September 2nd, 2013 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “historic”

  1. You keep calling yourself a vampire
    Up all night, sleep all day
    And your hands are so cold
    You touch me with your vampire hands
    I freeze, I freeze
    Your delicate lips, crimson lust for a kiss
    You and I could make history baby
    Write about me like Dracula
    Sing about me like Vampire Weekend
    Love me for eternity, oh,
    Suck me dry ’till I can’t bleed

    By Pax on 09.02.2013

  2. The ancient totem pole was a historic monument that the hut people valued. It had meaning for the ones that they had lost and the lineage continued.

    By Sam on 09.02.2013

  3. Nothing in my life is historic. I took a wrecking ball and intentionally tore it apart, brick by brick.

    By Robin on 09.02.2013

  4. Historic events and speeches impact our lives daily. By studying these items we can learn from our past to shape our future.

    By Melissa Mathews on 09.02.2013

  5. I wind my way through those historic streets, lose myself in the sound of my footsteps. Sometimes I stay out until the street lamps dim and darken.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.02.2013

  6. The death of her grandfather was an historic event in the community, a turning point for all. He had led them, taught them, judged them ,and decided their futures. Now they were free. Free to leave that town.

    By Dean Praetorius on 09.02.2013

  7. The new one is like a new moon, isn’t she?

    There was a pause.

    Yes, this moment was an occasion.

    By Intuition on 09.02.2013

  8. Marie Lacewood was I. The fine woman in pink attire and an equally pink bonnet. I was the daughter of a wealthy farmer. He might as well had been a wealthy

    By TN on 09.02.2013

  9. Something memorable was going to occur that night and I didn’t know how to express it in any other word than historic. It was going to be a landmark of who I am and who I will be. I was thinking all that without the actual event occurring yet.

    By M on 09.02.2013

  10. “How terribly historic. I tell you, this moment will be remembered by generations to come. All will revere and honor you for what you have just done. You have done what they refer to as ‘making history.’ You are one of America’s heroes, because you truly are historic.

    By Ole Monday on 09.02.2013

  11. Historic treasures, washed up at the bottom of the sea. Gone. Rusting away by the oceans salty ale.

    By Amanda on 09.02.2013

  12. A historical figure is someone we have respected from the past. Someone we look up to for the future. Many look up to Abraham Lincoln. Others Martin Luther King Jr. They have done wonderful and life changing events in the past.

    By Lauren on 09.02.2013

  13. a thing or place wgich belong to history is called historical

    By dilasha on 09.02.2013

  14. It was an historic occasion. I don’t really know why. But something in the air, the way it smelt, told me that it was. This was going to be a part of me, of this place, for a very long time.

    By esky1118 on 09.02.2013

  15. These past few weeks have been a historic moment: people are making a huge statement about pork barrel. National Heroes’ Day bore this out. People from all walks of life converged for a single idea: no more pork barrel. No more corruption. That’s it.

    By David on 09.02.2013

  16. Disappearing into tendencies that once were new, testing water, trembling
    Now the water gives way with the way of my hands upon it
    And I know what it is I do
    It is me

    But I long for
    This history to be unravelled
    In the blood I didn’t shed
    That drew a shaky, trembling line
    Between the tendencies that once were new
    And who I long to newly be

    By Saudade on 09.02.2013

  17. What’s historic? Something that changes history? Changes how we live? How we work? Historic means different things to different folk. Few people get to do anything historic. Most people live lives of quiet desperation.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.02.2013

  18. Sylvester Oswald was this: a madman, a scientists. A creator of an injection that would better humanity.

    But he was more. Because he was not human, not just. Machines and pistons and wires and a thrumming of gears turning, turning.

    Sylvester Oswald was modern, stronger and ,ore advanced than the historic regular human.

    By Rachel Juillerat on 09.02.2013

  19. Written down in dozens of volumes as fact, the tale had seen two decades of skewing and embellishment. Mark bit the head of his favorite green ballpoint. After months of research, he had a theory about the bias with which the facts had been fictionalized. He half-smiled at the fleeting thought of his teachers’ claims–“History is written by the victors” and “Maps are designed by wars’ winners” and “Cities are named and renamed by those in power.” But: Where to start? And would he have time for writing at all if he were going to compete for a hockey scholarship?

    By ISOreality URL on 09.02.2013

  20. History repeats and repeats, skipping beats, and wishing it could rewind but every mistake defines our present. Remember not to forget what came before because without the past we wouldn’t have the amazing things we have today.

