February 4th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “husband”

  1. My husband sighed, rubbing his face in frustration.
    “Why won’t you do this?”
    “I just don’t feel good about it, that’s all.”
    “You’re going to have to anyways, you know.”
    “I know.”
    My husband frowned.

    By SourNothings URL on 02.04.2013

  2. A husband seems like a thing I will likely never have, only existent in fantasies, among the ranks of castles and dragons and nations named after myself — all of which, it turns out, would probably include a husband in the package.

    By M.O.D. URL on 02.04.2013

  3. I wish I had one of those. One day, hopefully. Maybe then I’ll have the chance to love someone.

    By America on 02.04.2013

  4. lol I’m forever alone.

    But nice try.

    By Allie Vaccaro on 02.04.2013

  5. I want a husband. All my life I’ve been dreaming about my wedding and how beautiful would be having a family.
    My married friends are so happy because they have a husband and I would be so glad havin one.

    By Giovanna Alonzo on 02.04.2013

  6. She had become the victim of an age old irony. After twenty three years of longing for a husband, when she finally acquired one she mostly wanted to kill him. They say the wanting is better than the having.

    By pip333 URL on 02.04.2013

  7. She gazed out at the ocean, clutching one of the hottest new romance novels. She sighed deeply, watching the clouds tumble. She didn’t care for this kind of stuff, she just wanted a husband. She was already thirty four and her love life… well, was empty at the moment. She thought about all her other friends, especially Tracy who invited her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding, and her other friend, Rebecca, who was one of those girls who she never really liked but kept in touch as a formality since they went to high school together. “Hey Sandra, if you feel lonely, you can always get a cat like my aunt did!” Rebecca said once, over the phone. On the other line, Sandra gritted her teeth with frustration, wanting to throttle her over the phone. But now, as Sandra stared over the tumbling waves, she decided that it was time to start trying to find a husband, or else she’d have to be a spinster. But it wasn’t as if she hadn’t tried, it was just that most of the guys she met were self-absorbed and chauvinists. She opened up her book, removing the slip of paper she was currently using as a bookmark. But as she examined closer, she remembered that on this slip, a guy who seemed at least had some common sense had written his number down when they met at the museum. “This could be a start.” she said with a slight smile. She then took her romance novel, tossing it in a garbage can as she went to make a very important call.

    By Lady Kitsune URL on 02.04.2013

  8. I looked at him with a new loathing, a new pity. How could he change so much in so little time. How could he spend endless hours doing nothing and refusing to spare a second to listen only to demand we were perfect. Perfectly gone. We were gone. He pushed it to his computer thru his fingertips and deleted the file. I hated him, loved him, and missed him. But I was done. I knew he wouldn’t even hear the car pull out of the driveway. Notice the empty chair. Notice the quiet in the house… because he had forgotten I existed years ago. Maybe the puddle of my tears would be noticed when he reached for the place I had been next to him. but I doubted it. He probably toss a dirty sock on it and keep playing after he grabbed another soda, happy I finally shut up so he could concentrate on his game.

    By JD on 02.04.2013

  9. he prepared his tie and jacket
    straightened his button hole
    brushed his hair back one more time
    and as he took a deep breath
    he looked in the mirror intently
    “husband”, he thought
    “i’ll be a husband soon”
    the door opened behind him
    the music started
    he almost ran

    By Jen URL on 02.04.2013

  10. Committed, understanding, my champion, a little frustrating at times, not as tall as I imagined, a wonderful father and a best friend. It has been the best 20 years of my life!

    By Amy Munns URL on 02.04.2013

  11. this is a fairy tale, this is a fairy tale, this is a fairy tale. I don’t believe in the knight in shining armor. I believe that everyone is strong and worthy and wonderful and capable. This isn’t a fairy tale, this is MY tale, and I write the story.

    By gypsypunk URL on 02.04.2013

  12. safety,loyalty,sexy,cheater,father, carpenter,, safe.

    By Traychelle on 02.04.2013

  13. There once was a poor man that was controlled by a female. He used to be able to do anything. He wore the ‘pants’ but now he is basically a pack mule carrying around all of this girls belongings night and day. What do we call this? We call this a husband.

