November 24th, 2011 | 140 Entries

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140 Entries for “horses”

  1. I want a pony. And a unicorn, that flies, like pegasus! haha! But I want a back horse.

    By Lauren Simmons on 11.24.2011

  2. Let my horses run free
    to the edge of the earth
    and come back untainted
    with the glow of rebirth

    By SprawlingInk URL on 11.24.2011

  3. Horses aren’t quite an animal I like. They scare me. They’re big, and can kick the life out of you easily. A horse once tried to bite me, it wasn’t pretty. I think they’re pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t want a pet horse, or to even be around one daily.

    By Van Heart URL on 11.24.2011

  4. Dusty, wide open plains. A hot August sun slowly dips behind the distant horizon. Wild horses dance through the open space, playing and laughing if they could. It’s warm and soft and summer and beautiful. I am at peace. It’s not often.

    By CJS on 11.24.2011

  5. the panda lived by the horses up on the hill where no one could see. Since the panda had never seen another panda it assumed it was a horse but was always confused as to why it didn’t look the same as the other horses. One day it got up the nerve to ask a lone horse by the railing what it had been pondering for ages. “Why don’t I look like you?” the panda asked, hope and worry mixing on it’s face. “because…” said the horse “…you’re a panda bear, duh”. And that is why pandas still look so confused.

    By Fable on 11.24.2011

  6. That toerag Jim is a horses ass and will get his in the end.

    By veritysdad URL on 11.24.2011

  7. They rode on the backs of a thousand horses of varying colours; it was time to meet their destinies. The battle that would follow would decide their futures. Freedom, or enslavement?

    By b3mused URL on 11.24.2011

  8. … the horses are waiting … in their fields. I mustn’t keep them waiting, as the wind blows, and I can feel my knees turn to jelly….

    By aubrey URL on 11.24.2011

  9. I don’t really know if I like or hate horses.
    They smell and when I pat them they leave my hand feeling really weird.
    Then again I like riding on them.
    I don’t know.

    By Amy George URL on 11.24.2011

  10. wild horses take me away
    run fast and far
    to another place
    wide open space
    somewhere i’ve never been
    a place I long to be
    wild horses take me please
    i beg for freedom
    for emptiness
    for nothingness
    wild horses let me roam free
    empty these thoughts
    as we ride
    careless free
    no destination
    take me
    wild horses
    to where i need
    to be.

    By karmachik URL on 11.24.2011

  11. I once rode horses with my mom. We were near Oakley Scotland and my cousin jaquileen was a stable girl at the stables. She setup the adventure.

    By jerrocop on 11.24.2011

  12. environment is cool.

    By sabiya begam URL on 11.25.2011

  13. magical creatures. often abused on movie sets. or so I assume. especially when they’re used on so-called battlefields. but still, magical. fast.

    By mad pupil URL on 11.25.2011

  14. Horses. You want to go see the horses. Why? You don’t even like horses! You don’t want to ride them, you don’t want to feed them, so what is it? You just want the ride out there?

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 11.25.2011

  15. horses are pretty creatures that carry around queens and royalty and princesses. i like horses, i used to feed them carrots and candy. they liked candy. also, the one i really liked a while back was actually pretty blind! YES HORSES! are ponies horses too?

    By Sara on 11.25.2011

  16. “Hold your horses the ringmaster said, “if you are going to do a horse act, you must first remove your shoes.”

    “No I don’t said Fiesty the Clown. These shoes are made for walking. And the horse’s shoes are made for stalking. And don’t be gawking at my talking or I won’t be balking before I start hulking.”

    “Yes, (ahem) that’s very well,” said the ringmaster, “but look at the ring curb. Your powdered acrobatic shoes are chalking up the caulking.”

    By richpee URL on 11.25.2011

  17. are same animal that you ride on. Cowboys use them most. You can alsou make burgers of them. There are a lot of girls that have this a there hobbies.

    By Mats on 11.25.2011

  18. The horses were breathtaking. Running wild and free, the wind whipping through their manes, they seemed romantic and wonderful. But after they had been rounded up and placed in the corrals, they looked like any other horses – tamed and diminished, no longer a romantic vision.

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 11.25.2011

  19. The horses stood still beneath the dappled light produced by the canopy above. They were only a few metres away and I knew if I made the slightest noise they would scatter like leaves in the wind. I paused and tilted my camera. The perfect shot. The click of the shutter echoed through the trees and the horses looked up from their grazing, their glorious eyes taking in my still form before returning to the grass.

    By Tangerine URL on 11.25.2011

  20. I heard the horses before I saw them. Wild and free, stampeding through the desert. Crying into the sky with their freedom. I thought one day I will feel like that again.

    By Robin Dalton URL on 11.25.2011

  21. My grandmother used to spend hours as a child practising drawing horses. She adored them. She showed me an old bound book that taught her how: she would build up from bone to sinew and then finally add their soft coats. I think she liked horses more than people, which is understandable considering her upbringing. What’s heartbreaking is that she’s still never ridden.

    By janepaulette URL on 11.25.2011

  22. i used to always love horses when i was young. back before i broke it all. actually no, i didnt break me, he did. and it did. back when i was young and i loved horses. damn it feels so strangely far.
    to be fucking innocent like that. shit.

