March 17th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “gym”

  1. ha ha…what a topic…i love the aerobics sessions in gym…but i hate getting up early!!!…:-(if i don’t go on monday,…then its off for the rest of the week

    By vaish URL on 03.18.2011

  2. come in come in – not many folk attend at this time of the evening – or is it night – I haven’t seen outside in a while – a few hours that is – street lights on? – you would know – you’ve just come in – for a work out- work-up a sweat – work through stuff — like me — of course that was a while ago – haven’t been out much — just recently

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.18.2011

  3. a place for geeks and freaks and I didnt go tonight although I wish I would have. It is a necessity for me too!

    By jim on 03.18.2011

  4. I was

    By Aly URL on 03.18.2011

  5. Fwwwomp Thump Sswwwwp Thump Fwwwwomp Thud. Thud ka-thumpthump. I imagine your shoulder braces my head, allowing anchor to the heaviest part of me sinking and shifting into your frame. And I feel so strong but physically incapable. Putting my fists into the air above us, connect them with my pointers and turn my wrists, giving my fist lungs animated flight. I don’t even know how out of breath I am until I try to talk. I’d leave one up in the air and squeeze it hard and fast, over and over again. Simulated heart. I wonder what size it is compared to my hand and too many things to mention. Guess what I can feel my fingernails in my palm hen wI do this! My new routine is working out

    By banamber URL on 03.18.2011

  6. Oh i’m a gym virgin, if you may call it. Never gone gymming in my life.. Would want to visit that world someday. But I’m not too sure, Its not that i’m not interested in fitness.. I do yoga … but gym is something I feel needs a lot of dedication or else you end up putting on weight

    By Rima on 03.18.2011

  7. The gym is a great place to work out….. maybe meet some chicas yadidah? Except theyre probably all sweaty so you’ll probably want to consider just taking a shower and getting an eharmony account.

    By Rawley on 03.18.2011

  8. As soon as Jake turned the gym lights off he heard the worst scream ever.

    “Oh my God…No!…Jane!”

    It took a few minutes for the lights to warm back up, but when he could finally see there were four gorgeous aerobic instructors surrounding him holding…

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.18.2011

  9. It was an awkward middle school. Everything about it. The teachers all seemed to have that nasal voice that always shows up in cartoons. The drinking fountain was so short, you have to bend your body forward in the most awkward way just to get some water. But the most awkward of all was gym class. The girls and the girls would part ways to go into separate locker rooms. As soon as you got in there, all could smell was sweat and dirty laundry.

    By Lauren on 03.18.2011

  10. a workout: its a workout of the emotions- more than a workout: a go-for-gold total endurance test that every workout til now has prepared me for and this is the title I was born to go for and everything depends on winning and if I don’t what will remain and will I exist anymore?

    By geraldine URL on 03.18.2011

  11. He heaved his brightly tanned torso over the weight benches as The Assistant took time to observe every pulping muscle sticking out of his bulky arms. the gym was the perfect place to meet like minded people. it was only two months away from the grand heavy weight lifting competition. Roger had planned every minute of his schedule but a women as sexy as amanda wasn’t part of the plan but nevertheless a nice distraction. He was surprised he had never noticed her before.

    By gwen URL on 03.18.2011

  12. joseph was a lean man with enough ego to fill a stadium but his wife of ten years insisted that he go to the gym as perfection was her middle name. Jolene was an out of shape mess herself but that did not concern her one bit

    By gwen URL on 03.18.2011

  13. To me the gym is a place where people go to show off. Real working out occurs in the outdoors. Its healthier for your mind as well.

    By Anonymous on 03.18.2011

  14. so do you come here often?
    It was such a pick up line. I didn’t even bother turning to see who had said it, or even replying. I turned up the speed on the treadmill and cranked up the volume on my ipod. So when the tap on the shoulder came you can see why i would have gotten annoyed…

    By Sile URL on 03.18.2011

  15. I’ve recently bought a gym card although I have never used the gym, I’ve only gone to classes. I like exercising, I love muscles. I’m gonna get started on the gym.

    By Lisa on 03.18.2011

  16. A place that I used to go to regularly in between getting exercise through more than enough domestic duties. Is it a place of perceived or real vanity. A wish in the making for the ideal body. The Greeks and Romans had there own image of perfection in the human body but it had to be anatomically changed to create what we now know as ‘Classical. Perhaps beauty is as it was then, only in ‘the eye of the beholder.’

