March 7th, 2015 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “goods”

  1. Dumplings are good like hot cross buns and red poles beacuse they smell like pillows. They come in many different shapes like pencil, plant, and windowsills

    By Kevin on 03.08.2015

  2. Soon the disaster happened, and the buildings were ruined, and people ran to the market place to get all the goods to live their lives. People in the city never did such things. They only did it because they did not have any food to eat. While people were taking the goods, some people ran around the streets of the market and screamed because they became crazy.

    By Eric Lee on 03.08.2015

  3. What is life

    By Your mum on 03.08.2015

  4. What is life.

    By Your mum on 03.08.2015

  5. goods are items that we like to have/need like woods and metals to build things with some things are not renewable and we need to take care of them.

    By Kurt on 03.08.2015

  6. What is goods, goods is what, I like goods because they are yaaaa

    By Your mum on 03.08.2015

  7. goods will not make you happy
    your decisions will

    live at your own pace
    scribble past, brain sells

    By too stable URL on 03.08.2015

  8. The merchants’ goods were gilded and golden, but all saw them in a majestic light. They wore rose-tinted glasses, everyone, strolling the market of plastic finery.

    By Riannon on 03.08.2015

  9. I wish I could see it. I wish I could understand what everone is talking about. But I don’t. I don’t see the good in anyone. Not anymore. There was a time when I did see the good things in life but those times are over now. To bad. Or maybe not. I just have to live on. Cause life goes on, no matter what.

    By Sanna on 03.08.2015

  10. Brazil people news good time stay believe amazing grute happy soft hardware software listen smart

    By André on 03.08.2015

  11. He thinks of her like a whirlwind hiding the goods in layers of storm and somewhere in the eye, there’s a calm place where the cache is located.

    I look into the eye and I see a small heart locked up in a ramshackle house that is always on the verge of being lost to the forces outside.

    By Intuition on 03.08.2015

  12. She’s got the goods, and I’m buying.

    But the goods aren’t for sale.

    Not yet.

    Maybe not ever.

    But, I’m fine with waiting for now.

    By Iceman on 03.08.2015

  13. Hold ’em tight, squelching in your hands
    like yesterday, your boots
    carrying her in up that white virgin dress
    caught lace all through your fingers
    your fingers wound around her, stuck inside her
    she’s breathing, breathy
    awake with those eyes
    that make you kill for another day where
    there’s nothing but trees as your canopy witness

    By Saudade on 03.08.2015

  14. Production:

    He’s bashing out sparks that soar up like his heart
    come again, again
    there’s a sword out on the mortar, a silver slicing witchy blade
    to take him to war, mercenary boy
    the blood running in him that begs for more
    the silver sticky red

    By Saudade on 03.08.2015

  15. Sealed:

    Popped down on top, screwed shut with the air hissing in and staying they, winding around her in the glass jar, her very own genie box, her suffocating, drowning in these close up clear walls – but oh
    she could breathe,
    and so she breathed,
    and snuggles herself against the smooth cylinder wall,
    and smiled her isolation away

    By Saudade on 03.08.2015