December 22nd, 2011 | 131 Entries

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131 Entries for “hurry”

  1. hurry hurry don’t be late. scamper out and through the gate. don’t stop to shut it behind you. there isn’t time. you better get moving or you’ll miss the bus. you run up the driveway, don’t step on any cracks, you know the drill. cat scootles across the sidewalk, nearly tripping you, and then you see it. it’s small and green and you’re the only one who can save it.

    By choirqueer URL on 12.22.2011

  2. The brain flares, sparks, seizures into action. Cheeky devil. Frisky. A innocent pass.Made a pass. Tried to get fresh.

    By Adam on 12.22.2011

  3. Hurry up and wait. Seems to be everyone’s motto these days. She thought the military was bad, well the civilian world wasn’t any better. Every turn they make is another “hurry up and wait” moment. And, frankly, she’s getting tired of it.

    By Kari Shadrick on 12.22.2011

  4. I need to clean my room. I want to drink a chai latte. I need to pee. Which is the most important? Hurrying makes you really choose and decide which is most important.

    By Daniella on 12.22.2011

  5. I try so hard to slow down my life, but it just seems to hurry ahead of me. How am I supposed to get it together so quickly? My life, my career, my relationships? I need more time. Or maybe it’s all in my head…maybe time isn’t going as fast as I think, but I’m somehow hurrying it up unintentionally.

    By Sabena on 12.22.2011

  6. “Hurry,” whispered Golden, letting her footsteps quicken. Mark and Will followed her, but an urgency pounded inside Golden, killing her mind and warping her soul. She didn’t know why, but every second spent not in the real world killed like nothing ever before. They had to hurry, or they would lose one of their own.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 12.22.2011

  7. She stampeded down the street
    An elephant trapped in a rhinoceros’ body

    By gsk URL on 12.22.2011

  8. “Hurry, hurry, Ezio!” Leonardo chirps rather excitedly, holding onto his friends hand as he drags him through the Venetian markets. The smile plastered on his face brings Ezio to smile as he squeezes the hand holding his, weaving through the various vendors hawking their wares by the foul-smelling canal. He spots the birds in their cages up ahead and chuckles, knowing that Leonardo will not feel fulfilled until he has purchased what he can and set them all free.

    By justine URL on 12.22.2011

  9. it reminds me of people hurrying to get on a subway to go to work on rainy days when men have newspapers held over their heads to cover themselves from the rain. or when there is old hobos sitting by the subway playing music for money but people dont get the chance to listen to the music

    By Emma on 12.22.2011

  10. I ran. His eyes followed me, watching as my lithe body bent and turned to avoid the blows from the bushes around us. They would grab at me, their thin nails grasping at my clothing and flesh, trying to keep me from escaping the cruel world. Small, precise red dots covered my skin, growing until they merged together and left a warm substance covering my arm, as if it’s weight was weighing it down. Run, the voices mocked, run.

    By Brielle URL on 12.22.2011

  11. QUICK!! notimetoeventthinkaboutit!
    Where’s and what’s don’t matter, just quit the chitchatter
    ADHD HO!!! *thundercats roll*

    By Jess URL on 12.22.2011

  12. Hurry! Time is running out! Type as fast as you can!! It’s getting close to 60 seconds!! Hurry!! Finish typing! Type, type, type, type, type, type, type, Typie, type, type.

    By Draco Malfoy on 12.22.2011

  13. Oh, please, oh please hurry! I’m not sure how much longer this is going to last, but I just can’t imagine it lasting much longer! Oh, please, for the love of GOD, hurry, hurry with all your might, for you must do something, anything to help us! Hurry, and bring us help, please!!!!!

    By Matt on 12.22.2011

  14. I was reading this book called Watermelon where she goes back from Dublin to Ireland and everyone is in a hurry. She felt out of place. While every day I wish I wasn’t in Auckland that I could go home to New York or somewhere a little bit more in touch with the rest of the world, I suspect that after two years living here I might feel a little out of place in the Big Bad States. I wonder if everything will feel hurried. My life, work, friends, pace of life….

