July 25th, 2010 | 273 Entries

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273 Entries for “half”

  1. Halb und Halb. Halb Mann halb Frau. Halb Mensch halb Tier. Halb Kind halb Erwachsener. Halb glücklich halb … Geht das, halb glücklich? Oder geht glücklich nur ganz? So wie tot oder schwanger oder geboren?

    By Lisa URL on 07.26.2010

  2. partial…not all the way there…missing something, like my life….big black hole in the middle of everything. you know whats there, don’t know what isn’t….but you can feel its absence a burning fire.

    By Stephanie URL on 07.26.2010

  3. Half grew up in a small village off the coast of Doesn’t Matter. He always wanted to be a bullfighter but settled instead for taxidermy.

    By Susan on 07.26.2010

  4. Half a life means the beginning of the rest. Love what you have. Hole. Think more than you speak. Or your half a person.

    By Karine on 07.26.2010

  5. Sharing meant so much to me when I was younger. The gesture of breaking my cookie off in a brave half, and holding out the bigger portion for somebody, was “I like you a whole lot.”

    By Jean Lucia URL on 07.26.2010

  6. My other half lives thousands of miles away. We share many interests, but not the same continent. I miss him, but only half the time.

    By Josh URL on 07.26.2010

  7. a person who waits
    lady waiting for her husband

    By megha on 07.26.2010

  8. My other half lives thou­sands of miles away. We share many inter­ests, but not the same con­ti­nent. I miss him, but only half the time.

    By Josh Patat URL on 07.26.2010

  9. Half of a whole a lovers quarrel a result of breaking one small insignificant piece from it’s other half, the other one it needs to function, to survive. Yet dos this truly exist? is there truly one person you’re ment for? Does it matter? Do I care?

    By George on 07.26.2010

  10. half an hour is the time it is supposed to take for the Valerian root capsules I took to properly kick in. if I were to lay down next to my dearest love, I would be able to fall asleep at this moment, more than likely.

    By marie on 07.26.2010

  11. half a second is the time it takes for my synapses to fire. half a second is the amount of time I should in theory be able to get an entire cohesive sentence out from my brain onto the paper. half a second. I’ve half a mind to try this again.

    By marie on 07.26.2010

  12. the cookie laid there on the ground, motionless and facing utter defeat.

    By inna on 07.26.2010

  13. I’m single. I don’t feel like I’m missing my other half. I like being alone – the company’s always good.

    By Alia URL on 07.26.2010

  14. girlfriend, boyfriend.
    im not complete without him. yet i feel empty. like hes going to not like me if he actually knows me. i worry wayy to much. but im scared.

    By cam on 07.26.2010

  15. I love how we fill in each other’s missing pieces. You give me a rhythm and I throw you a melody. You bring me out of my shell and I show you the joy in silence. I can be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds… and you can be the anchor that keeps me on the ground. When you’re away, I miss you like the twin I never had – you’re always part of me. Never forget that.

    By fishiesinthesky URL on 07.26.2010

  16. One half of me is a photographer, the other half is a writer. That’s was yesterdays conclusion. I am quite glad about this. It makes for a good start in a good time.

    By lottezwo URL on 07.26.2010

  17. Jonas tore the map and gave half to Buddy. “Here. You get half and I get half.” Buddy rubbed at his streaming his eyes and looked up at his older brother. “But that way neither one of us can find it alone.” “Exactly,” Jonas replied wisely. “So, you go live with Mom, and I’ll go live with Dad, and when we see each other again next summer, we’ll find the treasure together.”

    By Izolda on 07.26.2010

  18. I stopped as the music did. She couldn’t expect me to only do half! Demi-pointe was pathetic and did not fit the piece. Beyond that, I already had my pointe shoes out… hadn’t she noticed that I wasn’t wearing flat shoes when I entered? This woman was infuriating!

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 07.26.2010

  19. I am half
    You are half
    We are whole
    Together we are one
    Our love is strong
    Entertwined for life
    That makes Us.

