March 30th, 2015 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “hover”

  1. hover over me darling protect me from beyond. keep me safe though i cannot see you cannot feel you cannot hear you. don’t be afraid to rain your wrath down on those who anger me, because i know you hate those mother fuckers who park on the line just as much as i do. and don’t even get me started on tailgaters.

    By WrittenOut on 03.30.2015

  2. I stood at the computer, my mouse hovering over the picture of her. I wasn’t able to do much more than start at her, but I knew that I had to get to know her somehow. I needed my hand to fit within hers.

    By Susie on 03.30.2015

  3. today better tomorrow clear flowers nevertheless superb imagine

    By radio101 on 03.30.2015

  4. sommer wind winter free sea home.

    By radio101 on 03.30.2015

  5. lingering. something that’s bothering you but won’t go away. fog sticking around after the rain, clouding your sight, leaving you feeling lost. the memory of you hovers over me and I wonder if it will ever go away.

    By Sydney on 03.30.2015

  6. like an aircraft
    zoomin through the sky
    I look to you in a panic
    hovering over your soft silky body
    your hair wet from the shower
    you reak of l’oreal paris
    i dig my chin into the space between your shoulder and collar bone

    By rachel on 03.30.2015

  7. She was never alone. There was always a shadow hovering over her mind. Despite her eyes full of promise, she could never follow through with what she planned.

    By malkie on 03.30.2015

  8. The ever ending silence hovered over his bed. She gazed down in a resolute acceptance in the routine of his behavior.

    By Malkie on 03.30.2015

  9. The craft hovered just above the clouds as radio messages were relayed back and forth between them and the ground. It was a slow process, as neither understood the others and the crude translations were often cause for confusion on both sides.

    By _Kate_ URL on 03.30.2015

  10. The thought seemed to linger in the air. Not buoyant enough to float away and let me forget it, not heavy enough to sink and allow me to act.

    By Ashley on 03.30.2015

  11. Hovering is what we all imagined would happen in the future. But, none of us tried to hover, we expected someone to show us how or do it for us. Sometimes, you have to rely on yourself to make your dreams come true. Sitting back and watching other people find success never did anything for anyone else. It’s not fair for people to get what they want by watching. Take a stand and get what you want, by doing it yourself

    By Janett on 03.30.2015

  12. My expressions float above me in a sea of thought. Ideas trip before me in a cloud of intemperance, coolly chilled to the idea waiting before me.

    By Patrick Goggins URL on 03.30.2015

  13. In English or Norwegian. What does it mean, do not know. How about hovere, which is a Norwegian verb. Or else we can just continue to write all the way

    By Øystein Reinsberg on 03.31.2015

  14. What are you looking for? A place to spot

    By Kjenn on 03.31.2015

  15. a place to spot

    By Catch on 03.31.2015

  16. Hover is stupid. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Hover robots, hover cars, hover chairs? That sf fireplace from the Sims? Brain fart. Pffffrrrrrrrt.

    By the-lady-general on 03.31.2015

  17. I don not vhat it means, but I will just try write something. it may be a noun, because it finishs with er. when we aks somethimg, we use how. maybe it is about how. i think a person as usualy ask to himselv to how. it may be hower.

    By haluk on 03.31.2015

  18. Suddenly you realized that life is not that complicated. That most things only hover with you for a while, and then some new come around. Hovering thru them like them thru you. Simple.

    By Croupier on 03.31.2015

  19. The spacecraft hover inches above the ground, the barely perceptible gap the difference between a quick escape and a trip to the repair shop. Buzz jetpack-hovered his way over, then hopped in and hit the ignition. The ship quite hovering, and blasted off at light speed.

    By Andy S on 03.31.2015

  20. Yusei shifted his other hand to hover over the growing bulge in his pants. Ushio mentally cursed himself. He couldn’t believe he had already reached that level of arousal just because the teen was practically in his lap. It hadn’t been that long since he had sex, had it?

    Well, maybe it had. But it was no excuse.

    “It’s alright, you know,” Yusei whispered. “I won’t tell.”

