June 25th, 2008 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “grace”

  1. Grace is the forgiveness of God, even when we don’t deserve it. It allows us passage through our life’s turmoil.

    By Jim on 06.26.2008

  2. Wonderfull, something i hope i am and hope overs what to be the same. Remins me of a swan and manyover simlair types of creature. Also the nasty girl from Big broither that year who was horrable which is rather funny as they complete opppersites the grace of a swan aaginst a name of a nasty big of a tv programme which i dont at all.

    By Aimee on 06.26.2008

  3. Grace Kelly was maybe the most beautiful woman of the middle XX century. His noble aspect and his fashinating role made the rest…

    By Alberto Soa on 06.26.2008

  4. is something often lacking in those who think they know how the world works. A little grace and humility wouldn’t go amiss – it helps smoothe the way for new ideas and things that challenge our existence. A world without grace is a world forever fighting.

    By eddie on 06.26.2008

  5. Grace looked across the room, earnestly, for any sign of her underwear. It was nowhere to be found….

    By AS on 06.26.2008

  6. Grace. The movement of the ballet dancer upon the stage. The voice of a soprano as the star of the opera. The walk of woman as she passes me on the street. The wonder that grace exists is wonder enough.

    By Peyj on 06.26.2008

  7. Grace is one’s importance..grace comes by a persons deeds…butIf a person is indulged in bad deeds….its a disgrace to him
    A man only gets a chance once in this world to make other people happy an d he should do th e good deeds.

    By Aziz Singh on 06.26.2008

  8. Grace; walk, live, run, but do it gracefully; beautiful. Be beautiful for the people and for God; show a beautiful soul and a beautiful smile, and live for that if nothing else. Graceful, graceful. Paranoia; they’re always watching you, so whatever you do, do it with grace and live in grace. Make them proud. Don’t look stupid. Remember not to cry.

    By Jaclyn on 06.26.2008

  9. there comes a time when you have to just sit back and hope that grace does exist. I know I am in that place where I want to understand and belive in something better and bigger that can provide me with this grace.

    By Andrea on 06.26.2008

  10. grace. a fall from grace has met many at the bottom. it’s hard to maintain a balance of grace. grace for others, grace for yourself, a grace period.

    By katie on 06.26.2008

  11. I’m probably not the person to ask about grace. One would hope to find a state of grace at some point, but few people ever do. Depressing? Yeah.

    By Mark on 06.26.2008

  12. is what allows me to get out of bed in the mornings. keeps my head up and lets me breath in deep. it has blessed me with wondrous blessings and has pushed me forward time and time again in life. my grace is my God.

    By Amanda on 06.26.2008

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    By viki on 06.26.2008

  14. Crosses my mind that maybe I want to go outside and have a smoke while I read old books about journeys in the north. About old, tanned guys wearing old protective glasses.

    By Helgi Hrafn on 06.26.2008

  15. grace is nothing and everything its what we search for when we are young and what we lose when we are old. its not beauty, its not intelligence its something else.

    By mandy on 06.26.2008

  16. how unoriginal, i guess i should write about angels or pretty girls some shit like that.

    By libby on 06.26.2008

  17. falling from grace, saving grace

    By vanessa on 06.26.2008