June 7th, 2012 | 279 Entries

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279 Entries for “grind”

  1. Some say it’s expression of feelings on the dance floor. Some say it’s wrong. But my mother flat out said no. She was always nagging about why not to do it! But I became more and more curious until I finally did it.
    His name was Michael.

    By Somebody That You Used to Know on 06.07.2012

  2. The press was full of old grounds but I wanted it anyway. She was asking two dollars for the warped relic. I shelled out the two bucks and got back into my car.

    By David on 06.07.2012

  3. i really dont know what grind means but i think its related to machinery . so it can be some kind of a tool. grind could be also used in poetry to make the reader much more interested in what he is reading so that the poem could be less flowing and more mysterious. a grind could also be a stove. and now i can stilll write more because the page refreshed. grind is also present in front of my house. its little pebbles on the ground. they make it really hard to walk with no shoes on since they stick onto your feet and sometimes can beas hurtful as stepping on glass. however some people feel no pain

    By Marysia on 06.07.2012

  4. grind nails against a chalk board is fun and amazing :D lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz hahahahahaha funny stuff to see people freak out at the noise XD best thing ever!!! lmao its just amazing that and grinding a nail against someone’s back and hearing them scream in pain >:D lmfao thats the best i swear when someone screams in pain it just fills me with joy im not kidding try it sometime oh and grinding a key on some’s car is funny too cuz you can carve in their paint job :D

    By Alanna Daum URL on 06.07.2012

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    By Mr. Pickles URL on 06.07.2012

  6. Dancing, party. Dubbing . Fun. Friends. Dirty dancing . Music.

    By Vonnae on 06.07.2012

  7. I grind my feet on the pavement and i feel the screech rather than hear it. The others runners footsteps just feet behind me drown out all other noises. I feel accomplished and amazed. Im not a runner but I’ve just one the 100 meter dash. It’s a miracle, I think as the others grind to a stop next to me, seconds later.

    By Amy on 06.07.2012

  8. Back to the daily grind, the executioner thought with a sigh. Then, he heaved the axe into the air. It glinted in the sun -only once- before crashing down through the sinew of the prisoner’s neck.

    By Alison URL on 06.07.2012

  9. The word grind can be used in three different ways. Someone can grind their teeth in their sleep, grind their food up, or depending on how perverted you are, you can grind on your boyfriend. Many girls like to use the last one because it is the most fun. :)

    By Hannah Elizabeth on 06.07.2012

  10. i like to grind my peppercorns in the peppermill, its the nicest way to release all the flavor when cooking :)

    By holly burnett on 06.07.2012

  11. i postion a guy does when a girl is dance next to them in a night club, its called grinding because you rub it againist each other

    By josh on 06.07.2012

  12. when you grind, it is like a type of dancing. Grinding is what is done in clubs when you’re dancing with your lady friends, or your brothers (obviously not real brothers, that would be weird). Also you can grind things together that aren’t people to make noises that you through you, like grinding nails on a blackboard. This hurts sometimes, but some people enjoy it, I think they’re the same people who grind against their real brothers.

    By Raechel on 06.07.2012

  13. teeth grinding mercilessly. heads popping up, anxious to discover the source of the sound. grind, grind, grind. the grinder, oblivious to their sleepy irritation. oblivious to so many things.

    By Jennifer Shaheen on 06.07.2012

  14. When you grind, it is like a type of dancing. Grinding is what is done in clubs when you’re dancing with your lady friends, or your brothers (obviously not real brothers, that would be weird). Also you can grind things together that aren’t people to make noises that go through you, like grinding nails on a blackboard. This hurts sometimes, but some people enjoy it, I think they’re the same people who grind against their real brothers.

    By Raechel on 06.07.2012

  15. Harsh, unforgiving. A single word, representing a world of anguish.

    By Rani on 06.07.2012

  16. the day was as slow as it was long. how many more papers to grade? at least 15. and they were all bad. it was like reading death. each word a dull knife to the kidneys. anxiety and frustration rose in his gut and his chest like a monsoon cloud in the murky sky over some asian metropolis.

    By curiousg on 06.07.2012

  17. I wonder if I will ever be back to the grind. That kind of a day when you can go on auto-pilot and not have to think about what you are doing but can dream about anything. I miss that kind of checking out of reality and what’s happening and replacing it with imagination or daydreams. I wonder.

    By aluap on 06.07.2012

  18. grinding in nightclubs is a common dance technique which is used by a number of ages and people. It consists of a female grinding her butt up against the genital area of a man and following this leads to rubbing together. This is what gives it the name of grinding.

    By luke on 06.07.2012

  19. Peppers onions different types of food pencil led teeth at night when you sleep olives mortal and pestle mortal like human/god – gods on mount olymusm lioke the boy who was a giant who ended up opening pandora’s box of terrors exctept there was hope. hope. hope saves us all.