    By Marian URL on 12.22.2011

  15. You talk about it…rush. That’s it…your turn. nope. What are you doing? Did you pass it? Hold up. Yes. I did. With flying colors.

    By Patrick Burke-Jimenez on 12.22.2011

  16. -Hurry! -she said, as her blood was leaving her body
    -I can’t do anything to stop it!
    -Well, then you’ll lose me. -the knife was still in her hand.
    -I love you.

    Her last breathe had finally leave her body.

    By Rachii Lovegood URL on 12.22.2011

  17. hurrying across the sidewalk into the street down 6th avenue and across 14th. the sidewalk is fucking packed and shoppers are floppers and I’m hopping up the curb. Damn look out for the fat lady swinging her bags.

    By Mitch URL on 12.22.2011

  18. Hurry up I’m in a hurry mother says to her 3 children. But mother where are we going and why in a hurry. Mother answered I am in a hurry because…

    By teeda URL on 12.22.2011

  19. “Hurry!” She called behind her, but no one was there. She could have sworn she was with someone, but once again her imagination had gotten ahead of her, and she’s left alone calling out to someone who doesn’t exist.

    By Azure URL on 12.22.2011

  20. i once was in a hurry to find something so beautiful but then i decided to stop and smell the flowers, only to discover she found me.

    By james URL on 12.22.2011

  21. Always in a hurry, that is what they told her, she was always in a hurry. She couldn’t shake the thought as she sped through traffic weaving and swerving trying to make it. If only she would’ve slowed down this time, she wouldn’t have left him sitting on the steps. She was now more than 20 miles away and she had left him more than 2 hours ago.

    By manwhoknew on 12.22.2011

  22. Hurry

    Hurry! Com’on! Get a move on! It’s almost here …we want to be ready! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Christmas is coming. I talked to Santa at the mall. He told me all his reindeer are female and ready to do the hard work of haulin’ toys. Hurry! Get that tree up. Hang the stockings. Put out the cookies. It’s time! It’s time!!!

    By CameoRoze URL on 12.22.2011

  23. She raced across the muddy ground, her feet raising up arcs of splashing muck, spraying out behind her. Up ahead, she could just see the hope, the end of the fence running at her side, but the barking of the dogs behind seemed even closer, though she could risk losing even the few seconds it would take to look back. All she could do was run, try to convert every tiny particle of energy in her body intro the speed that might save her life.

    By Anna on 12.22.2011

  24. Do I necessary to do everything in a hurry? If that is a habit. It is a bad one that mess my life up mess everything up.

    By Ashley URL on 12.22.2011

  25. Hurry. Go fast. Never stop. The clock is ticking. You have no time, you never know how much time is left. Every second is wasted, so why are you here? Why are we here? Every breath is wasted afterall you’re not being productive. So you better rush to do whatever needs to be done. You better hurry.

    By Melissa on 12.22.2011

  26. Skynd dig!
    Kaffen bliver kold!
    Tiden løber ud!
    Alt vokser op, mens du vokser ned!
    Læg dig ned, luk dig op, luk os ind!
    Spis din mad!
    Gå i seng!

    By Fluesmaek URL on 12.22.2011

  27. Don’t hurry me. I may be young in your eyes, but life is fleeting and if nothing else I wish to enjoy my journey. I may do what’s wrong, God forbid, but when I do nothing I certainly can’t do anything right! This life teaches my the toughest lessons.

    By Veronique URL on 12.22.2011

  28. While I go through my life on a daily basis I feel as though I am always in a hurry. At times I have to force myself to slow down and only then can I sit in my living room and read a book. Once I get up I am forced to rush again to get ready, to leave, to go go go somewhere!

