October 12th, 2012 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “gone”

  1. I looked out the large window in the front room. It was dark outside, but the headlights on the car made it possible to see. The car pulled out of the driveway and down the street it drove. It was over. She was gone. Gone forever.

    By Amy on 10.13.2012

  2. It was gone. There was a little block of concrete where the house used to be, but the house itself – that wonderful, boxy, cramped little house – was gone. There were still houses on either side of it, and all along the block, and the absence reminded me of a gap tooth – it went there, there, there, gone, there, there, and it looked wrong.

    By belonely on 10.13.2012

  3. Something has disappeared. Never going to see it. Vacant. Blank and empty.
    Leaves blowing in a sparce forrest with orange leaves. Silent and etherial. Nothing around but the wind and leaves. Almost creepy.

    By Joe on 10.13.2012

  4. The earth will be gone I am gone we will all be gone gone with the wind is always a reference but really I can’t stop thinking about how many things I am gone from and how many things will be gone eventually, one day, and no one will remember. Maybe the word gone will be gone some day too.

    By Fanny on 10.13.2012

  5. i will be gone for ten days i dont really want to go but i cant change my mind now.i am not the traveling kind.

    By therese URL on 10.13.2012

  6. She had gone into trance. That means she drove into a place she knew or may be didn’t. It’s unknown. May be it’s all about going somewhere, anywhere. This is all I can say. Saying anything more about going / gone will mean the same ultimately. Gone is gone.

    By rachel pilaka URL on 10.13.2012

  7. I was gone, far away from my true nature. I didn’t want to escape, I just had to..
    I wasn’t ment to be there. If there is something better, I will need to find out. Now!

    By Dayana on 10.13.2012

  8. It was gone. I had just one favorite possession… And it was gone… The diary. Jonathan had it last. Did he hide it? Did he throw it out? I doubt he threw it out – he loved reading it. Maybe he did hide it so he could write in it. I would love to hear what he had to say about his own life, since he spent so much time snooping around in mine.

    By Emma on 10.13.2012

  9. Don’t leave, I don’t want you gone
    I’m dying inside, I know you are too
    I’m sorry

    By x on 10.13.2012

  10. Gone!? All of it!? Where? Why?! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY YOU BASTARD!!

    By tony on 10.13.2012

  11. Gone. That was the true fact. She was gone, and he didn’t know how to get her back this time. The young man took a deep breath.

    By Tracey on 10.13.2012

  12. I want to be gone.

    I think everyone would like it if I were gone.

    I’m a burden..

    By Erlina Kesuma on 10.13.2012

  13. I miss you by my side. You could be off to college or work or you could travel the world and I wouldn’t know. I just want to see you face. I miss your laugh. I miss you holding me, and not letting go no matter how much I protest. I miss your voice. I miss you, friggin idiot. I miss you! I need my best friend. Where are you, darling?

    By Shani on 10.13.2012

  14. i alway thought you’d be gone when i woke up. but when i opend my eyes in the morning, you kissed my neck and said hello “sunshine”

    By karoline URL on 10.13.2012

  15. we have all gone down a path, well most of us, that has lead us to feel regret. We have gone down paths that have lead us to feel remorse, hate, love, pain, lust, disgust. Though these paths we have gone down may be harsh or fulfilling, we must take these paths, it is inevitable, we must walk through life until we are gone from this world and into death.

    By rachael anne damage URL on 10.13.2012

  16. i’m always gone. gone from somewhere. it can’t be helped, when you move around like i do. i often wonder if they miss me. i stop missing, after awhile. you can’t hold to these things. forward. just keep looking forward, and it doesn’t hurt so much after awhile.

    By aoife URL on 10.13.2012

  17. And it was gone.

    That was what I knew, in that very moment. Everything vanished. I saw the world in a completely new way. Void of meaning and rules.

    Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

    By Saffron on 10.13.2012

  18. I am always gone. I prefer to think of it more as going, really, but to everyone I leave behind I am gone. Always somewhere new, she can’t sit still, just stay in one place won’t you? I can’t. Just can’t. Let me go.

    By aoife on 10.13.2012

  19. One minute, she was sitting beside me in the sun on a park bench, and the next, she wasn’t. I looked away, towards the lemonade stand, and when I looked back, she had gone. She was nowhere to be found; not behind a tree, not on a bus, not back in the library. And I never saw her again.

    By Catori on 10.13.2012

  20. not to be there, but to be else where. To jump through realities; letting your mind and body sore throughout the universe of possibilities.

    By pbfm on 10.13.2012

  21. My childhood is gone. There is no past. It only continues to exist in my memory. I know I can never go back in time. I’ll never relive my happy childhood memories.

    By Jens on 10.13.2012

  22. It’s when you lost something. Or someone. And you can’t do anything about it, it just went like that. gone just like that. And now it’s hard to accept and start all over again. everything fell apart.