    By liltig URL on 07.26.2010

  20. halfway down the stairs i stop and remember what i’m missing but the steps just wait patiently for me

    By en URL on 07.26.2010

  21. half a dozen eggs were bought by the old man that evening. he then went on to take it home and cook them on the pan for his old crippled wife. she LOVES scrambled eggs. they’re her favorite. she has them for breakfast every day of every year of every decade.

    By roonie on 07.26.2010

  22. my glass is half empty and so am I

    By km on 07.26.2010

  23. 1/2 , not full , something divided in two. not complete like my heart which she ripped open and left it to bleed.

    By krizt on 07.26.2010

  24. the glass should never be half-empty. Isn’t that what they always say? Half-empty implies something is missing, that there is more that could be gained. In reality, there’s still something in the cup, isn’t there? Why complain?

    By Teagen on 07.26.2010

  25. half of one is, nevertheless, still less than one, and much more less than a pair, so I strive to be my whole self, and nothing else.

    By Daniel URL on 07.26.2010

  26. half of 100 is 50. 50% is failing. why is that if when you are optimistic enough to see a glass as half full? if 50% is half full to you, 50% should be passing. optimism.

    By corey on 07.26.2010

  27. He and I
    She and him.
    Better half.
    Smarter half.
    Logical half.
    Missing half.
    We half nothing.
    We just never started out as whole.

    By Christina URL on 07.26.2010

  28. half is what you get after you divide a quantity by its double. It is representated by 1/2.

    By Gary on 07.26.2010

  29. Half of my life is gone or half is left. Or maybe I only have half a day left. Who knows.

    By yuhee kim on 07.26.2010

  30. To dwindle the full potential of the half witted mind leaves all despair and sometimes little time but with the dime of hope you have a shiny pope to finish your half tonight, praise.

    By Cpt.Foss URL on 07.26.2010

  31. Half of the things I said or did I had no idea what I was doing. I was just going forward. Moving forward. I wasn’t thinking or contemplating or deciding. I had no idea what I was doing most of the time. I was just there, doing the best that I thought I could. And that’s what made it so fun. Looking back, you can make judgments and think about these actions. But when you’re in it, just go!

    By Milaya Mila URL on 07.26.2010

  32. Half of my heart belongs to you. Who does the other half belong to you ask? Well the other half belongs to him, my first love. A first love always has your heart. I would give you my whole heart if I could. But for now I can only give you half.

    By Megan Sea URL on 07.26.2010

  33. half full or half empty? that is the main question which determines your view on life. Do you see everything from the sunny side or is your vision dark?

    By Martine on 07.26.2010

  34. I cracked eggs a lot this morning. A lot of eggs. They all crack in half. It’s not interesting work. I don’t mind it though. It leaves time to think about things.

    By Cory on 07.26.2010

  35. half of my heart is nestled comfortably in your rib cage, beating in sync with yours. the spaces between my fingers feel empty without yours there. both physically and emotionally, you are my perfect other half.

    By Ellie URL on 07.26.2010

  36. Half and half. Optimist or pessimist? Half full or half empty. Half enjoyed or half over? Which half will you be today? I choose to be the enlightened half. Carpe diem!

    By Amos Gonzalez URL on 07.26.2010

  37. You don’t even know the half of it. I sit here and smile, but its all a show. I try to take from the days the good thing you know? and every moment I can’t see you’re face my heart bottoms out and time slows. I miss you.

    By Kat URL on 07.26.2010

  38. one and a half. half a cup. half full or half empty?i dont know.

    By rose on 07.26.2010

  39. half full or half empty? i dont know. what’s inside the cup?

    By mary on 07.26.2010

  40. Hey. I’m one of those people who believe in finding your half. When you find your half, you reach the top of your awesomeness. Cause what’s more awesome than being loved, being completed? Right, nothing. Good luck in finding your half. I really hope you will. If you already found your half…be happy together.

    By Lily Black URL on 07.26.2010