March 23rd, 2011 | 237 Entries

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237 Entries for “however”

  1. Today I was happy to come to school, however it was difficult to actually get out of bed to come to school. School, for me, is a fun place to be, however, we are taking the PSSAs and that is not quite as fun as I would like for them to be. The students are dear and precious, however, they can be silly, silly, silly!!!! Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Mostly I laugh. I am planning on having a good day today, however I had a meeting before school and I have a meeting after school, bummer.

    By Amy on 03.24.2011

  2. How you perceive me
    Only matters to you.
    What you think is irrelevant.
    Easy to judge when you don’t know
    Very much about me.
    Easy to take sides when your
    Reality doesn’t match mine.

    By Amy URL on 03.24.2011

  3. However hard he tried… he could never peel the banana. Poor lad!! If only he had the abilities of primates.

    By Lina on 03.24.2011

  4. However, things were not going to turn out as they expected. The fire alarm went off, alerting Julie that her cookies were burning. Just as she got up to rush towards the forgotten oven, a gunshot flew past her back, right where she had been seated. Jumping towards the ground, her hair flew in her face as the side table struck the side of her face. “Ow!”

    By Valerie V. on 03.24.2011

  5. “Where’s the kitten?


    “Willy-Nilly…he’s not here!”

    “Wait a minute…who’s Willy Nilly?”

    “Our new kitty.”

    “Kitty?” Sylvester surprisingly purred.

    “I just saw him, however…”

    By URL on 03.24.2011

  6. It hurt. I couldn’t bare the pain shooting up from my wrist although way up through my arm and my hand. I’d been told I had juvenile carpal tunnel syndrome. I kept loosing feeling of my hand for about 3 months, but nothing like this. I decided I could still go bowling even though it felt awful that morning. I made the choice to ignore all pain and got hit with a massive wave of pain one hour later. Here I am, leaning on the kitchen counter at youth group, about to go into tears. Trying to suck it up before any one walked in. Trying to figure out how I was going to learn to play drums with this. However, God had a much different plan, far beyond my knowledge.

    By laughalot on 03.24.2011

  7. It was all fine, on that glorious day. The sun was shining, the trees were swaying in the wind, and the lake shone with bliss. The stream flowed softly and gurgled into the air.

    Then lightening struck. Death.

    By Sagadon on 03.24.2011

  8. Really?!?! However?!?! I don’t know…

    However old I get I hope I never lose my sense of adventure and my urge to try everything once. I hope I will still go bungee jumping when I am 72 and I hope to die falling from the sky.

    By PunkyG URL on 03.24.2011

  9. I like my dog; however, when she circles my daughters high chairs like a shark in blood-infested waters, and then breathes her zombie-fecal breath my way, and then has a seizure because she is so excited to take a walk that she turns herself into a quivering mess, I wish I had a gerbil.

    By JM Davis on 03.24.2011

  10. AHHHH where did my last entry go??!?!?!

    By Kendra on 03.24.2011

  11. There are normal people in this world. However some aren’t. Their minds act wrong. They hurt other people because of their believes.

    By hanswurst on 03.24.2011

  12. However- what a bitch of a word. Where do people get this concept that they have to say something nice in order to introduce truth. “Those glasses are very sophisticated, however they make you look a little old.”

    By hayward on 03.24.2011

  13. I left. I know. However, it was for a perfectly good reason. At least that’s what I tell myself. However, it still hurts.

    By Kiko on 03.24.2011

  14. He was gone. There was no other way to say it. She did however, know he would return. She did after all, have his keys.

    By kristen URL on 03.24.2011

  15. I love doing these oneword’s because it challenges me to once again find my voice in writing. Which is something I haven’t really done since I was 12 or 13. However, there are times when the word for the day just doesn’t spark anything. And I’m not really sure weather I should be disappointed that words don’t come to me easier, or weather I should be encouraged that I am being challenged. Or some combination of the two…

    By Andy URL on 03.24.2011

  16. I’d ask you about you, however…
    I’m curious about that, however…
    I care about that issue, however…

    I’m busy and distracted, however… please continue.

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 03.24.2011

  17. However. What a stupid word. I hate it because it defines me. It defines everything I am. I hate being lonely. However, I broke up with the love of my life a mere two days ago.

    By Kiko URL on 03.24.2011

  18. I used to love him. I used to smile when he put on my clothes as a joke, laugh out loud when he’d type something witty in Skype, and dance with him slowly, just because I could.

    However much I try, I cannot love what’s left.

