January 15th, 2014 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “harm”

  1. THere is that golden rule- do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    I think about that sometimes. I think about it especially when I think about
    how people can mistreat dogs. DOGS! The animals that are so loyal
    and don’t ask for much- sure we lavish them sometimes
    with cotton blankets and meaty chew toys, but what harm really do they cause us?

    By Ellie on 01.15.2014

  2. Harming others, no thanks

    No harm here

    By Paul URL on 01.15.2014

  3. “Help!” Lindsey struggled against the dark arms that had reached out of the darkness behind her. One second ago she was stepping into the mall, the next she was being grabbed and pulled down a dark alley where one of the stores was still under construction. A knife was placed on her throat, threatening to cause her harm.

    By Rosheen on 01.15.2014

  4. Harming myself.
    I feel alive.
    It makes me remember
    That I deserve this.
    Adrenaline rush.
    I can’t stop.

    By E.C. Watson-Holmes on 01.15.2014

  5. It’s not harm that you need to worry about. It’s the people trying to prevent the harm. You can live in your perfect bubble, but you slowly die inside of that bubble. The bubble is what’s harming you from being a human. Get out of the bubble.

    By Rover on 01.15.2014

  6. harm is good, harm is bad, harm is ugly

    By Paul URL on 01.15.2014

  7. They did what they were told, because they were told that if they did, their families would come to no harm. They believed their leaders, why wouldn’t they. What they didn’t know was, if they had not obeyed, it would have been their leaders who harmed their families, not their enemies.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.15.2014

  8. Harming people is a very bad idea. I don’t got 60 seconds to explain why it is bad. It just is. Please don’t harm people. Unless….


    Im sorry you feel hurt homie. Have a hug *hugs*

    Love and peace in the middle west, G.

    By Sauce on 01.15.2014

  9. There was always that one promise, whispered, yelled, declared, and made known by every parent to their child that the child should come to no harm while growing up. It’s a promise that is always broken. A child will always be harmed somehow, but it doesn’t have to horrific, it is just a step leading the child to becoming a strong adult.

    By Malzy on 01.15.2014

  10. “Don’t worry, my dear child. No one can hurt you. Daddy’s will stay with you all night. I will protect you.”

    By nyaaawn on 01.15.2014

  11. He caused more harm by diving head first into the building. Blood flowed from his brown locks and reddened his face. But he knew he had to stop them.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.15.2014

  12. To harm someone is to hurt them; whether it be physical or emotional it causes this person to feel great pain and to suffer. People do not deserve to be harmed and yet in our world so many innocent people are harmed each day because of abuse and random violence.

    By sara on 01.15.2014

  13. She never meant to harm she says
    she was harmed she says
    but the bruises on my cheeks
    filled my soul with empty grey?

    I harmed her she says
    she was harmed she says
    tell that to my diary,
    is it filled with lies or is she?

    I’m the crazy one she says
    she was harmed she says
    who can i believe
    her words or my memories?

    You’re the crazy one i whisper
    i was harmed I whisper
    she was crazy and she harmed
    I was harmed and made crazy

    she was harmed she said
    no i said

    By cosmic on 01.15.2014

  14. To harm someone is to hurt them to love someone is to harm them whether we love or harm it ends the same with one person torn and the other to blame I wish I could change that it is my mission to rewrite history is my most wanted action.

    By Triet Nguyen on 01.15.2014

  15. “Hade’s promised no harm would come to me….The deal is off…”
    “Meg…no! NO!!”

    -Hercules; during the battle of Olympus, after Meg gets hurt, just before Hercules regains his strength and earns the title of a god, but turns it down.

    By HedrBear on 01.15.2014

  16. “I promise I won’t hurt a single hair on his precious little head,” she intoned, eyes staring straight ahead, unblinking. A small smile twisted its way across her lips. “But in return, you must do everything I say, no questions asked.”

    By WearyWater URL on 01.15.2014

  17. “Look closely at my hands, Miss Vergil,” the man said. Clad in black from head to toe, everything about his outward appearane screamed of darkness, danger and things that went bump in the night.

    Maybe even in the daytime.

    But his hands, oh, his hands. Now that he’d drawn our attention to them, we could only stare. There was something that rendered all speech useless the moment that human eyes rested on two gaping holes, one in each palm.

    Miss Vergil shivered beside me and I didn’t dare react when she grabbed my arm hard enough to hurt. There was no way I could look him in the eye now.

    “It is alright,” his voice was warm, in contrast to his everlasting black cloak. “I mean you no harm.”

    By Sara H. URL on 01.15.2014

  18. Harm no one
    Not even yourself
    that’s right,
    you may think I’m wrong
    But you’re wrong
    Harm one and you harm all
    Harm no one and you harm yourself
    Please listen
    Don’t let them bring you down
    Don’t let them make you into a killer
    Stop it
    Be kind
    Move forward in movement with grace
    Bring mercy to your grave
    Harm no one and you will be harmed
    Let you surrender

    By Anthony Ross - stopbeingsilly.blogspot.ca on 01.15.2014

  19. You didn’t mean to harm me. I might of done it to myself. I didn’t tell you my terms. But you never gave me a change to.

    By Marina URL on 01.15.2014

  20. I’ve always looked at him and seen this Godly connection burning in his verdantly blue eyes. It’s something I can’t explain. I used to joke around “You have serial killer eyes, haha”. He thought it was just a joke. It really wasn’t. Couldn’t he see how he was harming me? His eyes were murderers and his hands extortionists. They were killing me. Still are, even after all these years. CR.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 01.15.2014

  21. Who wants harm? Who wants a negative outlook? Harm, why? Why not peace for the whole world, moreover, peace for yourself? Why is it that we have more negative outlook than positive? We?, I meant other people. I can’t believe what is happening?

