July 24th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “holder”

  1. TARDE

    By LUCAS on 07.25.2012

  2. Holder. You mean hold..her. I do so want to hold her, but she is gone away at the moment to a land far far away. She`ll be back soon, I know this.

    By Elliott on 07.25.2012

  3. The great grey statue loomed ahead of him. Her shapeless eyes watched his every move while her arm delicately held onto a faceless infant, keeping it safely pressed against her bosom. Galan knew the baby was him, just as well as it represented everyone who made the pilgrimage to the ancient statue. Despite the chill of the wind, he could feel the Mother’s warmth.

    By Jeffreigh Lush on 07.25.2012

  4. Your hands look so good against the crystal stem
    your eyes capture mine
    your smile seems to hold her forever

    By judy on 07.25.2012

  5. It is a holder

    By heep on 07.25.2012

  6. Holder holds my hand firmly and never lets it loose….I am the one forgetting the invisible Holder and leaves His hand and blames everything in this world for my fall.

    By Iamtheone on 07.25.2012

  7. Holder of my heart. Lover. Demon. Fighting for my right but I cannot win. Holder of my heart. Destroyer. Demon.

    By Carline Benois on 07.25.2012

  8. You are the one that holds me,
    My protector, i love you.
    When you hold me nobody else matter i see only you, you only, forever mine, I love you so much and you have no idea how much you mean to me. Its unreal, how can someone love someone so much and them not even know you life on the same plant as them?

    By mee123 on 07.25.2012

  9. The holder of secrets. He knows everything and everyone yet nobody, not a soul, knows him. He lives in the shadows of people’s minds. He appears out of nowhere in people’s heads, but they pass him off as a dream, a figment of the imagination, just drifting by and away. Nobody realizes that he steals them, a good part of them.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 07.25.2012

  10. I would like to holder waist and push her to her death, the bitch.

    By 2ee on 07.25.2012

  11. Holder. It reminds me of a folder. Locked in the filing cabinet in my basement.
    Holding the thoughts I once had about you,
    those tingling feelings stored away to never be viewed ever again.
    I don’t say this with spite.
    I just might-
    open it up one day.
    Drowning myself in pools of nostalgia.

    By Nile on 07.25.2012

  12. He was the holder of humanity. In one hand he held the laser cannon which could destroy everything anyone had ever held dear. In the other he held the cure to the disease which plagued humanity. He was the decider of the future. This is his story

    By phincallahan on 07.25.2012

  13. I am the keeper, nay the holder of many secrets. Some are told to me other I seek. But in my years I have learned that it is best to keep my mouth shut.

    By Niesha on 07.25.2012

  14. Holder holds the flowers in his hands to give it to the school girls daily when they leave the school.

    No one asked him his name he was known as the Holder.

    By Harishkumar Vaidyar on 07.25.2012

  15. He had all the cards.

    She walked into the room, ready to make him jealous. But amongst the wedding guests, Becca didn’t stand out one bit. He did. He looked handsome as ever, flirting with a bridesmaid. She felt foolish. Just as she was about to head to the bar, he glanced up. The look in his eyes at the sight of her said everything.

    She was the card holder now.

    By Meghan Burke URL on 07.25.2012

  16. WHAT KIND OF HOLDER? A holder is something that holds something. It is usually a simple design capable of maintaining the mass of an elephant. Holders come in forms such as cup holders, which surprisingly, hold cups.

    By Tom on 07.25.2012

  17. the coffee holder was quite large. it held several variaties of coffee in it and was used quite often. It could spin, so that the chooser could decide rather quickly, or more often to amuse bored children who are fascinated by such things

    By Kara on 07.25.2012

  18. eric holder, bags, love, happiness, potatoes, apple, carrier pigeon, big hats, the man, oh am i supposed to write a story

    By Clare on 07.25.2012

  19. Something that placed under something. It can be round or square.

    I don’t know what else, really. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me.

    By Haley on 07.25.2012

  20. A holder of love is not round or square it is something that is not in your brain. A holder for love is not in you but outside of your physical being, its around you no matter where you go.

    By Haley on 07.25.2012

  21. I couldn’t beleive what he just said to me, i was flabberghasted. As he stood there with the candle holder in his hand and the hot wax dripped down his cold hand it didn’t seem to hurt him. I was angered and surprised. Lies. My trust in him had been fading but this was the last straw. I had to leave. Nothing seemed real anymore; not the cold floor under my feet, not the soft glow of the candle’s flame. I knew the second i left my life would change forver. And it did.