    By Brandi on 09.02.2013

  21. Historic is Historic.
    True is True.
    Lies are Lies.
    History is History.

    By sai on 09.02.2013

  22. everything is historic as today’s present is tomorrow’s history. however insignificant anything might seem, it still forms part of history if not individually then as part of a whole

    By trialwriter URL on 09.03.2013

  23. This ia an historic moment, the day when the moon changed its shape.

    By Cardinal Charles Ng on 09.03.2013

  24. Historic is everzthing in mz ife i live like there is alwazs yesteradz following me like there is a dark wood beside me ai dont know its coplicated but its life i mean witch way are we going anzwaz its so embarrasing like that we dont have more tiome to leran about eachother milsim sta koji kurac ja sad tu treba kao nesto da pisme ya 60 sekundi bole me bre kurac za vasih 60 sekundi ima da pisme kakom ja hoceu o tome sta je kaoo je ne ynam ali znam da to nije moralno i postignuce kako je sta je sta se decasava napre

    By dunja on 09.03.2013

  25. History is amazing to me. Being able to learn about the lives of so many. Being able to imagine it all, all that happened, all that made the world what it it. It’s amazing being able to relive a different time in your imaginations. I love history.

    By Polly on 09.03.2013

  26. It was an event of historic proportion. The inauguration of the first black president of the United States of America. Generations would look back on that day and regard it as a turning point in American politics. It would mark the time when the general populous felt free to turn on the president.

    By Tracey on 09.03.2013

  27. The change of profession after 20 years of dietetic practice was a historic occasion in my life. Who would have thought I would have gone and done something like that … totally different from my qualifications!

    By Meghana Kulkarni on 09.03.2013

  28. Historic figures subtracted from time, unwilling to leave without taking as much time from the present as they can, as much contemplation as you’ll give, as much discourse as you’ll natter but in return, they’ll treat you to a past you’ll never know and made up secrets you’ll believe.

    By nytrist URL on 09.03.2013

  29. “This is a historic day. The day we unite these two warring houses and achieve everlasting peace!”
    The crowd roared their approval and, standing by my fathers’ side, fought to suppress a shiver.
    “This is the last day we shall go to sleep wondering what horrors the morning will bring. Thanks to my only daughter,” he offered me a glimpse of his wide smile. “And Jackan Mormont, eldest son of house Mormont, we shall have peace at last!”
    I turned away from the endless sea of faces, tears flooding my eyes. Yes, THEY would have peace. How lucky were they, to have a princess to suffer in their stead? I wish I knew…

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.03.2013

  30. The dilapidated mansion had suffered its many agonies of inexorably heavy rain further exacerbated by the relentless and merciless heat from the sun. Its surface was like a battered piece of a crumpled paper bag, with large and hideous holes revealing the portions of the caved roof that once sat atop of the once-majestic house. Yet, this was the very same place which housed Beethoven centuries ago. What a historic monument standing forlornly in the bustling city in the year 2900.

    By Brenda on 09.03.2013

  31. What a historic time to hold a wedding. In the time of sorrow and despair, when meteors fall from the blood red sky and countless families are torn apart, we are gathered here today to celebrate this union. May you find new hope and prosper in the dark times that will come.

    By Angela on 09.03.2013

  32. Historical remembrance museums display past things that have happened in this world. Some museums display ancient animals while others display art.

    By Jackus on 09.03.2013

  33. our plans would have killed. they would have put us on the map forever. but, what did we do? we didn’t do squat! we just sat there and talked and talked and talked. dumbasses

    By Lee on 09.03.2013

  34. This time was like no other, and they all knew it. The tension and excitement wrapped around them like a elastic band. No one needed to speak. But they took pictures, just in case.

    By Soft URL on 09.03.2013

  35. Historic – I love anything historic, anything with a past of some kind. People, places, events. I find them all exciting and wish I had a time machine so that I could take a trip back and have a look.

    By Alexandra on 09.03.2013

  36. It was a historic moment, the eight leaders of the free world shaking hands with the leader of the newly landed aliens. – all at the same time, since he was an octopus.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.03.2013

  37. This year’s weather has truly been historic, with extreme storms, wild temperature swings and unseasonable activity taking place in all area of the country. Never before have we known so little about what weather conditions are in store in the coming season. The result is a lot of uncertainty and even stress.

    By Laurie on 09.03.2013

  38. This meant I had to stop panicking. But I was so good at it. Why stop doing something everyone knows you for being good at? Ever since I was very young I couldn’t be trusted in times when self control was key to making things right.

    By Ruben URL on 09.03.2013

  39. “The Blast, of course, is a historic event of world-changing proportions. Affecting everything from global social consciousness to the shorelines of Ireland and Britain, perhaps no other event in human history compares in scale, terror and transformational power.”

    He turned away from the TV set and the documentary narrator. “Good words,” he said. “You’d almost think he’d been there.”

    By Anthony StClair on 09.03.2013

  40. Waling through the alleys she realized that she could literally feel the past. She imagined herself being a princess, maybe fleeing from a forced marriage with her third degree cousin. She smiled and looked up. Rome. A city so full of stories and history.

    By Fredda URL on 09.03.2013