    Harm. It is a really bad word. Why would you harm someone? Maybe someone you have a disagreement with, but actually harm? I don’t think so.

    By roze_princess on 01.15.2014

  22. Harm is subjective.
    You can hurt me, but I can’t hurt you.
    That’s what I find the most frustrating.
    When will your words stop cutting my skin to ribbons
    that aren’t strong enough to bind my wounds?

    By Hannah Crow URL on 01.15.2014

  23. He could harm her, right then and there. That much was obvious when she saw the glint of metal underneath his jacket. He could pull that gun out and shoot her at any moment.
    But he didn’t and she wasn’t sure why. There was a fear in his eyes as he watched her move. As though she was the one that would hurt him. But she was just a girl… or, she supposed, she used to be just a girl.
    Now, what was she? A monster?

    By Terra on 01.15.2014

  24. Harm is subjective.
    You can hurt me, but I can’t hurt you.
    That’s what I find the most frustrating.
    When will your words stop cutting my skin to ribbons
    that aren’t strong enough to bind my wounds?
    Stop cutting me down and help me stand up for once.

    By Hannah Crow on 01.15.2014

  25. She looked down at her wrists… the blood flowing there. She cried, knowing she had betrayed the many promises she had made to her friends, and herself. Looking up at the window pane, she thought about the life beyond. What it would be like if she went through with it and just killed herself.

    By Stephanie Clinton URL on 01.15.2014

  26. Standing alone. Breathing hard. Tears stream endlessly down her face.

    She tore out her own heart. Wore it on her sleeve. Pretended he would never bring her harm.

    He stood. Didn’t say a word. And in that he proved exactly why he was never worth her time. The absence of words, of emotion, or expression cut deeper than the betrayal.

    By J. on 01.15.2014

  27. don’t harm them,
    touch the leaves gently
    and wrap your fingers around their hair.
    let them grow in the sunshine.
    make sure they drink plenty of water.
    love them, especially when others aren’t looking.
    never forget your garden.

    By Kairn on 01.15.2014

  28. Come here, darling. No one’s going to harm you. I won’t let them. You know I won’t. You’re all mine.

    By sitara URL on 01.15.2014

  29. He is throwing her off. Her mental stability continues to alter with his every touch, his every glance. She wants to kiss him and smack him. It is easier to harm him than to let him know of her feelings. SH can’t control it, she craves the stability of an emotionless abyss inside the soul where nothing can escape. Everything about him is unravelling her from the inside out.

    By umbazachika on 01.15.2014

  30. self harm is so trite but the fact is, I had to let it out somehow. The way my pain bubbled up inside me it felt like it was going to burst. Cutting into my arm allowed me to channel some of it out and into the world. I enjoyed the release, almost orgasmic the way it happened.

    I used a knife and cut into my skin and I felt in control again, letting the pain out of my body.

    By Jenni URL on 01.15.2014

  31. Thus I seek refuge in the embrace of music. With a mind occupied on finger placement and smooth arm movements, among the eighth notes and time signatures, I know I can be done no harm.

    By aura.rayne on 01.15.2014

  32. I would just like to hear your voice, hear your laugh, go places for the first time. I am truly afraid that these feelings will soon cause harm.

    By t URL on 01.15.2014

  33. “I didn’t mean you any harm.”

    “It doesn’t matter if you *meant* it. What matters is what I feel.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “Now there’s always going to be a hole. A leaky hole.” And with that she started crying again, and he didn’t know what to do, because if he put his arms around her, she would just throw them off again, and look at him with that betrayed-dog look.

    By Holden URL on 01.16.2014

  34. Harm refers to the infliction of pain the causing of damage in literal terms. Harm may be categorised as physical, emotional or peripheral. In common usage, harm is used to describe the infliction of emotional damage which often has no physical basis you the action of a verbal or behavioural causative agent.

    By Arkaprava on 01.16.2014

  35. Part I:
    Wow. What a word. Harm comes in so many forms and in so many places and what are we supposed to do about it? There’s no “fixing” harm. Not like people think. It doesn’t end when the pain stops. It just keeps going, lower and slower, but still there. And it all piles up until something actually cracks. And that’s when it’s dangerous. Not at the beginning, but when it cracks you.

    Part II:
    At least the cracks stay cracks, though.

    By Shannon on 01.16.2014

  36. Whenever I walked pass him he would look at me like I was a fool. It made me sick. I had never done anything to harm him. Apparantly that was it: He wanted the attention

    By Julie on 01.16.2014

  37. Her children were so young. It was difficult being a new parent again and worrying about them so much. She was really concerned that no harm should come to them.

    By Alexandra on 01.16.2014

  38. I meant absolutely no harm, of that i am sure. I’ve grown older now, much more mature. But the time is ticking, the clocking is running – “Not my fault” i said, she was utterly stunnining. Sorry.

    By Simon Stenroos on 01.16.2014

  39. I thought about throwing the puppy to the wall. I thought about what would happen to it, how it would make me feel. I couldn’t do it, but still. The thought haunts me.

    By Julie on 01.16.2014

  40. Harm is what happens when someone or something hurts you either physically, emotionally, or mentally. It also happens when you inflict pain on yourself this is called self harm.

    By Deyjuan URL on 01.16.2014