March 22nd, 2011 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “approach”

  1. I love being approached! And I love approaching people. =P I wish everybody was more open to casual conversation though. It seems like everybody is in such a hurry, the only place where I can find easily approachable people are at raves or in concerts. Other than that, nobody seems to like casual conversation much…

    By Laura URL on 03.23.2011

  2. I already wrote about this anonymously and now I have a name. Does it make a difference? Do I have two identities or is it all just me? How do I approach this problem? Ha, see what I did there? I used the word “approach.” Yeah I think I’m pretty clever sometimes, or funny, or dumb, or whatever. Approach me… please?

    By blaze URL on 03.23.2011

  3. Hesitating, I look around to see who’s watching… I adjust my straps and the handles and hike up my pants by my beltloops. This is it, I’m going to talk to him. I’m going to see if everything I feel is real, a spark, a vacuum of space and time and fire. I approach him with a cold beer and sweaty underarms and leap before I can look once more.

    By b. on 03.23.2011

  4. he approached it slowly. a rumpled sack? a small child in dank robes? as he became closer, he grew more and more nervous. then it spoke. she spoke. a soft, broken voice.

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 03.23.2011

  5. Approach is such a term that can be used in a variety of ways — the main two being normally and creepily. This guy approached me in this dark alley and scared the shit out of me. Good example right? Or the defending lawyer approached the bench?

    By Carolyn on 03.23.2011

  6. Susan stared transfixed at the minute black figure with a staring eye, carrying a small tray with a variety of trinkets. Her blood froze with fear for although the eye did not move as she made and initial approach to prove she was not afraid, she was anything but inside.

    By Fiona Johnston URL on 03.23.2011

  7. The way it approached me scared my heart into a quick beat. i was fearful for my life. What was this new and mysterious monster? I looked it in the eye, and it showed its teeth….I was not going to survive this…

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 03.23.2011

  8. How you approach things, people, life is very important. Our attitudes, in fact, are probably the biggest deciding factor between a life of happiness or misery. How would I like to approach things? From a spiritual perspective, as if everything came from God–that loving, vast, beautiful, awareness that gives life and freedom–including me and you.

    By Mona URL on 03.23.2011

  9. Approach

    To come or go near,
    in place or time.
    to draw nigh,
    with inimmate warning.
    to the strom thats

    and I can feel,
    I’m breaking.
    It’s my soul,
    your taking…

    By lildevi URL on 03.23.2011

  10. I hate when I approach you with a question or concern & you just blow me off!!! Why would you do that & then turn around and get mad when I get an attitude!! Just answer my damn question or at least tell me you dont know, stop fucking ignoring me!!!!

    By Reeses_pieces URL on 03.23.2011

  11. the word sounds so animalistic. It reminds me of stalking in high brush, of pouncing, are social interaction mainly preditorial?

    By hayward on 03.23.2011

  12. How do I approach this matter? Sometimes at 1 in the morning, it just hits me. What am I doing? What am I here for? What lies ahead? I don’t know. I really don’t. And it scares me.

    By melissa on 03.23.2011

  13. I was approached by this girl today. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. She caught me off guard. I stuttered a “hello” as she smiled and turned away. Discouraged, I went home and thought about my encounter. What did I do wrong? I couldn’t figure it out. Until I saw her again, in my dreams.

    By TStylezzz URL on 03.23.2011

  14. Approaching his heart,
    I began to cry,
    It is by far the most beautiful thing.
    So free,
    Unbroken, and flawless.

    By Rose URL on 03.23.2011

  15. I had a dream last night that I had gathered mice from Nepal to do experiments on. They were black mice, and I caught them and brought them back to my home. The experiments involved injecting their brains with virus that alters their response to low calorie metabolism. One day I woke up and realized I had forgotten to feed them. As I approached, I realized from their aggressive writhing that they were vicious, and wanted my blood.

    By Used on 03.23.2011

  16. I walked up to his house. I knocked on his door. He answered. I ran with embarrassing. I felt stupid he was the one I loved. The one I lived my life for, but I could never approach him.

    By Avery URL on 03.23.2011

  17. I would not approach a stranger. Stranger Danger. I would just pretend that I didn’t hear any strangers that try to approach me.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.23.2011

  18. i can approach stuff. its fun to approach stuff. i approached the person. i up roached a roach.

    By just582 URL on 03.23.2011

  19. “It’s important to think through the potential consequences of your actions…flirting with me like that drives me crazy…”

    Bill’s approach was working better than he thought.

    “…and if you do that one more time I’m kissing you.”

    “My heart is pounding…I have to have you.”


    By vanhaydu URL on 03.23.2011

  20. Approach my soul, the mercy seat, Where Jesus answers prayer. Being able to approach the throne of grace with confidence is one of God’s most gracious gifts to his children, to those whom he has called. I am so thankful that whenever I want to, I can approach my heavenly father in prayer asap. He is always there with open arms, waiting for me on the regular.

    By Ryan URL on 03.23.2011

  21. i wonder how people make a decision on how to approach something. a person, a situation, a relationship, a disease. deciding how to approach how to treat an illness is a huge thing. wrong approaches waste time, and some patients don’t exactly have all the time in the world. some approaches fail, and you have to change the angle. some approaches succeed, and when they do, there is no better feeling- for the doctor and the patient.

    By mel URL on 03.23.2011

  22. I’m always hesitant to approach new people. You never know what the encounter will bring. Some are very friendly; others are not. In the end, there’s no way around the fact that we need to interact with each other, as part of a social society, and one of us needs to approach the other to make that happen.

    By David URL on 03.23.2011

  23. Approach…

    approach me
    approach free will
    approach the decline
    approach the edge
    approach the fall
    approach the end
    approach hope
    approach you..

    By katherine URL on 03.23.2011

  24. It’s a scary feeling. Your heart races; you aren’t quite sure what to expect, but at the same time their presence brings you comfort. You want nothing more than to walk up to them and say whats on your mind, but the doubt overpowers the potential happiness approaching him could give you.

    By Brigette Michel URL on 03.23.2011