    By Siobhan Meacher on 07.25.2012

  22. This amazing lotion bottle holder could be the secret to keeping all of your cords to apple products in a place out of reach and safe from the feet of your husband and children. Buy one today. Furthermore, it will make it so that you don’t have to keep buying new chords after your other get trampled. Make sure to pick one up from your nearest grocery or family store.
    Sold in stores everywhere.

    By Nicole on 07.25.2012

  23. To hold thoughts and let them simmer! The later concoction might be entirely different from what we had started from…

    By Deepshikha on 07.25.2012

  24. Campbell flipped open the cigarette holder and pulled out a cigarette to give to Harrison. He liked the skinny, brown sweet smelling ones, but he’d tolerate Campbell’s menthols. He had no choice. Harrison was broke–sleeping in his car, showering at the gym, which he slipped into using his brother’s id.

    By Candice L Davis URL on 07.25.2012

  25. Her cigarette holder, colorfully caramelized but long since retired, was a fond reminder of the more stylish side of her long term suicide attempt. With the habit abandoned, she wondered if she’d ever use it again.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.25.2012

  26. The cup holder of the vehicle was filled was crumbs and stickiness. Always disgusting. This is one reason she was putting off having kids. They reek havoc on your things.

    By Adrienne on 07.25.2012

  27. holder are very interestongs its a simple machine that is used with so many things and makes our work simpler o think a holder is also a good name as it would mean a [[erson who helps to keep things

    By ragini on 07.25.2012

  28. The holder was placed in an innocuous position – she wouldn’t have noticed it if it hadn’t been for its slightly off-kilter orientation. She reached out and took it in her hands, rubbed her hands over it, smelt it.

    By T on 07.25.2012

  29. Can you hold a star?

    Bright, white, burning star. Singes your fingers and blinds your eyes. Beautiful to see, but too hot to touch.

    Can you hold a star?

    By Alexandra URL on 07.25.2012

  30. Hold her. Hold harder. You’re strong and able. You’re too young, but you’ve got time to learn. Just hold her, when you think you can’t hold on any longer. She’ll hold you too.

    By Morgan Graham URL on 07.25.2012

  31. Pens. Vases. Hands. Attorney general. Don’t squash it if you are the holder. But you have to hold it hard it enough to not drop it, too. You have to be careful if you are going to be the holder.

    By Allison on 07.25.2012

  32. We have too many things
    which spill over and so
    we get a bigger container
    and it wastes
    and we waste
    and discard it to discover that
    we must defenestrate the insides
    to feel better
    and sleep as the sun rises.

    By Emily on 07.25.2012

  33. I’m a holder. Holder of what? I truly don’t know. However, I believe myself as a holder of knowledge.

    My brother just asked me what holder meant. Pretty hilarious considering it’s an easy word. However it can mean anything.

    By Lynn on 07.25.2012

  34. hold, hold me in the dark that is your hell you are the holder of my heart and the keeper of my dreams. it is dark here and no light reaches this world eveloped in darkness and hopeless feelings.
    the world the world is gone say goodnight my love.

    By jessica on 07.25.2012

  35. holder of the key. Open up the door and take me whenever. Use the key to open rusty heads. use it to shut your mouth. Hold the ring and choose which key you want to slander

    By micheline on 07.25.2012

  36. holder is item that can carry around the object, or the object can be held by it. its hard to explain without using the word in its definition. :)

    By janaye on 07.25.2012

  37. We all hold on to something. And we all hold something. So we’re holders. Like i am a holder of a pen, cause i write. i write a lot. almost as much as i think. and my head’s full of thoughts the whole time. i can’t get a minute break from my thoughts. my head holds on to them. like they’re somehow important, even if it seems like they don’t mean anything. But what if they do?

    By Liz on 07.25.2012

  38. the cup sat empty. It had been that way for years. The old man, the one who drank in his car outside the supermarket had up and died years ago. His cup sat in the empty car though, a testimony to habit.

    By Emma on 07.25.2012

  39. A holder can be up to a many of assorted objects and or people. A pot holder, a chair, a cabinet, etc.

    By Orion on 07.25.2012