May 31st, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “hassle”

  1. hassled by my mother . hassled by my brother. lord when will i find another lover ? am i good enough ? to be constanttly hassled ? or like a stripper simply tassled?

    By victoria on 05.31.2012

  2. i dont know this reminds me of abuse
    for some reason it makes me think of people harrassing eachother
    maybe becasuse the words sounf the same to me
    but yeah

    By Annamarie on 05.31.2012

  3. The hassle of parties, planning, writing, packing. Everything that goes along with summer, and graduation. As friends leave and new friends come in, we constantly are reminded how short life really is and how fast things move. Life moves so fast and will fly by, especially high school. I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying every minute of my high school career until I graduate and I will love every minute of it.

    By Morgan on 05.31.2012

  4. Im sick of the hassle of being a nice guy. Work, relationships, life, and everything else under the son. So stop hassling me before i explode. I am nice person; everyone has their limits.Im just trying my hardest to stay out of your way and become, Hassle free.

    By Eric on 05.31.2012

  5. It is always a hassle to go to the grocery store. First you have to be sure to pick up all of the necessary items, not forgetting things like milk and bread. Then, you have to wait in tedious lines with families who have unruly children and old ladies with a myriad of coupons. Finally, if you go to a thrift type grocery store, you will have to bag and carry all of it to your car yourself.

    By Melinda on 05.31.2012

  6. i was hasseled by this big guy riding a motercycle to give him a couple of bucks and it really sucked. I eventually calleed the cops on him. and he got aressted.

    By michelle on 05.31.2012

  7. An irritating problem or inconvenience

    By Valeria on 05.31.2012

  8. It has always been such a hassle to choose clothes in a shop. Trying them on and changing 5 times in 10 minutes. Why is it so difficult to go clothes shopping in particular. That’s not even getting in to shoe shopping. The depression that follows the trying on of a beautiful pair of shoes that don’t fit. I can’t believe that some people actually find it enjoyable.

    By Mel on 05.31.2012

  9. Its a hassle to get stuff done when you’re feeling depressed and uneasy. Many things are hassles but hassles are not so bad considering many many other worse things in life. Its a hassle when you have to go grocery shopping on your bike when you’re late for a dinner party which you are hosting.

    By Poopster on 05.31.2012

  10. Trying to stay on top of my web presence via social media is a hassle sometimes, but I feel like it’s something I have to do to stay employable.

    By Tanya B. URL on 05.31.2012

  11. everything is so unneccisarily difficult. such a problem. a pain in the ass. hurrying running around like a headless chicken. stupid problems. problems that dont need to be there. too difficult for there to be a point

    By audra on 05.31.2012

  12. I have no Idea what hassle means. I mean like hassle sound like hustle. I totally hate when people hustle me. Bitch! im taking my time. i hate the bar under this text box hurrying me up.

    By DFTAI on 05.31.2012

  13. It’s a hassle, John thinks, as he shoves a jar of only God-knows-what to the back of the fridge, and pulls out a tub of smooth, silky, spread-on-toast goodness. Honestly, you’d think by now he’d be used to opening the fridge and finding body parts by the butter.

    By Michelle on 05.31.2012

  14. Dealing with depression is a hassle. Dealing with friends who aren’t really/never were there for me. Dealing with the bullies, the abuse, the mocking and the mean laughing.. all a big hassle.

    By katelyn on 05.31.2012

  15. everything you’re seeing is not a problem to ignore whether you do or dont its a hassle the problem itself or the forgetting the work is done tediously despite the end you attempt to exit from. you hold on to what binds you to decisions, right or wrong and hassles are really not what they seem

    By Devon Longerbeam on 05.31.2012

  16. Hassle.
    You struggle.
    You make a big deal because so.
    You struggle because you’re worried.
    You worry because you make a big deal.
    Vicious cycle.

    By wr3n on 05.31.2012

  17. This is the word my dad uses when he is frustrated. When he complains that something is a “hassle”, that is the cue to leave him alone, or to push him through it because he’s being a baby. He’s my dad he should be able to do anything. Looking at him through my child-eyes, so young and naive, I believe he should be able to move mountains.

    By alex on 05.31.2012

  18. oh, what a hassle it was for you to just be honest with me. is that too much to ask? i swore you were so right for me, but now i know we just can’t last. i’ll move on, hold my head high…and to you…i must say goodbye.

    By Alaina on 05.31.2012

  19. I hate things that are a hassle. Like… right now, my fingernails are long, and it’s a hassle to type. It’s a hassle to move right now, because I’m so damn full. What’s my biggest hassle? This migraine that’s been tormenting me for a week or so… Ugh.

    By Shentel on 05.31.2012

  20. Well, it sucks. We all know that, I think.

    By Andie on 05.31.2012

  21. David Hasslehoff. I wonder how many people thought of that the first time. Sometimes writing is a hassle, even though I never do it as much as I should. How lazy that sounds that I complain about even having to write. It is all for my own good to write, anyways. I am stuck, oh darn. Ah running out of time.

