December 21st, 2011 | 135 Entries

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135 Entries for “flood”

  1. I am going to flood your loveliness wiht juice . juice that will activate you and fill all of the gaps and the crakcs that you have in your romance field. watch out for the flood. be ready to float. if you embrace the flood you will float and get carried away to a wonderful place..if you don’t…you drowned.

    By ajloopy URL on 12.22.2011

  2. flood of happiness. she hasn’t felt this way in a long time. it feels unhappy to be happy. is that weird? maybe just a little bit. she’s hoping she’ll just get used to it. it feels good to love and hate everything about being home.

    By Home on 12.22.2011

  3. He wasn’t gonna go down without a fight. Despite the water rushing over him. He was a natural born fighter. He had survived the flood of ’86, and his father had survived the flood of ’50. Losing was not an option. So what his house had caved in. So what his dog had drowned. It wasn’t until he saw the bloated doll of his 2 year old daughter that it finally sunk in ―even though he had survived, all was lost.

    By Soft URL on 12.22.2011

  4. quick! there is no time to chat, you heard the news, a flood is coming and nature does not play favorites! everyone is doomed, everyone is bound to get wet unless you all listen up. together we can come up with a plan that will not only keep us afloat, but indeed very dry.

    By Abra URL on 12.22.2011

  5. These are emotions of biblical proportions. I see you and I can feel a dam bursting in my veins and in my mind. I can feel something rushing; God knows what it is. I thought with passion came a feeling of heat; not this surge of cooling energy.

    By Emily Teague on 12.22.2011

  6. Thick churning water soaring by, way too high and way too fast. It looked like chocolate milk to me, heavy as a milkshake. Twigs, debris, whole chewed-up trunks of trees poke through and are carried away, the bonus add-ins in a treat of an ice cream flurry.

    By Sarah on 12.22.2011

  7. Emotions. Stress. Flooding my mind, my thoughts, my heart. Why can’t he just let me be. Is it really so difficult to respect your significant other in what they asked for? I can’t take this anymore. The fighting, the annoyance, the unhappiness. I think it’s time.
    Time that we break up.

    By Drea URL on 12.22.2011

  8. the floods, as the droughts, are a very important problem in the greater hymalaayan regions and threatens the future in a sustaianable approach

    By Gagah on 12.22.2011

  9. rain, rain, rain this never ending rain it is always falling ever drenching my awesome boat.

    By Alekesi URL on 12.22.2011


    By SIMON on 12.22.2011

  11. Flood

    By shashank on 12.22.2011

  12. its raining and the storm has been here for 1 whole day my basement is flooding i hope
    that me and my kids get out this flood soon

    By super queen URL on 12.22.2011

  13. floods kill ahhhhhhh its water… the danger of floods is not only water. is what it carries. like cars. pkanes. trains malls. people. bam. a flood hit you

    By Gabo Hamsterman URL on 12.22.2011

  14. my house is floating in the river now the basement is flooded i hope me and my kids survive this flood

    By super queen URL on 12.22.2011

  15. because my heart is flooded with feelings for this girl, i believe the entire world could be overcome with love.

    By james on 12.22.2011