    By sienna on 06.07.2012

  20. to be close and to move to cause friction. like skaters do on their skateboards and along a pole to do a trick. i hate it when people grind their teeth and make that awful sound. it makes me cringe.

    By nayla on 06.07.2012

  21. Consider the worm: soft, moist, not a tooth in its not-head. And yet all those leaves reduced to castings, every crumb of humus kissed by its tube.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 06.07.2012

  22. My night elf hunter
    needs gold for her newest gear.
    Guess it’s time to grind.

    By Catherine McClarin on 06.07.2012

  23. She held me close but I had her tighter. We were sweating beats from the heart and soul of our passion.

    By Afees on 06.07.2012

  24. Dirty. Heavy. Thrusting. The daily grind. Grinding. Love-making. Lust. Mostly love. Urgency. Panic. Want. Desire.

    A piece of something. Remnants of something else. Coffee. Teeth.

    By Anya le Dire on 06.07.2012

  25. The grind, that’s what my friend always called it. That expected yet mind numbing crash back into ordinary life, the transition from the awesome to the mundane. “Back to the grind” he would say.

    By Mario Bertino on 06.07.2012

  26. mash pulverise

    By simone fry on 06.07.2012

  27. Grind your axe. Nose to the grindstone, grind with your skateboard…like Tony Hawk. Grind like Gringotts when someone’s entered the forbidden vault. That’ll get ’em. Grind up on me to some stupid Dubstep song…I’m sad I missed the 80’s.

    By Locke on 06.07.2012

  28. Grinding gears, the cogs turn, the whistles blow. Your just a gear that grinds, small and fragile, but without you, you shut down the whole machine. Grind on.

    By KelCee on 06.07.2012

  29. My hips. On his. The music swelled as we melted together. His breath was hot on my neck. Cliche, isn’t it? I know, I know. I was swimming in lava, playing with fire, but, trust me, burning never felt this good. I wanted him. All of him. And the smirk on his face told me he wanted me, too.

    By Ali DeAngelis URL on 06.07.2012

  30. The sound makes me cringe, didnt mean forit akl to happen but it did. Nrt time i womt mean it . Who am i kididng there will be no next time.

    By victoria on 06.07.2012

  31. Sometimes, you’ve got to grind your teeth and get something done with.
    End something you’re familiar with because it’s hurt you too much.
    Be done. Start over. Because only when you’ve tried many different ways can you find which way is right.
    You know when you’ve found someone special-not in a romantic way; in a way that tells you that they understand some things other people don’t. When you instantly become best friends and know that if the circumstances allowed it, you would be best friends for years. But your locations and your timings make it impossible, and you know you just missed out on a friendship that would have been special, and knowing a person who you just know has something in common with you.
    You know that bad luck just messed this one up.

    By snape on 06.07.2012

  32. Grind the gritty grid, he utters the grizzly gripes of grief.

    By Marianne URL on 06.07.2012

  33. Grind up those bones into dust. Don’t need them for long anyways. Grind them into fine powder, let them blow away in the wind. Grind em up grind em up.

    By L on 06.07.2012

  34. The skateboarded took his gnarly tricks to the park, he knew he had to prove to his friends that his grind had improved. His reputation depended on this one trick; as simple as it seemed. Long had the rail been his

    By Miranda on 06.07.2012

  35. Ok grinding against the floor usually hurts, your hands get really red, and you have like a little skin peeling off. I never like it because you usually shouldn’t like pain…… Ok bye now.

    By Venus on 06.07.2012

  36. The definite and absolute defilement of truth grinds the righteous and the hypocrite as they are offended by the courage of the man who simply goes against the truth. Well, let them be. The truth is never absolute and you might get your side on the wrong side of the truth

    By huxley on 06.07.2012

  37. dances. salt and pepper and how they are pressed like that. and you have to grind it also something grinds my gears

    By brooke on 06.07.2012

  38. grind up herbs . bump and grind . your grind is your hustle or the way you get by . don’t grind your teeth

    By jazz URL on 06.07.2012

  39. Oh, yes, I love grinding. I grind garlic and potatoes and it’s just like being in the club with the homies and the hoes. I Grind and grind like there s no more food tomorrow. Grind with me, baby, grind!

    By Lusmerlin Lantigua URL on 06.07.2012

  40. haha thats a funny word. Well most people would think about this word as grinding perhaps food, but of course in today’s society, the first thing that came to my mind was grinding, as in dancing. like at school dances and stuff. Anyways, i just refreshed the page and my time started over, but everything that i wrote is still here, so I guess I have more time now. I’m not really sure what to write now, but i’m following the directions and just writing, not really thinking. This is the product of it……OUT OF TIME!

    By Jordan on 06.07.2012