    By Alice URL on 02.04.2013

  14. When he said he had to go to the hospital, i barely recalled the drive. He was admitted, emergency surgery the next day. They saved his leg, saved his life, but killed the gentle man he was… a unexpected side effect that couldn’t be corrected.

    By JDwrites URL on 02.04.2013

  15. husband…..I’m sure at one point in my life I thought I needed one..turns out, I’m a little bit of a Lez….96% and counting!

    By Crystal on 02.04.2013

  16. I don’t want to marry you
    I’ll take your hand; give it to you sweet
    “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”
    He’ll answer, smiling (expecting me, I’ll see it in his eyes)
    “And me?” I’ll continue, and we both shall see
    My future as open as the tree line, the view we’re watching
    from his chosen place of windblown beauty
    “I see you happy, darling, and I don’t see you with me.”
    We’ll kiss, and I’ll cry;
    Someday he’ll be married
    (and happy)
    And I’ll still be me.

    By Saudade URL on 02.04.2013

  17. I am just so tired. You are like a shadow in this house and I am like the shadow of a shadow. We creep around each other in this tiring dance. I can’t believe we once had enough substance to kiss, can you?

    By F on 02.04.2013

  18. Her husband stared at her, eyes wide in shock.

    “Why did you do it? I- I thought that we were in love.”

    She shook her head softly and turned so that he wouldn’t see the tears fall silently down her face.

    By Mina on 02.04.2013

  19. Just the idea of a husband terrifies me. I can’t imagine being bound to one person for the rest of my life. Maybe its because I haven’t ever had anyone to myself, or at least no one I wanted to keep.

    The idea of one can be quite nice sometimes.

    By BlindMouse URL on 02.04.2013

  20. A husband. A husband. A husband.

    The word echoes around her head until she wants to cry.

    A husband.

    By Teresa on 02.04.2013

  21. This is title I aspire to be. To be called a woman’s husband is something that I wish to be. To put a woman’s needs before me is something I yet need to learn. I just hope I can do such first. To love a woman for who they are, not what they have to offer. Love. That’s what this word means.

    By A. Sabilano URL on 02.04.2013

  22. I can’t believe you said that. No one can make a promise like that, no one. Forever? Are you pulling my leg. Oh. You bought a ring. Am I contractually bound to say forever too? I…can’t. I really don’t like telling lies. ‘Til death do us part? Well…I suppose I can promise that.

    By Soft URL on 02.04.2013

  23. I want my husband to be him. To be the love of my life, the man who will take care of me when i’m sick and need belly rubs. To bake me cookies and feed me when i’m too lazy to lift my fork. I want to have the best husband in the world.

    By jemelmay URL on 02.04.2013

  24. When I was 30 years old I had a husband. I remember looking down at him from the top of a water slide and amongst all the echoing screams and smell of chlorine I felt a strong sense of destiny between me and the man hundred of feet below me.

    By Triona on 02.04.2013

  25. She had a tall husband who left her for a dwarf from Russia, one cold winters evening. She stayed home with her cup of hot cocoa and wondered which was the best, her husband or the cocoa. She smiled, sighed and sat back – the chocolate had won.

    By aglep URL on 02.04.2013

  26. My boyfriend will soon be my husband.
    This is exciting.
    This is fun.
    I hope I am good enough.
    I hope we have fun.
    I hope he loves me,
    Like I love him.
    In a few months from now.
    I will have a husband.

    By Sarah on 02.04.2013

  27. My boyfriend will soon be my husband.
    This is exciting.
    This is fun.
    I hope I am good enough.
    I hope we have fun.
    I hope he loves me,
    Like I love him.
    In a few months from now,
    I will have a husband.

    By Sarah on 02.04.2013

  28. Her husband was a mild fellow, quiet and gentle, slightly blundering but lovely and kind.
    Like an aging Latin teacher before he succumbed to years of alcohol abuse.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.04.2013

  29. is coming through the door. crashing through the mesh and landing on my tea cups. i hated them anyway, but really a return would’ve been more productive. i scour the room for the liquid bandage. he’s ironically smashed it under himself. what now?

