January 10th, 2014 | 81 Entries

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81 Entries for “hijacked”

  1. “That pimp totally hijacked my car, officer.”
    “What did he use, sir?”
    “A woman.”
    “A woman?”
    “She had nothing on. She was hot, you know?”

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.10.2014

  2. She thumbed it, out on highway 11. She found it hard to keep on the soft shoulder but she knew she couldn’t stay on the highway. It made it nearly impossible to go anywhere else in the heat of the night. She wanted to go home. It’s why she got out of her boyfriend’s truck. She loved him but he didn’t love her the same way. He expected so much, he lifted the skirt of her dress and felt her leg all the way up. He lost control of the vehicle for a brief moment before she demanded he pull over on the soft shoulder of highway 11.

    By Astrid on 01.10.2014

  3. You flew your planes in the correct paths
    For the most part
    But sometimes you would see me cascading through the skies
    And decide you liked my set of wings more
    It was then that you would hijack my heart
    And send my reeling, careening back down
    to Earth
    Yet you always seem to know when I need my parachute

    By Noel on 01.10.2014

  4. Stolen. Broken. Taken without kindness or question. Killed at the peak of perfection, ruined before beginning.

    By Elisabeth on 01.10.2014

  5. hijacked slam. body cushion sweltering cave pools. smudges on the window with finger trails dried in from days before. Will never come out. Kids used to sit here, play games in the back. Will shampoo the thing for sure.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.10.2014

  6. and carried away.
    but where was i anyways?
    how do i know i’m not
    stuck on some island. drifting in someone else’s fairytale.
    they are always so demented.
    Cinderella’s chopped feet and scratched out eyes.
    The children are to be feared here.
    please take me.

    By Kairn on 01.10.2014

  7. Taken, stolen, that’s what you’ve done. You’re a thief in friend’s clothing and I have had enough. My sanity does not depend on you any longer. I will never again ask you permission to be who I’ve always been meant to be.

    By Rox on 01.10.2014

  8. They hijacked the plane.

    Immediately, everyone felt it. The plane took a sharp dive, and the seatbelt sign went on as luggage rattled in the overhead compartment.

    By Sophia URL on 01.10.2014

  9. He pulled her in like a piece of paper plucked up by the wind. He hijacked her heart and with it her soul.

    By Iris URL on 01.10.2014

  10. this thread has been
    taken astray
    by an attention-starved
    and desperate

    don’t bother trying to
    steer it back
    to a more pleasurable course
    there is no righting this

    By Poet Nia URL on 01.10.2014

  11. You’ve hijacked my mind, infiltrating every secret passage until I don’t have the freedom, or clarity to think anymore. You’re like a little drill, pouring holes inside my head. But I can’t help but to love you.

    By Senya20 on 01.10.2014

  12. It was a rainy day, making the blonde’s smile seem even brighter to me. I looked out the tinted windows curiously, trying to see his name tag, but only to have no luck.

    My father was talking to him in a low voice, which meant he was talking about me. I hated that. He was probably warning the kid.

    Get her to the gala safely, or I will make sure you don’t live to see your paycheck, he would say. I almost laughed. Daddy was extremely protective, threatening anything that moved around me, but I was the only one who knew he couldn’t hurt a fly.

    Daddy tossed him the keys and waved through the window, even though he couldn’t see me. This car was tinted all ground, impossible to see through. I blew him a kiss anyway.

    When the blonde got into the car, I stayed silent. He didn’t even look back when pulling away from the curb, which seemed like a basic rule of driving. He floored the gas, speeding out of the parking lot. I was shy, so I kept quiet for most of the ride, but when he started to take off the red blazer, I asked what he was doing.

    “The thing is so itchy and I like to be comfortab–” he cut himself off, his eyes going wide at the same time as he turned around, “who the hell are you?”

    I furrowed my eyebrows, “the person you are supposed to be driving to the dance.” I said slowly.

    “Oh shit.”

    By marisa on 01.10.2014

  13. the plane was jerked to a stop, yelling filling my ears. I jerked up from the seat, masks being passed around. the plane was being hijacked.

    By marisa on 01.10.2014

  14. im tired of getting hijacked.
    not the actual meaning.
    but I do not know how to get another word
    its haunting me.

    By marisa on 01.10.2014

  15. “We were, uh, hijacked!”
    I rolled my eyes. “It’s carjacked, you idiot,” I said, cuffing him hard across the back of his head. “We’re not a ruddy plane then, are we?”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.10.2014

  16. I was siting on a plane, happily sipping my tea, when suddenly the alarms started going off. I looked around sharply, afraid the plane might start dropping out of the sky at any moment, when a voice starts speaking overhead. “This is your new captain speaking. Hope you guys like a joy ride.”

    By Kaley on 01.10.2014

  17. The hijacking was over before we scarcely realized that it had begun. We looked around, amazed. Whatever they were looking for, they had found it unbelievably quickly.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.10.2014

  18. On my way out of the seven-eleven, with a bag of pepsi and another cup of coke- a traitor of commercialism I was- you hijacked my train of thought and made it clear that sprite was obviously the best choice, and only I could rival that.

    By Ollie on 01.10.2014

  19. When my mind got hijacked, I knew that they were more intelligent then us, the time was now and I didn’t know what to do. How could they be so much more advanced then us, our culture was complex but highly flawed.

