February 4th, 2018 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “hospital”

  1. Hospitals. They haunt me.

    By Sam on 02.06.2018

  2. My mind is a blank slate when I think of hospitals. Blank.

    By Sam on 02.06.2018

  3. The hospital welcomed the new child into the world. They are shouted for joy as soon as they heard that first cry. The doctors and nursed assisted in the cleaning, and check up. The hospital has the cutest nursery.

    By abbie on 02.06.2018

  4. I’d like to play doctor with Doug Bergeman

    By Scott on 02.06.2018

  5. She sat there, legs swinging over the examination table’s edge. Her hands were pressed so firmly down beside her, she could feel her wrists aching. The doctors footsteps outside the door were growing louder by the second, and she knew her fate was in the manila folder in his hands. Her breath was suffocating, tightening in her chest and she wondered if she could draw another one when the handle began to lower. He briefly knocked, before pushing it open.

    By Alexis Corinne URL on 02.06.2018

  6. He couldn’t go to a hospital.

    It was closer, yeah, but he couldn’t. His mask was torn and his outfit was ripped, and anyone would have been able to see right through the gaps in his identity.

    He couldn’t make it to the clinic though.

    It was too far.

    What was he to do??

    By A Paper Flower on 02.06.2018

  7. She sat in the hospital waiting room. Terrified. What was happening? Why could no one tell her what was happening? She couldnt breath. What if it was happening again? What if it was worse this time? What if they couldn’t fix it? Who would care? She didn’t know anyone here. No one was waiting with her. And no one would know if she didn’t come home.

    By Bo on 02.06.2018

  8. I know someone who died in a hospital. I know someone who did not die in a hospital. I don’t trust hospitals to know the best thing to do for people all the time. I do trust hospitals to do tests and show me the results. How would it feel to be in a hospital? I do not know. I have never stayed in one.

    By K on 02.06.2018

  9. hospital so hospitable
    take care of me
    as i lay in broken heart heat
    strumming humming
    Sturm und Dranging
    fiddling fingers
    anxious anonymity
    who can tell what is worse
    love or mediocrity?

    By Matt m. on 02.06.2018

  10. The children’s hospital where my sister and I saw our endo. was old and grungey. The walls were a yellowing brown colour and the floor was covered in skid marks. Paper cut-outs of cartoon characters covered the walls, and our doctor could barely speak a word of English.

    By Megan on 02.06.2018

  11. The hospital seemed to be shrouded in darkness. Every shadow crept out asking for my hand. I wanted to leave this place. I have felt captive for many months and today they will finally let me leave, or at least thats what the shadows said every time they asked for me. They begged and pleaded with me asking for me to come with them. Each time I told them no but not today. I promised my mom that I would see her again before I decided to leave. As soon as she walked through the hospital doors the dark figures cowered knowing that she as my only light. knowing that her light could force the shadows away. When she finally left the shadows where more pronounced an as to why I don’t know. They sang sweet songs into my sirens on the sea. I shook the beautiful shadows hand and together we smiled.

    By Sonny on 02.06.2018

  12. The hospital lights blinked twice and then went out for good; just like that, the last safe haven on Earth was gone. The fight, the war was over. The darkness had won.

    By Katy on 02.06.2018

  13. The room was white, sterile but still full of the stench people. The sound of hacking coughs, quiet weazing and beeping monitors was all she could hear. Alex sat on her father’s bed, hand wrapped around his. His quiet breathing drowned out by the monitor beside him. She wasn’t too late.

    By Natalia on 02.06.2018

  14. I was so exhausted after my divorce, raising two kids alone, that I’d joke with my best friend about wanting a vacation anywhere…even the hospital. Just to rest and be allowed to rest. I found myself there two years later, for two weeks. With an inexplicable cyst, floating unattached, that brought me to the brink of death, that my hippy friends called pain.

    By Mhimsy on 02.06.2018

  15. hospitals are clean
    too clean?
    and white
    too white
    they smell

    like a lie
    that’s too perfect
    that’s covering a smell
    of death

    By Siddhartha on 02.06.2018

  16. It was the last day she was on this earth. I hated it as much as anyone else did, but no one knew it was truly my fault that she lay there with every breath almost being her last.

    By Kimyle on 02.06.2018