    By Cally on 03.18.2011

  17. i do not know what to say about the gym. it is a place where you go to improve upon your physical body. i love saunas and steam rooms at the gym. that makes going very worthwhile and gives me a nice relaxing finish to my workout. the gym is a nice place to clear your mind as well. there is a lot of intense energy always flowing around the place when i go. my body is a temple

    By Bad Influence URL on 03.18.2011

  18. return to darkness

    By sid on 03.18.2011

  19. I don’t like gyms. I’m too laid back to like a gym, its holds for me a sign of self struggle and crossing barriers. I might be scared of it, or whatever it is, maybe i don’t want to challenge myself. Jim and gym. For the laughs

    By unkitjc URL on 03.18.2011

  20. I really do need to go the gym. I’ve been thinking about it for it just way too long & putting on tons of weight in the meantime! But i’m going to follow through on it soon for sure!

    By teddy URL on 03.18.2011

  21. stinky, slosed up space with no fresh air, just other peoples’ smell. instead-I choose outside workout, in the park, forest, by the water.

    By ivana URL on 03.18.2011

  22. Ick. The gym. What a gross word. I haven’t been to the gym in years. Although there was one time was I was a hard out gym junkie. I got really fit actually. My body changed like I’d never seen it before. My arms had shape and tone and oh my god this is a really boring story. Anyway. I don’t love the gym. I’d rather eat chocolate, drink wine, smoke cigarettes and go for a walk occasionally. That is my idea of a balanced lifestyle.

    By Rochelle URL on 03.18.2011

  23. place to exercise, be fit, gaze, fit bodies, tone bodies, relax, spa, socialize, routine, fitness, network,

    By Rohit on 03.18.2011

  24. a place to take care of one’s body…fueled by physical health, mental health, vanity and social reasons…

    By Brandon Lee on 03.18.2011

  25. Gym was my best friend.
    We played basketball everyday.
    But he wasn’t good.
    He was a man

    By Matthew on 03.18.2011

  26. If i had nothing better to do I might go there but it would only be to socialise – much too clinical for me is the GYM!

    By matilda URL on 03.18.2011

  27. Gym is an annoying little fuck. So much baggage after he found out his parents named him after a training facility.

    By hansie URL on 03.18.2011

  28. Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls. You’ll find them on in the gym. Kids bouncing and kicking them. Rolling them across the floor.

    By Eden URL on 03.18.2011

  29. Gym class was always my least favorite class my freshman year. We ran a mile every Friday and sometimes Wednesdays. I’ve never been athletic so I dreaded the class every day. I was always slower than the other kids in my class and it was embarrassing. Now gym class is something I wish I was required to take every year, that way I could be more in shape and athletic.

    By Brooklyn URL on 03.18.2011

  30. I used to go to the gym. I used to go twice a week and I was quite strict with myself about it, too. Now I don’t go to any gym, I don’t do much excerise. How did that happen? What has changed? The gym is awkward to get to and you have to undress and dress in company, no thanks. I do like to cycle ride, though1

    By Leeswammes URL on 03.18.2011

  31. When I think of the word gym I think of countless hours of nothing but exercising and playing basketball. I love going to the gym and staying in shape even though I lack doing so every so often

    By Micah URL on 03.18.2011

  32. i see gym as a place where people are helped b instructors to guide them in losing weight or body building.i unfortunately am one of those who has joined gym and am confident that now i will lose weight.its very helpful

    By shikha on 03.18.2011

  33. place to run around doing activity with the aim of getting healthier and, some say, having fun. not a man’s name, that’s spelt differently. some would say a word with no vowels. depends on how you feel about ‘y’ though.

    By monkeyface on 03.18.2011

  34. My friend always go to the gym, when they talk about physical fitness they sound like barking dogs. Every time they start up at a party it kills the vibe because nobody likes to think about how bad the beers are for them.

    By joe on 03.18.2011

  35. over so much time, if i think too hard i might lose my mind.
    lyrics from the song i’m listening to right now that, oddly, fit quite well with the general theme of the gym. not perfectly, but if you’re flexible yes.

    By klaus on 03.18.2011

  36. working out, building muscle, having fun, better mind, clear ,feeling healthy looking healthy exercise fresh air good for you heart and soul getting out frusrations and anger feeling happy being better at life . motivation. keep going.

    By lyndsay on 03.18.2011

  37. hate it very much. nobody should go to gym. gym is suck. the worst thing about it the sweat.

    By m on 03.18.2011

  38. I feel like the gym is intimidating for me. I can’t go because I am too self conscious. I would like to be in shape and feel sexy and have confidence like those other girls there. I like to work out in my room instead, and going for hikes and walks.. without a bunch of people competing who looks better and not having people stare at me .

    By shit on 03.18.2011

  39. Gyms always stink. They smell like sweaty people and sweaty clothes. They’re never ventilated enough. I think that’s a requirement. It must stink. And somehow it’s okay to stink because people think it’s worth it.

    By deadponies URL on 03.18.2011

  40. I want to go to the gym but I never go. People are so well intentioned but never do it. They sign up to satisfy their guilt and also the gym owners bank account.

    By Paul Fleming URL on 03.18.2011