    By Kairn URL on 02.04.2013

  30. Ever since I was a child I have pictured a tall, faceless figure at the sound of the word. Even with the presence of a committed relationship, that figure has not taken on a face. I do not find this discouraging…the word husband bears intimacy….it is warm and close, yet heavy on the tongue. I need time for the word to settle into my vocabularly….then, perhaps someday the word will become more tangible and my nameless figure will acquire a face.

    By Cafune URL on 02.04.2013

  31. i thjink its important that everyone can have a husband if they desire one. a man, a woman. i think its also important for people to treat their husbands well and for all husbands to treat their signifigant others very well too. i hope we can all do that soon!!! no violence. oh lol got an extra minute by accident. anyhow yes i really hate that typical american husband like my step dad who sits on the couch drinking beer and watchign football and yells at his wife, my mom in my case, to do shit for him, and treats her terribly. yeah feminism

    By Louisa Najjar-Rulin on 02.04.2013

  32. Failed. What could I have done, thge war was on she had went to school and had never had a life fully fulfilled, I couldnt help her, she reverted to friends that were the age of the one she had missed. I try to blame myself but I run into a problem. I can’t. I am developing as a human being. I move forward and my ecperience changes me. I can’t think how it will affect others. thats it.

    By Davey Walker on 02.04.2013

  33. Wish I had one. No not really. I just want the right one. But it’s so hard to find a good, honest and decent man these days. All I see in the streets are a couple of hooligans, the occasional punks, the wannabe gangsters and the wholesome nerds who don’t know when a girl walks by if it they hit em where it hurts. Therefore, I’m looking for a nice brit boy. May a nice argentinian. That’s my dream. No lie. Maybe it’s selfish but I dont know, it’s just a dream. I’m sure I’ll fall in love with a great guy and he’s most likely not going to be 5 foot 8 with an Argentinian or British accent and mink brown flowing hair. The kind you can grab and tussle when you’re getting down to it. If you know what I mean. Jajaja that was a joke. Kind of. Not really. But anyways, that’s what I want. I just want a good man who cares about me and really cares about my opinion and my thoughts and all that good stuff. Not an emotional wreck or a girl but someone who’s not afraid to talk about their feelings when it comes down to it. Someone that doesn’t give me the same answer “I dont know”. Man that answer just gets me so mad and frustrated. Sometimes I don’t know how to express myself using words so I just want a man that does. That’s a sexy quality in a man. I want a hard working man who knows what he wants in life. Is that too much to ask for?? I’m still 18 though so I have a long road ahead me. Hopefully God shows me the way and gives me that Brit boy. Or the Argentinian. ;) I partially kid. Hahahaha.

    By Grecia on 02.04.2013

  34. I have. Just signed up
    took the dont think or look thing a little too serious

    By Davey URL on 02.04.2013

  35. The moon is a husband to the sun and the stars…the stars are their children. Melting, throbbing and colliding with one another.

    By Danaé on 02.04.2013

  36. My husband will be glorious. wonderful. filled with everything i love. everything i need. everything i want. His name is Kyle Strickland& he is a protector. a lover. perfection. my heart

    By samantha URL on 02.04.2013

  37. as night is husband to day
    and leaves fall husband to ground
    to sky
    So am I husband to you.
    Tell me again, “I do, I do.”

    By David J. Herr URL on 02.04.2013

  38. The first time I ever saw you, you were standing across the street.
    I let you walk away, and figured you and I would never meet.
    The first moment of attraction, and interest came soon after
    Now here I am today, falling in love with your laughter.

    By Carly URL on 02.04.2013

  39. I am his love. I am his hope. I am his protector. I am his protectee. I am his best friend. I am his everything. I am his husband.

    By Grace URL on 02.04.2013

  40. The one man who is caring enough to fight for me, loving enough to stand back, and merciful enough to forgive me. I would’ve done so much for him when he came back from Iraq. But only, he didn’t.

    By Kaley Temple URL on 02.04.2013