October 12th, 2016 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “haunt”

  1. The woman haunted his thoughts for hours. He’d been an artist: he could see her face in clear detail, in technicolor, in moving facial expressions. He couldn’t remember where he’d seen her or when. Yesterday? A year ago? Longer? Here in prison? Long ago when he was free? But the show she put on in his brain was intensely welcome and he hoped he’d be lost in it forever.

    By Joanna on 10.12.2016

  2. The haunting woods overlooked the city, the leaves falling as fall came and went. The voices that cried out of the woods at night were ghastly, grim – screaming for help. If I had been smarter, I would have avoided those woods – the grim sights inside were enough to scare me for eternity.

    By Charlie on 10.12.2016

  3. how appropriate as we enter the month of October. Do ghosts really lurk around us and meddle with our lives? You know what really haunts my soul? qwty crocsand pickles and my grandmzax

    By Colton Adrian on 10.12.2016

  4. She sat crumpled in the corner. The fading crone had a pale beak protruding from her face to the floor. Her eye bags were hidden behind circle glasses with bits of mould around the edges from the many attempts to clean it with stale breaths. Anna stood there unsure if she should feel pity or disgust. Instead, she recalled the memories of tea and biscuits, and that rosey pot pouri fragrance which was often too strong but grandma’s sense of smell had gone with the years, along with her own memories.

    By Helianthus on 10.12.2016

  5. “Do you think this house is really haunted?” I asked Josh. “Yes. Definitely.” He replied. “How else would you explain the opening and closing doors, floating candelabras, and screams in the night, with no source?”

    By Samantha on 10.12.2016

  6. The haunt was deserted. Callas called for any other ghost (to humans, the ghost language just sounded like BOO over and over again), before deciding to move in. He had hated the dorms back in ghost college.
    He dropped his stuff down. His new home sweet home.

    By Shadow Writer on 10.12.2016

  7. The place was so haunting.It was like something out of a horror movie. I felt like I would be attacked at any moment. Fear consumed me and I could not move form my spot. It didn’t feel safe to stay here but my body would not respond. Something happened.

    By Rose on 10.12.2016

  8. What’s haunting is that I loved him before I knew him. This man who did everything for me, before I knew him. This man who endured more than I ever could to be what he is to me, a savior, a friend, a confidant. This man who’s beauty is more than a name and a task. This man name Jesus. That is what’s haunting a love like Jesus’ love for me.

    By Kiana Malia on 10.12.2016

  9. Haunt. It reminds me of my dream except it doesn’t. Murders, and death. How did it start? What was the curse? How did the evil entity come back? It’s not a coincidence that this word appeared on my screen. Synchronicity, it’s everywhere if you know how to look. Now, the fact I can’t remember haunts me. Will I remember? Time will tell.

    By J Town on 10.12.2016

  10. When I returned from the islands with my husband, I began to feel as if something had come back with us. I told Sean this, and he just laughed and kissed me right where my stubble was growing in, and he told me that nothing was going to haunt us – we were too cute for that. Still, I became a little bit wary when I went into the bathroom in the middle of the night three days after our vacation, only to hear a whisper from the shower: “Do you guys have better shampoo? This doesn’t work for my frizz.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.12.2016

  11. There is something that causes the mind to imagine terrible things when we pass by an abandoned house. The grass uncut. The paint flecking off the side of the old garage. The strange musty scent and layers of dust from people long since gone. Something haunting.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 10.12.2016

  12. He couldn’t even begin to decide what was more terrifying; the eerie atmosphere, the dreadful silence. bus worse, those eyes. The way those eyes looked at him was truly haunting.

    By Crystal on 10.12.2016

  13. Hey eyes had a haunted quality, shadowed and hollow, like looking into an empty room through a dark window. She blinked and turned away.

    By Emma on 10.12.2016

  14. She was not afraid that her home had a haunt. It was an old home, and she could feel the spirits there, and knew they were happy with her presence.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.12.2016

  15. My psst haunts me! I’m sorry for committing a felony. I’ve learned. I’ve grew.

    By Cara on 10.12.2016

  16. They were haunted by the memory of sound. The sound of sirens filling the empty void before the bombs began to drop. We were cowered in our bunkers waiting for the inevitable.

    By Wolf and Chain on 10.12.2016

  17. It was a simple home. I lived there for years. Never anything unusual. Until he arrived. He was the one who caused the hauntings. He was the one who unsettled the spirit. We lived in harmony for decades. Then he had to go snooping around and dig up buried secrets, and bodies.

    By hope on 10.12.2016

  18. One word was all that could come to mind when he looked at the apparition in front of him. Haunted. Something he thought only happened in movies.
    “Are you kidding me?! You’re haunting me? Really? All I did was kill you. I’ve done it to dozens of people and you’re the only one to come back and haunt me for Christ’s sake!”
    The spirit just smiled. “I’m going to return the favour but since I’m in this little predicament I’ll just make you take your own life. An eye for an eye am I right?”
    He felt his stomach drop. Why had he ever gone into this business?

    By kitty on 10.12.2016

  19. there are words that haunt me, floating around in my own head. i know they are not real, not anymore. they exist in the past and the possible future. still, they lurk around in the peripheral and flicker in the light. i feel them watching me, waiting to call out in their harsh tones. no one else sees them though, not in the same way.

    By vanikey on 10.12.2016

  20. Haunted things scary me quite a lot. Haunted things include haunted houses, places, people (only sometimes) and many other things I can not list.

