, of the soul. Those were foreign concepts that my parents didn’t understand either.

    By Kristina URL on 02.04.2013

  21. “Everything settled then?” He’d asked as I shuffled papers

    “More or less.” Less, actually. Logistics, you know.

    “Right, well, that’s nice.”

    Quite. Quiet. Marriage is a still doom? Perhaps. I still think it’s fun.

    By Jayn Adams URL on 02.04.2013

  22. and wife. two halves of a whole. without one or the other the duo isn’t complete. society has rules for him; his wife certainly does as well. whether he abides by them or not is his choice. as tim hawkins puts it, there a some things you just don’t say to your wife if you want to live a long and happy life.

    By Casryn URL on 02.04.2013

  23. My husband and I are newlyweds but in my heart I guess I always knew I’d be with him forever. He’s been by my side since we were kids and I knew he always would be. I love him and always will because he is my absolute best friend. He knows the real me and I couldn’t trade that for the world. I

    By CristinaCecilia URL on 02.04.2013

  24. his band is all i can see as his finger reach up to brush my cheek.
    his darling ring that gleams with the kiss of sunlight.
    if only i wore the matching one.

    By Courtney on 02.04.2013

  25. The one the I can count on too. The one that I spend my life with. The one that smile with me when I am happy and the one that hold me when I’m crying. The one that wakes me up in the morning with a kiss or hug me from my back.

    By genta on 02.04.2013

  26. I wonder if I’d make a good husband.

    By Jason URL on 02.04.2013

  27. i don’t think i want a husband, i think i might be gay. ive always dated women, so, maybe a husband, then i could have children as a product of love. or i could adopt. im adopted. i hope if i do have a husband he is attractive and i really think that he would be. or i’ll just marry a woman. I’m to young to be thinking about marriage, i have my whole life ahead of me. my dad was a good husband. i love my family.

    By Lana on 02.04.2013

  28. He was a man of many ideas, and his wife was beautiful. Sexy and incredible in bed. huge breast, tight waist, and a big round butt. She was incredible in bed and he was obsessed with her. she was a muse who every man desired and a woman i stole. she couldn’t resist me and i couldn’t resist her. i looked down at my hand and saw a ring. What have i become.

    By John on 02.04.2013

  29. asshole loving cuddles sometimes they smell i might want one ? not now, i miss my almost they love… kids pets messy hair plimbing home cheats not me un wanting happy with myself, dad i miss my dad

    By alejandra on 02.04.2013

  30. Her husband went down the driveway and got into his car. She watched him back out into the road and disapper around the corner. Then she reached out to the true love of her life; the TV remote control.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.04.2013

  31. Jill hated her husband. Hated him more than anything in the world. That’s why she shot him in the face.

    The End.

    By Mason Blake URL on 02.04.2013

  32. I dont want one but it also would be kind of nice. Only if he did the dishes though. And took out the trash. And was really good in bed. And was rich? I don’t know.

    By Carey on 02.04.2013

  33. I wonder what my husband will be like. I hope he is handsome, tall, and athletic. He also needs to be somewhat sensitive, as well as funny, and protective. I want to feel safe with him and trust that we will have children and he will love them and shower them with gifts and love and attention. Also, I hope he can cook.

    By Sam on 02.04.2013

  34. the husband went over to see his wife and then he decided that she looked pretty thirsty. So he decided to go into the kitchen and make her some delicious brownies that were his grandmothers homemade recipe. they were amazing!

    By Alaijah on 02.04.2013

  35. My husband is traveling to Brazil. It is odd, because although I miss him! Things run so smoothly when he’s away. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. It also builds my confidence because I am able to hol the fort done alone

    By Kim on 02.04.2013

  36. The husband was bald and wrinkly. So his wife decided to give him the Bosley treatment which he wasn’t too happy with so in return, he ran away with the maid and cook.

    By Alaijah URL on 02.04.2013

  37. Husbands, I’m too young to have one.
    I think I know who I’ll marry though.
    He’s perfect, and I love him.
    I already don’t know what I’d do without him,
    and I can’t wait for this man to be my husband.
    Travis will be my husband.

    By Aubrey URL on 02.04.2013

  38. I don’t have a husband. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who got close to being my husband. Maybe I did, just once. But he didn’t turn out to be such a nice guy, or not as nice as I thought. Maybe someday though, I’ll have a husband. Who knows?

    By Cal on 02.04.2013

  39. Husband huh? Okay. Let’s see here. I do not have a husband and in my life I might not ever have one. You see I have a girlfriend and so I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that. Right now I am not feeling very creative so I’m just going to sit here and type without thinking about it because I have nothing else to do. Also I am procrastinating on things. Okay so now I have 60 more seconds to work on this? Um how about this? Once upon a time there was a world where anyone could get married. By anyone I mean two people and not people and animals, because that would be called beastiality. And yeah anyway um I am distracted right now.

    By Leopold on 02.04.2013

  40. He worked hard to provide for his family. They never really took too much time to appreciate what he did for them. His wife forgot to say goodbye and that she loved him. Then, this plane crashed before he arrived at his airport.

    By James S. URL on 02.04.2013