January 10th, 2014 | 81 Entries

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81 Entries for “hijacked”

  1. I am in love. In so many ways I can’t even count them all. That’s what it’s like to exist in the world. You love nouns and adjectives. People, places, things, sounds, colors, tastes, smells, the way silky things feel and on and on and on. And yet I struggle with this worldly love of life.

    How do I keep it all from becoming corrupted? Hijacked by those jockeying for affection, for attention, for money, for the thoughts in my head, and the deeds I act out. Take that love and pervert it to pimp things I don’t need. Or be tempted by gifts that are unnecessary. Talked into supporting interests that are not my own. It’s a constant battle to preserve this love, to not let it be diluted, become convoluted, and in turn subverted.

    By Intuition on 01.11.2014