June 25th, 2008 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “grace”

  1. having it, giving it….. hoping for a miracle
    good graces, living with it, going above and beyond
    Having mannars and living with good intentions.

    By Lucia on 06.25.2008

  2. Her name was grace, and she exemplified it in every way possible. Her sweet and simple view of the world somehow refreshed and excited me for each day to come with her. I loved her than, and I love her now.

    By Jazzy on 06.25.2008

  3. Grace is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. This is the very core of Christianity. Which states that Jesus Christ went to the cross to die for all sinners, that means everyone. He took our place so that we might receive God’s Riches, eternal life, mercy, eternal salvation and the like.

    By Ryan on 06.25.2008

  4. A really pretty name for a child. I have been thinking a lot about having children for the last couple of weeks. Like while I’m sitting on the lifeguard chair, I try to think of good names for my children. Grace is meaningful and beautiful.

    By Libby on 06.25.2008

  5. grace is a word of freedom. it brings to mind peace and yet it did came at a cost. grace is not deserved. grace is the truest sign of love.

    without grace i would not find the hope to continue to day to day. it is through grace that i have been given life. life that is greater than i ever imagined.

    By jackie on 06.25.2008

  6. i never really had any grace. my mom always told me i did, but i figured all the ballet and tap lessons were just to try to GIVE me some grace.

    as an adult, i trip over everything. i am, truly, a blonde at heart, therefore i have more of a lack of grace than anything else.

    is there a place where you can get some grace? like a store of some sort? that would be awesome.

    By katy mcd on 06.25.2008

  7. With all the grace of a supermodel, she turned to me and kissed my lips. You are so beautiful, she said, and with that, I was hers.

    By Meredith on 06.25.2008

  8. i’d name you grace. or love or better yet grace. besides you have it on your body. and so moved i was. i touched the ink. and it, the ink touched me. no better word to adorn no better body. no better child of grace to meet the other child…to help her get…to grace.

    By cjstar on 06.25.2008

  9. …a tattoo i have on my wrist…meaning ‘help me thru’. i glance at it every now & then, smiling because i know: *you* know it doesn’t mean ‘help me not fall.’ you get me, you get my grace, you pray for it just as hard as i do. i love you for that.

    By chansgirl on 06.25.2008

  10. Grace: God’s riches at Christ’s Expense.

    The quality of forgiving and returning good for evil. The ability to overlook, forbear, and compensate for others’ weakness.

    Good stuff.

    By Warren Peace on 06.25.2008

  11. grace. amazing grace. what is grace? who knows. who cares. he/she/it is amazing. ask lwazi, or lee, they know everything between tem. what is grace? not too sure, i hope i get to read someone else’s comments on it… here’s hoping.

    By jah on 06.26.2008

  12. grace is the only beautiful gift god have given mankind

    By rajendra menon on 06.26.2008

  13. the church looked beautiful on top the hill with the green grass on the ground and white and lavender ribbons flying through the air as if they were flying around the children’s heads as they stood in awe,smiling, looking up towards the sky.

    By Emiy on 06.26.2008

  14. Grace looked around the room and sighed. So much to do and she really didn’t feel like it at this point in time. Why did she agree to this? She shook her head and stood up. Might as well start moving – even if it was just to find something else to procrastinate with.

    By Morgan on 06.26.2008

  15. calm and peaceful

    waves on a shore

    a lady in the dress of the evening (not just an evening dress) glides into the room

    By Kel on 06.26.2008

  16. she was a friend of mine, pretty, gentle and clever.
    She was a drunked girl with blon hair.
    I desired to see her for te last time but i don’t know who she’s now.

    By Elisa on 06.26.2008

  17. jeff buckley album.

    By mw on 06.26.2008

  18. Thanks for the grub. Amen.

    By Lin on 06.26.2008

  19. falling, failing and slowly becoming,
    in the arms of;
    return to the land where
    we knew how to spell
    when we are falling

    By sujay on 06.26.2008

  20. Grace is what we all seek in another who we wish to spend our life with.
    Grace is a quality the endears us to others and them to us. It is the art of being polite and caring while making others feel valued and treasured.