    By Jade krogh on 01.11.2014

  20. Hijacked, hijacked, everywhere I go. Why not, Hello John? Why are people not more polite?

    By boroptimist on 01.11.2014

  21. The plane came down in a fog and nobody could see who the hijackers were.One could have been a woman and the other a man with a gun. It was freezing cold!

    By Liz Matthews on 01.11.2014

  22. she as driving a red car. she driving a red car and the sun was plain, hiding behind the cards and
    Jane could see the freckles on its face through leaves and trees and

    “where’s did she go? asked Jane and the shiny red car went driving.

    By Rebekah on 01.11.2014

  23. she was driving a red car. she a driving a red car and the sun was plain, hiding behind the cards and Jane could see the freckles on its face through leaves and trees and

    “where’s did she go? asked Jane and the shiny red car went driving.

    Once upon a time in a white, white house…

    By Rebekah on 01.11.2014

  24. He felt the plane suddenly drop, maybe just turbulence. A strange voice shouting, not the pilot, we were being hijacked.

    By Alexandra on 01.11.2014

  25. Our team was the favorite to win the bi annual speech day competition. However our chance to do the double was dashed when our entries were hijacked by our opponents and submitted instead.

    By victor URL on 01.11.2014

  26. It is not the hijacking of airplanes that concerns me so much; I don’t travel. It is the hijacking of conversations. It takes me time to ruminate on a subject… to formulate my thoughts and the way in which I wish to express them. People are much too impatient for that. By the time I have decided what I want to say, the conversation has moved on to another topic. That is why I prefer internet conversations. I have time to think before I speak (type!). I can look up words in my dictionary or thesaurus. I can Google. THEN I can type what I wish to say. In real life, one can only speak off the top of one’s head. The obvious is usually on top; for insight, one must dig deeper.

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.11.2014

  27. It wasn’t just a plane. It wasn’t just two buildings. It was a whole country.

    By Grace on 01.11.2014

  28. Peter was hijacked en so he was in big panic. Although he had his mobile phone with him he could not do anything while it had no power. What tot do?

    By benz URL on 01.11.2014

  29. This forum has been hijacked by teenagers! All they want to talk about is stickers and trapper keepers and the glitter. I’m going to spend the rest of the day in my locker at the highschool and when the kid who owns the locker now opens it he’ll find an older gentleman in it and then I’ll have a lot of explaining to do!

    By Rover on 01.11.2014

  30. Don’t move! Everyone stay seated and no one will get hurt. “Yeah, I’ve heard that before” my seatmate mumbled as everyone stared, frozen.

    By Linda URL on 01.11.2014

  31. my plan to go home for the holidays was hijacked by the government. first, it does not provide quality education equally in all the provinces of the Philippines that is why I have to live far from home to study in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Then, it imposes these ginormous taxes on plane flights I do not even know where to start. So, begrudgingly, I chose to book the cheapest flight, even if it was inconvenient for me. And then, on my way to the airport, there is a horrible traffice in EDSA, because apparently, some roads are being constructed so certain highways were closed. Great. When I finally relaized I will miss my flight, I hailed a cab while cursing half- silently and half- screaming.

    By irish URL on 01.11.2014

  32. “Well, what happened to me was…”

    Adrienne sighed as once again, Martin hijacked the conversation to talk about himself. She watched as the others’ eyes glazed over; as the muttered apologies and sidling away began.

    By mrsmig on 01.11.2014

  33. The car has been hijacked and I am still inside. I don’t know what’s going on; I’m still locked in the trunk and they don’t know I’m here. Maybe they do, but either way, they have the car. They want someone to kill. They want ransom money. And I’m still in the trunk.

    By Ashley~ on 01.11.2014

  34. When I hear or seen the word hijacked, immediately reminds me of planes & terrorists taking over

    By Vixen Black on 01.11.2014

  35. i have no idea what that word means but looks interesting, sounds like if you were ,making a joke really funny one.

    By bego on 01.11.2014

  36. The car wasn’t in primo condition, but it was the only one available with a person in it. She jumped into it, held the gun to the driver’s head, and screamed, “Drive!” “Where?” “Just drive. Get us the hell out of here. The place is gonna blow!” He slammed his foot on the accelerator and left rubber in the parking lot and hit the main street heading south.

    By Kaye Spencer URL on 01.11.2014

  37. I never understood what it means. They took over my thoughts, my life. They hijacked my mind, my being. Does it really make sense when I say that I don’t know what I’ve become? Not like a plane is hijacked I guess. I guess he hijacked my train of thought.

    By Vishnu URL on 01.11.2014

  38. “Oh god, please…no!” she whispered to herself as she hugged her legs. With her face smashed to her knees and her eyes full of tears, she watched the feet of the terrorists approach. She held her breath.

    By Soft URL on 01.11.2014

  39. The car veered dangerously close to the curb as it screeched around the corner. The tires on the left side lifted ever so slightly as the powerful g-forces overtook them.

    The hijacker craned his neck in distress to see how far back his pursuers were. They were gaining.

    It was over for him. The worst decision of his life was reaching its apex. This was oddly comforting.

    By Paul on 01.11.2014

  40. The car veered dangerously close to the curb as it screeched around the corner. The tires on the left side lifted ever so slightly as the powerful g-forces overtook them.

    The hijacker craned his neck in distress to see how far back his pursuers were. They were gaining.

    It was over for him. The worst decision of his life was reaching its apex. This was oddly comforting.

    By Savros on 01.11.2014