    By kelseyjordon on 05.31.2012

  22. Everything’s a hassle everyday all the time it’s ridiculous and sometimes people just need to sit back and relax… Life is too short… Stress is not needed.. When something goes wrong, think about the issue and then act on it. Keep calm. The world doesn’t revolve around you and that stain on your dress.. No ones going to notice… Sto caring about what everyone else thinks… Just be you.

    By Iris on 05.31.2012

  23. don’t bother me today. chores. responsibilities. worries. parasites.

    By jessjess on 05.31.2012

  24. I never understood why everyone finds taking a trip to the store a hassle. I find it relaxing. Dealing with people, whether they be good or bad, the delicious looking food, the internal struggle whether or not to buy said delicious food; it all makes an exciting trip. I also don’t get out much though… Anywho, what I truly find a hassle, is going to the bank. Maybe I should just get an ATM card and make it easier on myself, rather than going inside everytime I need the money.

    By Kayla on 05.31.2012

  25. having to go to school. not having my car with me so that I could go places. why should I go to school if it’s not to learn things that I like? why can’t we choose all the classes that we want to take. isn’t the point so that we can find a job that we love later on? not even a job, a CAREER. it’s lame that we need to take “required” courses. our education system requires too many things. there’s too many limitations.

    By Tesia on 05.31.2012

  26. trying to find a job and a place to live when you aren’t in the said city for job/living is really difficult. especially when you have no money, and really no help from your family. I am stressed out. It’s such a hassle to pack when you also only have one suitcase/

    By evie URL on 05.31.2012

  27. My daily routine had become more of a hassle than it had been for the longest period of time. It use to be a simple grouping of things that I would do on a day to day basis, but not I’m swamped with these annoying things in my schedule that must get done. No matter what though I try to ignore the pressures, and go about getting each task knocked out of the way one by one.

    By Adam on 05.31.2012

  28. What a hassle, having to ride the boat in this rainy weather. I swear, not even my hometown rained like this, and it rains nine months out of the year there. But never the less, I was left without a second option; you can’t exactly walk off a boat in the middle of the sea and head home.

    By Nadine on 05.31.2012

  29. mess kids love meanness distractions backache deep breathe we can do this God help us. thanks tears

    By Leah Cornwell on 05.31.2012

  30. It was such a hassle to always tell her everything that was on my mind. I don’t understand why she always had to be on top of me like that. It was my life, my business, my mess. Let me handle it. I realize the shit I’d done, the hole I’d dug myself into. I know that she just wanted to help. I know that she had my best interests at heart, but come on. Let me do it. Let pull myself out.

    By Natalie Blardony URL on 05.31.2012

  31. everything is so frustrating
    all of the time
    and for some reason, for some inexplicable reason, you can trudge through all of that harm free
    how you do it, i don’t know
    you’re an enigma
    a puzzle
    and i’ll solve you soon

    By klkkkkkkkkkk on 05.31.2012

  32. Why do simple things become a hassle? Too difficult to deal with causing lots of stress, making us irritable, for only a small thing, it can be such a hassle and cause such a big reaction, why don’t we just take a step back and see it for what it is, a small thing that can be tackled and not a hassle at all. Other positive ways of framing a hassle are as a challenge, a problem to be solved, normal life, an issue that can be overcome and not a hassle at all.

    By Shona lowes on 05.31.2012

  33. Right now he is being a hassle…..I’m trying to do oneword while hes trying to undo my pants!

    By liza jeffers on 05.31.2012

  34. everything that I know of at this point is a hassle. it was a hassle to get a job and now thats not a hassle, getting there is. how irritating. now waiting to be paid is a hassle. life : over. oh wait I’m not don’t lol. okay maybebebebeb

    By brianna on 05.31.2012

  35. Hes being the worlds biggest hassle! Boo! Why must he agitate me? Jon Holmes…ugh.

    By Me! on 05.31.2012

  36. Its a hassle to work. It’s a hassle to run. I have hassles, you have hassles. We all have hassles. Sometimes its a hassle to walk. Sometimes it;s a hassle to breathe. But you have to deal with things and move on.

    By Teresa Coons on 05.31.2012

  37. its such a hassle to make decisions that could effect the rest of your life. Who needs college? Well everyone, I suppose. But where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? Who knows. God knows. I just wish I knew. I don’t know how to decide.

    By Taylor Flodman on 05.31.2012

  38. Its a hassle to run. Its a hassle to walk. I cannot. Breathe under pressure and I know there’s a some flesh here….wanting to be bitten into….but its a hassle to chew. I can’t explain this to you.

    By CyprusDawn on 05.31.2012

  39. hassle

    Oh boy. I haven’t written any of these in a while because all of them remind me of something that’s going on right now. “Hassle”…. that’s pretty key. I wish the word didn’t exist. Who is anyone to decide that someone or something is a hassle. How about we all just “do.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.31.2012

  40. Everyone are hassle one time of another by someone.
    I like to think you can sometimes avoid certain situation.
    Things can just happen….causing hassle or problem.
    We more and likely try to avoid hassles in our life.
    They will surely come…but we try to make the best of the
    it and move on.No one like being hassle by your boss.

    By Nikki URL on 05.31.2012