    By Andrew on 06.26.2008

  21. gilded,
    soft-spoken and golden,
    wetter than tears,
    dryer than dust in deserts,
    oh tell me it’s not true,
    it can’t be true,
    there has never been a moment like this.
    fuck him, and you, and everything.

    By RM on 06.26.2008

  22. she walked down the tarrence with such an garce that it seemed as though she were floating, to divine to set foot on the ground. its to be expected that she would after her first kill, so full of blood and lust. if only her maker could she her now, how it would make the stolen blood in his veins run cold.

    By C. Niel Dementia on 06.26.2008

  23. Grace under pressure is the most important thing to learn. if you can keep your head whilst those about those are losing theirs, and such and whatnot.


    What really marks one out as an adult is the ability to have an extended and well-directed tantrum. oh yeah.

    That’s what she seemed to think, anyway. over everything. the dishes being cleaned slightly wrong, a sock on the floor, me spending a weekend away somewhere with friends I hadn’t seen in months. And eventually, I’d had enough.

    I don’t think she saw it coming. Silly cow.

    By tom on 06.26.2008

  24. She was full of it. It dripped from every pore. I was utterly dumbfounded by her.

    Problem is – I’m full of it too. Though not grace…

    By jamon on 06.26.2008

  25. i dnt beleive in god
    but i think he has grace on hymns
    sr.grave was the name of on of my english proff
    grace note is a good site
    grae grace grace
    i dnt knw

    By dhairya on 06.26.2008

  26. my friend is called grace, at least i thought she was my friend. she was beautiful and i was quite jealous in an admirable way of how she looked. i wish i lookd like her. but she didnt really like me. i think she just put up with me. but she was so cool and i really enjoyed hanging out with her despite the uncomfortable silences that sometimes happened. i think i idolise her a little.

    By j on 06.26.2008

  27. someones name

    By shaunypie on 06.26.2008

  28. My sister friend,
    something you say at dinner
    Grace Kelly is a song,
    I like milk.
    Grace is orange, that used to be my favorite colour. But not any more
    Also Grace is not capitalized. hmmm.
    lol wow

    By Brick on 06.26.2008

  29. kelly. the bag. Monaco. Blond. graciously. slim hands. dark eyes. blue. a horse. greyhounds. White and black. softness. the moon.

    By Belle on 06.26.2008

  30. to be allowed to breathe. again. and here i am.

    By christel on 06.26.2008

  31. grace is a trait in humans. It is also a name of a person.

    By blah on 06.26.2008

  32. Grace was my aunt. I remember Dad telling that she was crazy. She mailed him an old broken watch in an envelope for his birthday, addressed to “Billy”.

    My father was forty-something at the time, and hadn’t been called Billy since he was six.

    When she died, her house was filled to the ceilings with National Geographics.

    By sparky on 06.26.2008

  33. submission

    By non on 06.26.2008

  34. I once knew a girl named Grace. Her sister was named Hope. The only thing I really remember about her was that she came to my First Communion party. This sounds like a very religious memory.

    By melissa Morris on 06.26.2008

  35. to give by will

    By sam on 06.26.2008

  36. falling from grace…realizing that life is full of mistakes and learning experiences. Grace is something that must be learned and practiced over and over again. Dancers portray this in physical form. Grace is beauty, natural beauty.

    By Katie Jo on 06.26.2008

  37. grace is a bliss…u have it in your life if u deserve it and u deseve it if u are pure,innocent…and u love yourself…i think grace is that magic moment that come sometimes…love…

    By ingerel on 06.26.2008

  38. Like grace Kelly. Full of beauty. Like a giraffe.
    Long legs, slow canter, one wish. I like grace, it’s beautiful, calm, wonderous. I wish I had more grace in my own life, I could do with more, I wouldn’t be such a cow at times.

    By Kim on 06.26.2008

  39. i wish i had it in the face of troubled times and with people who annoy the hell out of me.

    By laura Tatum Pearman on 06.26.2008

  40. The butterfly in the field is flying never to fall because why? The grace pulls it in the ember direction of a spiral sun never to return to its former crawling self. When all else fails grace is what the butterfly shall fall back on to love itself. Here is our selves, without grace.

    By Jonny on 06.26.2008