    By TessaAnn on 10.12.2016

  21. a great haunt
    scheming and taunting
    peeking as the dawn is dipping
    doubts dripping and daunting
    flexing fangs flauntly
    pale green and gauntly
    an undulating font
    of unwanted thoughts
    blank and thoughtless
    till carried away
    by silver gauntlets

    By omqwat on 10.12.2016

  22. I was haunted by the memory of my peers- the gaze of the judgement embewed – all of the faint snickers and taunts that lingered in the background; as the ambience to my school life–neverending, the eyes, my heartbeat aflutter with nerve and fright.

    By yue on 10.12.2016

  23. Everlasting, eternal – the light that haunts me every time my eyes shut close. They linger with contempt; never fading away; never adrift from their purposes – to bring me into the darkness. The light ever haunts my being. x

    By yue on 10.12.2016

  24. The library is exactly the same as it was the morning I was shot in the head in the history section, only colder, and quieter, and bluer.

    By Daisy King on 10.13.2016

  25. step by step I was walking towards the living room. Quiet as I could be I tiptoed round the last corner. I was almost there. The lights were out so it was the perfect time to give them the scare of their lives. And then it happened, my haunt mission was completed.

    By Valentina on 10.13.2016

  26. Oh I beg you come and haunt me in my sleep for eternity for I don’t know how I will be able to live one day without you by my side.

    By Rebecca on 10.13.2016

  27. to HAUNT those evil
    stretching shadow of justice
    a job heroic

    to haunt those vile
    use evil against evil
    task of true heroes

    end all unjust deeds
    protect good by any means
    role of a hero

    [haiku inspired from poetic essay from The Apotheosus]

    Merci, Arigato, Danke, man ;-)

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.13.2016

  28. as the word echoes, it becomes a hollow wraith-whispered light. edgar mutters bitterly under his breath.
    i remember the walking, the endless…..

    By anothershadowbox on 10.13.2016

  29. Haunted is what I am, these days, by the utter disorientation in life. Perhaps it’s just the horror of facing my own darkness. And equally haunting is the prospect of life being absolutely meaningless. Ironical, then, is the lurking presence of a soul – its haunted eyes set on me wanting to surface and manifest before this pointless walk from point A to B comes to an end.

    By WTF on 10.13.2016

  30. Do you believe in ghosts–or any incorporeal beings? I have never encountered one though I want to. I don’t really think that I believe in them however. I guess I just want to believe they exist but can’t convince myself they do–if that makes sense. I’ve never really thought about this much until now.

    By edrianredentor on 10.13.2016

  31. The mansion was definitely haunted said Bella on Halloween night. The house was dark and dreary. As most old houses are. Bella and her friends had been dared to stay in the house overnight.They had agreed to do it. there were four of them. We are not afraid we are not afraid they all said together. I think this is working said vivvi. Ha ha ha came a big booming voice. Never mind said vivi screaming. their adventures shall be told another time for now you’ll just have to wait.

    By maddy fuhry on 10.13.2016

  32. I was in the old house and i herd a weird sound then i saw a ghost! I ran out the front door as fast as i can.

    By Abigail Smith on 10.13.2016

  33. This past weekend me and my family went to a family party in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My boyfriends cousins decided to take us to a haunted house and it was awesome, although I was so scared. I’m such a scary cat.

    By Clarissa on 10.13.2016

  34. Thoughts are haunting me, they hope to realize the past in my future. I close the door.

    By vocorina on 10.13.2016

  35. The past would haunt her every chance it got. Once she was a beautiful actress. The audience LOVED her. Through her struggles, bad decisions, and heartbreaks, the career fizzled.

    By Olivia Hook on 10.13.2016

  36. Never one to let something go, Sidney’s never forgotten a blurted phrase or awkward remark that she had the misfortune of speaking. She had a running list in her head, and it haunted her.

    By asavas on 10.13.2016

  37. It’s around this time of year that people begin to think about ghosts. The problem is, no one bothers to ask how I, as a ghost feel about this. It’s quite offensive really. Since when was ‘Boo!’ remotely scary? That’s why I’m setting the GAPS- Ghost Appreciation and Protection Society.

    By Daisy Leason on 10.13.2016

  38. They called it a haunt because they hung out there all the time, but also because it had a ghost. They’d never actually seen it, but they knew it was there from the banging noise it made in the walls and the times where it rattled the pipes. It had been scary, at first, but eventually they got used to it, and even started developing some affection for it. They left out little gifts which would be gone by the morning, and whispered even though they knew there was nobody to hear.

    They were wrong, of course. There’s no such thing as a ghost.

    What they had was a banshee.

    By henry sawdon-smith on 10.13.2016

  39. NAGALAND INSURGENCY: 13th Oct 2016:
    -Started before India’s independence

    Shillong Accord -Signed in 1975
    -signed between GOI and NSCN
    -to accept the supremacy of the constitution
    -surrender their arms and renounce their demand for succession of Nagaland from India

    In 1988,there was a split in NSCN into NSCN(I-M) and NSCN(K)
    And again in 1997, there was a ceased fire agreement

    -framework agreement
    No major breakthrough was achieved even after the signing Dimapur declaration as a new twist came when NSCN(I-M) tone down its demand for creation of Greater Nagaland through Political integration of all Nagas areas but GOI rrealised that non Naga population in the state of Manipur ,Assam and Arunachal Pradesh was deadly against the idea of state orgasination on their ethnic line.

    NSCN(I-M) want political intregration of Naga areas for the creation of Greater Nagaland
    which was unacceptable for GOI

    By Athara Ralte on 10.13.2016

  40. the wind blew stingingly into the creaky, old wood house
    dust billowed like waves breaking the shore on a stormy day
    yes the wind, it came up from cold mind canyons
    slinging up old shirts and favorite foods
    and they were all dust

    By Dena on 10.13.2016