    By ramona on 11.25.2011

  23. The stampede of horses neared and she couldn’t catch her breath. She could feel their hooves pounding the soft earth below but she couldn’t move. She could see their manes whipping back with the motion of their speed but she couldn’t go a thing. She couldn’t move, couldn’t scream nor speak, couldn’t breathe. They were going to trample her and there wasn’t anything she could do.
    The alarm clock rung. Another day, lost in the hallways, being run over by all those kids who weren’t invisible.

    By Chelseyann URL on 11.25.2011

  24. The horse met with the cupcake monster and slayed a dinosaur. They got married and had cheesecake babies with snouts even though the mother was a horse. Do do darrrr. It turns out the father was actually a crab and the horse was a warlock of all eternity. He banished his family to hell.

    By Victoria on 11.25.2011

  25. pegasus was an angel. when horses see unicorns however, they spook and run, or get down on all fours and pray.

    By rapunzel URL on 11.25.2011

  26. pegasus was an angel to them. when they see unicorns however, they think of the devil- charming, handsome, and horned. and so they run and spook. that, or they get down on all fours and start praying to god.

    By rapunzel URL on 11.25.2011

  27. A green blue mist falls on the horizon. I breathe the salt air into my lungs and feel alive again. The sand cradles my feet, and as I run to the ocean my board cuts the breeze. I spot my white horse. This time I will ride.

    By Geejay URL on 11.25.2011

  28. oh, horses. how i adore them, and how i want to ride them or befriend them, but i haven’t even got close to them. i have seen a beautiful white horse in france beyond the pen and that was it. i do look forward to my first encounter with them.

    By kaorita on 11.25.2011

  29. She chased the horses around the field, laughing until she could hardly breathe. The wind blew her ebony hair and leaves scattered at her bare feet. Her satin white nightdress was covered in mud. He hoped it was just mud. It was going to be another long and exhausting day.

    By Laura URL on 11.25.2011

  30. horses are strong. but they are sensitive creatures too. they are beautfil and majestic,graceful and powerful. so many good attributes for such a creature – not other animal convey so many grand words as a horse. what about people who like them? can they also be said to have the same characteristics? they want to probably dominate all that beauty and grandour. but they cant. horses are stronger.

    By luciana on 11.25.2011

  31. Horses are the kind of animals with whom people can associate and relate , they can find friends in them, always and promising

    By filza URL on 11.25.2011

  32. The herd moved soundlessly in the far distance, the subsequent thundering of hooves would take a while to reach us from where we stood, watching. The horses themselves were indistinguishable from one another, their chestnut bodies melding into a writhing mass, all moving in one direction as they ran, appearing from the great distance like a stream of opaque mercury, only the confusing mass of legs beneath being the sign of effort and activity.
    Just then, a single foal, surely only a few days old, stopped in its tracks, briefly breaking this image. The bright dust cloud which formed a companion to the herd as it ran, whirled briefly in a column round this foal, as if it were about to grow upwards and sprout branches. Then all at once, the column collapsed, and opened up a clearer view between us and the foal. Maybe we caught its eye because, through our binoculars, it seemed to fix us with a stare full of both curiosity and caution for what felt like an eternity, but must barely have been a half-moment. Suddenly it was all over, and either taking fright, or remembering its mother, the foal darted off and melted back into the herd, the mercury continuing to make its way along the valley floor, dark against the bright yellow rock. On the other side of the valley, the sound of thundering hooves was now approaching.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.25.2011

  33. The darkness was unlike any other. Darker than black. It truly was the absence of light. And just when he got his fear under control, the air around him thundered like the sound of a million horses charging.

    By sitara URL on 11.25.2011

  34. wild horses couldn’t drag me there you said. and even as you said it i knew you didn’t mean it. galloping horses or not, your heart was pounding. and so was mine.

    By hannahsakura URL on 11.25.2011

  35. There’s something about seeing horses when I drive past a farm that always makes me stare. I’m not exactly sure why but there’s always that childish glee that makes me point and shout “horses!” to whomever is driving with me in the car. Thankfully everyone else driving with me usually gets excited too.

    By Courtney URL on 11.25.2011

  36. hahah one night we were at a park and there were horses. we started petting them and my brother had been drinking before then and he was getting really into petting them. i love horses now and ever since then he is in love with was really funny even though it is hard to explain

    By samama on 11.25.2011

  37. The horses were thundering across the field. The sense of urgency, fueled by freedom, beating through their hooves and through their hearts. She watched them effortlessly glide across the grass, all stretches and collapses. Even from so far away, she felt their warm breath, the gaze from their large, eyelashed eyes, and her own pulse matching their time. She wished she could be one with them, she wished she was just another brown and black body lost in their ranks. She never wanted to badly to run.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.25.2011

  38. horses are the most beautiful creatures when they run free. they are wild and inquisitive. I love the smell of horse breath in the winter. They nuzzle you with their soft noses and look at you with their beautiful big eyes. I love horses and I love the feeling of being with them in a quiet time and place.

    By Anne on 11.25.2011

  39. The horses were there in the morning, huddled together in a corner of the field. The speckled grey one stood at the end, eyes straining the horizon. I imagined them free; galloping through green grass to cliff-edges, wind rushing through their manes, like exhilaration. Like wild horses, the sight of them almost symbolic, a rush of revelation.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.25.2011

  40. horses are big and fast animals i really like them i want to have one because they are amazing and they help sick persons to be better and they feel wonderful.

    By Nabilpsat URL on 11.25.2011