July 7th, 2017 | 12 Entries

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12 Entries for “giving”

  1. Look at the dictators, giving away their dignity and their countries in between cordial handshakes and jokes in English and Russian. Look at the beautiful collaboration, like someone taking an enormous dump on a canvas where a painting of democracy is now literally soiled. Listen to the screeching of the dissenters who will be pounded into two-dimensional shapes like their signs. There is no war to win here because it’s already been won by the tyrants.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.07.2017

  2. I am giving you something important: some random lines, popping out of my mind, close to midnight. It is so important I have to yawn. Good night my frien and, remember: do not accept everything ‘important’ that you are given for free.

    By cup on 07.07.2017

  3. The giving tree was something special. The way it stood tall and powerful in my backyard never ceased to amaze me. As I was taking a stroll on evening, it seemed to slouch over. Astonished, I approached it and ran my fingers over the scruffy bark. It seemed to be dark and no longer lively. It stopped giving off it’s normal happiness and light. It was no longer my cherished giving tree.

    By sarah on 07.07.2017

  4. Giving in
    giving up
    giving hope to hopeless rubble
    giving you
    a chance to be
    an ocean
    let me sink.

    By Emily on 07.07.2017

  5. We give each other a part of ourselves every day to all that’s around us. The people, animals, and plants are a life shared with ours which we feel is unique to what our body can live.

    By Acin URL on 07.07.2017

  6. I had so much, it was all I could do to help her out. I mean, I know it was against what my dad wouldve wanted me to do, and I know I lied. But I just HAD to help her. She wanted this so had, but she couldn’t afford it. So I slowly hid away little amounts of the money my dad gave me periodically until I could pay for her to go, too.

    By Marissa on 07.07.2017

  7. Giving. You. Me. Us. There was no giving in this relationship. None at all. I wish I had never met you. I hate you. There’s no care, no love in your eyes. No hope. I wish I hadn’t given you a chance. Because you ruined me. Just like I’ll ruin you.

    By Kaylee Schneider on 07.07.2017

  8. giving is for the living;
    theft is left to the bereft

    By omqwat on 07.07.2017

  9. Keisha laughed and told Wanda, “Hey, no fair, I’m giving up men for Lent!” They left the building by the loading door; Keisha jumped off of the dock onto the asphalt lot while Wanda walked down the steps. They hadn’t gotten far before they heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights.

    By MsShel330 on 07.07.2017

  10. you wanted to take and once upon a full moon I might have let you, had you found me in the right moment, had you laid a hand upon me while I was in various states of transition. but inevitably it is not wise to give to someone who only knows how to take, to someone who’s idea of giving is in so many words so lame, lackluster, fake…

    By Take Take Take URL on 07.07.2017

  11. Holidays and parties are all about giving. You give presents, they give you a return gift, and everyone feels happy. Giving people things just to make them smile can make you happy as well. Giving gifts can brighten someone’s day.

    By Ritvik on 07.08.2017

  12. I am giving you my all.
    I want you to stay alive.
    I don’t want you to go.
    Here, please, take MORE
    I want you to stay for a little bit more.

    By Anastasia on 07.08.2017