    By shai on 10.13.2012

  23. And that was that, she was gone. In a moments notice I’d lost everything important and dear to me.

    By jordan on 10.13.2012

  24. As soon as I read the message, I knew that he was gone. How sad it is that the greatest of moments in life seem to be “gone” within the blink of an eye. One moment is pure bliss, and the next can be a shallow abyss of emptiness.
    Emptiness that results from just a few words, that soon sink into your consciousness and seep wicked, morose ideas into every part of your medulla oblongata.

    By kelseyjordon on 10.13.2012

  25. I couldn’t believe he was gone. As I stood in the empty room that had been the dining room, I was absolutely stunned. I looked around, searching for any evidence that the place had been inhabited for over a year. There was nothing. No signs anywhere that he had ever lived here. Before i knew what I was doing, I was moving towards his bedroom. I could feel tears coming, hot on my face as I cried. I got to his bedroom door, and stopped. Taking a breath and steeling myself, I opened the door.

    By Stella L. Parker URL on 10.13.2012

  26. there is nothing left here. i am leaving now, and he left yesterday. we didn’t want to drag on the goodbyes, so we agreed that we wouldn’t see each other again before the time was up…

    By Meghan on 10.13.2012

  27. Gone. Such a final word. She’s actually gone. I couldn’t process the reality of the situation. I was too hungover for finalities, for endings. I tried to go back to sleep, but that word echoed in my head. Gone. It sounds like a gong being run, a signal that a thing has ended. She’s gone. And I’ll never be the same.

    By Benjie on 10.13.2012

  28. My mind isn’t gone. But one day it will be, I’m trying not to mourn my future loss because borrowing sorrow is a lot like ignoring your current state of happiness and opting for misery and grief instead. There will be plenty of times life makes feel you like a wet abandon sock at the bottom of storm drain. I think I’m going to hang onto my sunshine just a little while longer thanks.

    By Brighter Sides on 10.13.2012

  29. when i woke up, you were gone. the air was gone and my heart was icy. i knew it from the moment my eyes had opened. you were gone and i would never see you again. Time had run out for the two of us.

    By Bree URL on 10.13.2012

  30. If I told you that you were going to leave. You would call me a liar. And I would pretend that you were right. Because I don’t want to tell you that I know. I know about that Saturday night, I know about the pink lipstick. I know about your secret.

    By Johanna on 10.13.2012

  31. so far, far away. I haven’t left like this before. I had never meant to go so fast, but when I looked back I realized I was meant to be gone. Meant to live a life far away. The wind has carried me here, blowing me on towards a fulfillment of myself that is more than just my actions, it is me.

    By James LaFarlette on 10.13.2012

  32. The words dont come easy. I cant see them clearly anymore. It seems like dashing spirits in a windstorm. Everything is out of my hands. gone.

    By Brianna URL on 10.13.2012

  33. in the distance
    something despite leaving still remains
    quiet abscence
    gone with the wind
    gone, is not a word, because you’ll always be and arrive somewhere else.
    no one is ever just ‘gone’

    By Sophia on 10.13.2012

  34. Gone gone gone . it is all just time–Time- there is no such thing as gone in the presence of our lives! So extropoliate and take ourselves through Time to the universe of gone within—the only ‘place’ it exists at all. what is gone ? What where and when do people, objects, thoughts get displaced. Dis- Placed.
    And like Howard says– if ‘lost’ if gone, if we go to that place within does it exist there in reality? And does the Subject come back into the Object? Again then–no such thing as Gone ! A construct that can be continually recreated!

    By Dez on 10.13.2012

  35. There’s a stillness that steals you into disquietude. That stillness when someone leaves. When they won’t come back. When they’re gone.

    Your life exhales it’s own soul and your rattles like bones between overly-leaned muscles.

    By Lindsey on 10.13.2012

  36. He left into the night after walking me all the way home. His eyes were so lovely as that hazel color and his skin was a bronze tan in the middle of october. I think i fell for the situation not the actual person and thats what made it special i was happy again wrapped in someone that was sweet.

    By ashley on 10.13.2012

  37. The moon needs the star, to shine the world.
    When the star is gone, the moon lost its way.
    Though obviously the moon can still survive on its own, it still need someone to be there.
    So that the moon is aware, that it is not alone. (:

    By Surviving Swan on 10.13.2012

  38. This is nothing like he ever thought it would be.

    The room is dark and empty, the people gone elsewhere tending to matters regarding to the disappearance of that one person, the one who always left but had always came back. Only this time she wouldn’t be back. She could never come back. And in the darkness where he could not see, his other senses heightened and like a newly born huntdog he sat motionless except for breathing in the air she once breathed in searching for her essence; scent, dust, dirty laundry, spilled drawing ink, everything. Anything. Anything that remained.

    By Roschen on 10.13.2012

  39. he is gone to the market.. gone is the past form of the word go. they have gone to singapore.

    By shreshtha on 10.13.2012

  40. my old guinea pig is gone lol thats sad bu its true D: omg um i hate when all the food is gone like really? come on now! oh and when all my moneys gone? Nobody likes that. I hope my dog is never gone neither my cats or my friends or parents.. or the fact that i love to be me. That’s cliche but so true

    By Patty Boutin URL on 10.13.2012