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 03.31.2015

  21. Hover here, hover there. Yes, the mouse. Home-job, that is.

    By Yellowbelle on 03.31.2015

  22. Back to the Future when Marty rides a hover board when escaping Biff.

    By Brandon on 03.31.2015

  23. The shadows were hovering over her. Dancing. Pirouetting. They moved over her with a grace that she envied and with the freedom that she vied for.

    By I_have_no_words on 03.31.2015

  24. your lips, I asymptotically launch and land, impossible contact. yet it is precisely in this space that our love exists.

    By dominguez URL on 03.31.2015

  25. does the flower consent to the bee’s constant hovering? does it tire of that insect’s flapping wings? did you ask before you became my guardian? your wings are much too loud.

    By ingrid on 03.31.2015

  26. I have never heard the word hover in my life. It sounds kinda strange, and funny.

    By nicole on 03.31.2015

  27. I have never heard the word hover in my life.
    It sounds kinda strange, and funny.

    By nicole on 03.31.2015

  28. the helicopter came in low hovering over the ground at 10 meters high. I hate it when people hover over my shoulder. If I hover over my kids, that will probably demotivate them.

    By pi on 03.31.2015

  29. temperature in Cuiabá hovers around hot and boiling. it`s hard to tell one season from the other.

    By camila on 03.31.2015

  30. Jumping quickly, he took to the air and flapped his wings harshly to gain height. “Alright! Now hold them out!” his father called from below. With wobbling appendages, he opened his wings to hover.

    By Fancy on 03.31.2015

  31. hover flying or looking over someone sholder in the air no space

    By Haley on 03.31.2015

  32. For better or for worse, the first anniversary of the colonists’ arrival came around. That was measured in Earth time, of course, they had yet to figure out how long a “year” was on this planet, as the twin suns seemed to just hover in the sky. Apparently, the planet’s period of rotation was almost equal to its period of orbit, much like the moon around their home planet, and they would need at least one “day/year” to pass before they could determine how long it was in earth days or years. Had there been only one sun, they would have had to relocate their colony several times a “year” to stay out of the cold deadly shade, but they were lucky, at least, that they were twin suns, as the “dark side” that was lit by neither was only a very small, thin segment of the planet’s surface, like an inverted, jet black mohican on a flourishing, verdant head.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.31.2015

  33. the blue ball hovered in the air for a second, that second seemed like an eternity as I stared at its ever growing size. Then whack, right in my face, life would never be the same again.

    By waqar on 03.31.2015

  34. The helicopter lingered for a few moments more. In the open doorway, secured to the winch, the rescue swimmer and his weeping prize sat in a tangled embrace of emotion and thudding hearts. Extracting one arm, the AST gave a thumbs up to his pilot, who pushed the throttle forward and challenged the storm with his great machine.

    By Kevin Moore on 03.31.2015

  35. Larger than life, a black tank designed to fly, Anthony walked towards it in an awe-induced trance. None of his toys or action movies had prepared him for this. “Get back here!” his mother screamed. The grounds crew snapped their necks as she shrieked in panic, but her voice was no match for roar of lightning metal spinning like a pinwheel over him.

    By Soft URL on 03.31.2015

  36. i hovered over the dog trying to get the leash off of it but it wont be stil he is yanking and yanking and finally knocks me on the ground and pounces me hes gone into the woods it took us two days to find him

    By aleks URL on 03.31.2015

  37. i hovered over the dog trying to get the leash off of it but it wont be stil he is yanking and finally knocks me on the ground and pounces me he’s gone into the woods it took us two days to find him he’s a bad dog

    By aleks stewart URL on 03.31.2015

  38. I hover over the water, my hover craft soon to run out of gas. And then it happens, I run out of gas and plummet into the water. I can luckily breathe underwater and survive the crash.

    By Connor Vanderwilt on 03.31.2015

  39. Hovering over words long forgotten, the shadows spread between the details. A crisp sheet rasps like an autumn leaf brushed along the ground; a finger turns the page.

    By Intuition on 03.31.2015

  40. up something

    By filipe on 03.31.2015