November 21st, 2010 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “habit”

  1. Habits can be a good thing and bad. Good habits are relatively easy in general but tough in particular. Bad hahits are something I have good disapline ith. I think good habits are the key to a good life. Time is finite. Good habits ensure you utilize those precious minutes. bad habits are a waste of time and life.

    By Scott URL on 11.22.2010

  2. i live in a habit. we own a habit. i bought a habit. we borrowed a habit. i have a habit. i would like a habit.

    By ikaika URL on 11.22.2010

  3. i have a habit. it is a awesome habit. the habit is wierd. it is crazy

    By jace URL on 11.22.2010

  4. its a habit to sleep its a habit to cry its a habbit to go to the bathroom do you have a habit i have a habit lol a habit is fun

    By chase curell on 11.22.2010

  5. Nobody ever really thinks about the good habits they have. It always seems to be negative. Pulling hang nails, grinding your teeth, stacking dirty dishes… the list never ends. As we all go through life we should think about the one good habit that brings a smile to our face.

    By izzie on 11.22.2010

  6. Habits aren’t always bad. I try to make a habit of telling my girl I love her and kissing her. But she does not do the same. Is that bad? Should I be concerned?

    I hate smoking. People need to stop doing it. It’s just disgusting.

    By Tim URL on 11.22.2010

  7. alot of people have alot of diffrent certain kinds of habits one habbit can be were they do something that makes it a habbit like drugs and drinking

    By asia URL on 11.22.2010

  8. He had tried to kick the habit several times, succeeding for a little while each time, but in the end, he always returned to the well from which he sprang. He was a serial killer and although he tried to deny it, he knew that he would never be able to turn away from it completely.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.22.2010

  9. Cleaning up the house when we argued had always been a habit of hers. We’d disagree about something and start arguing, but she’d promptly grab a feather duster and start walking through the living room, dusting lightly on all the tables and lamps. I’d have to follow her around, trying to make my point before she gave a snappy retort and stepped into another room. It was annoying, but at the same time I found it exceedingly difficult to be mad at her. The whole situation was just so funny.

    By vish URL on 11.22.2010

  10. I’ve fallen into the habit of trying to make everything the best I possibly can. It’s all got to be perfect or nobody will like me. But when it is, when everybody likes me just as much as possible-I don’t like myself. I hate liars, so how could I love myself? I finally stopped being perfect, no one noticed but me and I’m… happy? Happy.

    By Andelia URL on 11.22.2010

  11. I get into these funks where it’s all i think about
    for someone so selfish i don’t really
    believe it can be so
    i get lost in habits of the unknown
    i don’t know where I’ll end up
    but maybe you could come
    or maybe you could help me get there
    then out of habit
    the selfishness will come back
    and there’s nothing
    we can do about it.

    By fish URL on 11.22.2010

  12. Every morning, every night, every day, all the same, all just a habit, never changing.

    By AD on 11.22.2010

  13. Habit. Usual behaviour. Things that you become accustomed to.

    By Brit on 11.22.2010

  14. what is a habit? is it safety or coward? When we never try to break a habit we are never trying to do something different but we have the fortitude to always do the same thing. What does having habits say about us? It depends on what our habit is and who thinks it is acceptable.

    By Claire URL on 11.22.2010

  15. I used to have an habit -smocking pot- but now is more like my lifestyle… is my wife. I love you weed! (just kidding)

    By alfacarlo URL on 11.22.2010

  16. She had an habit, but as soon as she found me she decide to walk the earth with me. Now we have four kids, and one of them wants to wear an habit this december… How weird is the world.

    By himo URL on 11.22.2010

  17. Everyone always says they’re bad,
    but they get me through the day.
    Just because it’s always there
    always the same
    does that always make it bad?

    By anwebb on 11.22.2010

  18. i have a habit of commented on everything like anything. habits can be good and bad habit habit habit its a habit to say habit idk y im in this class right now opps almost outta tim.

    By drakkari on 11.22.2010

  19. Smoking isn’t an addiction. It’s a habit. I’m telling you, I can quit any time I want. I don’t need this drug. I just enjoy it, that’s all… Get off my back!

    By Cory URL on 11.22.2010

  20. It was his habit to stroll along the river every night at dusk. He did this without fail regardless of the weather. Rain, snow, heat not did not matter

    By Angela on 11.22.2010

  21. my first through was that is was a pearl jam song, which is one of my favorite bands. doesn’t a nun wear one as well? i guess there is the obvious, when you think about something you do my rote. perhaps my first thought of song titles could be considered a habit? is it possible that i approach lots of subjects that way? i’d like to think that non-linear thinking is common.

    By dan URL on 11.22.2010

  22. I only think about my self. over and a over and over. I’m the poster child for daily use. I am what you want to break, what you want to keep, to share, spread destroy wipe out. Stop me stop me. but Oh do you really want to . Late on a saturday night cold and alone do you really want to stop me this need that I provide. the Love and devotion that I bring to you?

    By Drew URL on 11.22.2010

  23. She always needed to physically touch everything to see how it worked. It bordered on reflex, and she barely even noticed doing it. Right now, she knew the bomb was wired through the phone lines.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.22.2010

  24. It is a habit when you do something over and over again. Some habits are good and some are bad. They say to form a new habit you must do it at least 3 weeks, then it becomes habit to you.

    By Jennifer on 11.22.2010

  25. It was just a habit.
    He didn’t really do it on purpose. The eye rolling. It was rude, yeah. His mother hated it. Said he had to learn respect. But he did respect her. He just couldn’t help the way his green eyes moved when he heard something he didn’t particularly like.
    It was just a habit.

    By Trixia Pilapil URL on 11.22.2010

  26. I have many bad habits; smoking things i ought not, eating things I ought not; biting nails; ignoring dishes and laundry; etc. I find these are all pretty par for the course. I just wish I had habits like exercising, solving world problems, things that contribute to society so I can feel like being a better person is easy.

    By Judge Mental URL on 11.22.2010

  27. a habit can be bad or it can be good. Whatever it is, you can be sure that once you’re in it, you want to like being in it. Some habits, such as writing creatively, cannot be misconstrued as negative, or a waste of time. As, when else is it in our daily lives that we are truly honest with ourselves. Dragons.

    By lookwhatthelightdidnow URL on 11.22.2010

  28. what is a habit but a practice, or a certain approach that you liek to repeat. I’m in the habit of avoiding things I don’t like to do. Such as the present moment: writing about my habit while I am acting it out. Would I rather mark those grade 11 essays or write about my habits?

    By lookwhatthelightdidnow URL on 11.22.2010

  29. i have a terrible habit of biting my fingernails. it doesn’t end well, as I usually get hangnails, and it deforms the shape of my finger, and I bleed, and I scar.
    if you bite your nails, it’s presumed you hate yourself, and I suppose that’s true. I wish that wasn’t it

    By Geoffrey on 11.22.2010