    By Chris URL on 03.24.2011

  19. A fool. That he was and nothing else. However, even though he made his mistakes and messed just about everything up without even quite noticing it by himself, there still was this someone who loved him no matter what. And it was all he needed.

    By piitou URL on 03.24.2011

  20. mean
    parking lot

    By Vinny Marchesi on 03.24.2011

  21. i went to school, however, i was side tracked when i met a lizard with an umbrella under a rock near a house under the sky.

    By bcamp on 03.24.2011

  22. However far away we may be, however lost the world may seem, i will always love you, i shall never let you go, however long that may be, even forever don’t seem long enough to me. Lonely without you i may get, but i knowing at the end of the day you’ll come back to me, shall make it alright, however long the may have seemed.

    By unkitjc URL on 03.24.2011

  23. My mother said she’d marry my father. “However,” she said– this is always how she tells the story, “I have a condition.”
    “A condition?” He asked, heart sinking, because what can a twenty-seven year old just starting out in the world promise? They lived in a crumbling ranchhouse with bars on the windows, in a Los Angeles barrio that, years later, unnerved them so much that, driving through to see the old place just before dark, they would not roll down the windows.
    “Quit smoking or I’ll leave you.”

    By bangarang URL on 03.24.2011

  24. The great phrase. I’ll start out telling you one thing, just to soften the blow of what I really want to tell you. “You’re a great person, however, I think we need to spend some time apart.” It’s a terrible word, really. However, there’s no denying that it’s a useful one.

    By David URL on 03.24.2011

  25. However, the last few years had turned into a nightmare rather than a dream.

    By Jo on 03.24.2011

  26. However, it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes, it hurts. And not in a good way. Not the hurts so good kind of hurt, but a painful black steel hurt. No one likes that. So, don’t always do it. What you need is to smile instead, just try.

    By Luke Sineath on 03.24.2011

  27. However hard you try, it isn’t enough. But the point is, are you trying hard enough? Sometimes you know you aren’t, however you don’t feel like either. What is it that holds you back? So many things. You need to get over it.

    By Nicohla on 03.24.2011

  28. howver you can’t be serious tahts not a word that’s grammar. something a little more creative next time please, a little more evocative. however is the fancy but. the artil t. the written word not spoken

    By toot on 03.24.2011

  29. lol. however? i wasnt expecting that. i’m not much of a however-person (whatever that is) because my spoken language tends to be as simple as possible. unless i get drunk i suppose, then a lot of more flamboyant/inexistent words will find their way into my speech

    By mihaela URL on 03.24.2011

  30. However long our journey may be, however challenging the course may seem. I will always love you. I remember the first day we laid eyes on each other. It was magical. The things that have occurred during this week tell me a great many things. Mostly, that I love you but you hurt me. That’s the hardest thing. To realize I am so vulnerable to you and that you can hurt me. But, tell me this, can you change this? Can we survive? The answer is going to always be yes. Daniel, this week was hard, it will only get harder, but together we are strong. Please believe with me. Please.

    By Ashley Wagner on 03.24.2011

  31. HOWEVER, my life is not like that, my life will never be like that. My life is what my life is. My life is what I will make it to be, not what your life wants it to be. Your life is your life, and I’m sure it is a good one, so let us be fine and take a walk past the trees and the dustbins raided by foxes.

    By Antonio URL on 03.24.2011

  32. however is wearing a hat when i look at him
    grey soft trilby which seen from the side reminds me
    of a hunched-up elephant ironed smooth
    or a curiously elongated mouse. there are
    roses on the carpet in smooth lines running parallel
    to each other and the edge of the carpet their thorns
    going over oh what a mess you said however however
    and i said ‘however’ is the mess, that’s how it is.

    By elephanterathis on 03.24.2011

  33. However.
    Happily ever after.

    By Laura URL on 03.24.2011

  34. I love you however, I don’t realise it enough to tell you – or myself! It is just a drunk, sleepy mind talking. I know truth, however lies are lovely!

    By Harvinder URL on 03.24.2011

  35. I already wrote about this, however, i will do it again. Why not? Better than sitting around playing pointless games for hours while I could actually be getting on with my life. Life is long- if we really took every moment for what it was worth, imagine how amazing it could be! Like using all of our brains however, it simply isn’t possible.

    By laurel on 03.24.2011

  36. I love you, however…
    I need you, however…
    I want you, however…
    That was great, however…
    Good try, however…


    By Connor Gerlitz URL on 03.24.2011

  37. however you walk i 2always walk diffrently :)

    By cady on 03.24.2011