    By Allison on 12.22.2011

  29. Hurry? HURRY? I have had this word before. I feel like I have been cheated out of my hard-earned money even though I haven’t paid to use this website and I probably (strike that) will never pay for it in the first place. One word is great, hey, but I could get a word from my friends that’s more random and harder to write about any day.

    By Daniella Wheelock on 12.22.2011

  30. im late. im late. im late for a very important date. the roses are wilting and chocolate has bitter. her tears are drying as she grows cold like winter. I need to be there now but dont know where to go. I only hope I’m not too late. I must not worry. I can do nothing but hurry.

    By locke URL on 12.22.2011

  31. I was in a hurry to run down to the beach, my favorite spot on this earth. Getting away from the wretched place they call “home” was all I wished for. Splashing through the water and feeling sand between my toes made me truly feel at home.

    By Lydia URL on 12.22.2011

  32. get there before the end of time, while you still can, rush heart race…

    By Demi Gaud URL on 12.22.2011

  33. “We must hurry,” he said, as he closed the bus door behind him. “We’ve got a tight schedule, can’t make any stops.”
    “But doesn’t that ruin the point?” I said.
    “Efficiency above all else,” replied.

    By Rachel Ahh URL on 12.22.2011

  34. luxure

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 12.22.2011

  35. Jason’s beige mac flapped against his legs as he ran down the street, threading his way between the people, narrowly avoiding collisions, the belt of his mac slapping people’s waists as he passed, too quickly for them to stop him with shouts of annoyance.
    For a full mile he ran along the street, it never seemed to be less crowded at any point, filled with Christmas shoppers holding piled-high boxes, children running around in ways that could only be described as ‘amock’. It was like a conspiracy barring his way to the store with the last Giant Bunny in town.
    He’d heard about it on the ‘net, the one Christmas present that was bound to captivate the children for Christmas – hold their attention completely, give adults a silent Christmas once and for all. And they had been bought up in their thousands. One remained. It would be his. But only if he could get there in time.

    Not that it mattered. The last, remaining Giant Bunny would indeed be his. Because this particular Giant Bunny wanted it that way. Toys, they were not. They were real, but simply looked inanimate, like real toys. Discovered in a large warehouse in Kobe, Japan, they were assumed to be toys. But they were simply weak; weak from lack of food.
    And this was where they had a deep interest in children. From them, they could feed off their thoughts and minds, harvesting playtime thinking as their own food. Like a perverted symbiosis, the children could enjoy their company, and the Bunnies would stay happy too. But part them, and the Bunnies, who would grow larger form the childrens’ thoughts, would grow angry at the separation. And you didn’t want to upset a 7 foot high Bunny.
    Or should that be Rabbit? ‘Bunny’ surely, seemed inapplicable to something that could stamp you into mincemeat with a single hind foot…
    With three minutes to spare, Jason reached the store entrance. Just in time, he panted heavily.
    Just in time, indeed, thought the Bunny, who could see his new master across the showroom floor. Jason had five children. Tonight, this particular Giant Bunny would eat like a king.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 12.22.2011

  36. Life is a hurry. It passes with no trace behind. Only you can make one. Make your life worth it, couse that’s the only thing that’s left.

    By troll on 12.22.2011

  37. Time was slipping through my fingers
    The words did not seem to form in my head
    I didn’t know what to say, feel or do
    Before I knew it you were gone in a hurry

    By Yasmeen on 12.22.2011

  38. hurry, go on, move quickly. it wont be a bad thing. just get it fone. i dont care if its messy, hurry up. no, hurry

    By rare on 12.22.2011

  39. The streets were packed, everyone hurrying to their next destination. Nobody blinking an eye as they dodged a single still figure standing in the middle of the side walk. The lone figure watched the commotion with sad eyes. What else haven’t they noticed?

    By Andi URL on 12.22.2011

  40. hurry up, pack your things..move out and move on
    stop being a pain in my ass because you didn’t get your way,
    all you are to me anymore is a constant reminder of how stupid i can be in choosing “men”

    By Delilah URL on 12.22.2011