October 24th, 2013 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “genetics”

  1. There are so many diseases coming from genetics. It runs to the family. I always hope we should find the way to prevent it.

    By Pearl on 10.24.2013

  2. The little girl looked at her daddy and noticed she didn’t look like him. And she looked at her mommy and realized that she sorta looked like her. So she kept wondering why she didn’t look like daddy. The next day she saw the mailman and realized she looked a lot like him.

    By Donna on 10.24.2013

  3. “Don’t worry about it, it’s in your jeans.”
    “Like, genetics? My mom was a stoner so I am, too?”
    Wendy gave the other girl a sideways glare. “No. The bud is in your JEANS. The denim ones.”

    By Kristina on 10.24.2013

  4. I had always known that my genetics weren’t good. I got the mousy brown hair, eyes too big for my face, and a habit of being overweight and not being able to fix it no matter how much I tried. I didn’t know that my genetics were so bad that I was bound to be sick most of my life, and that I would struggle to have kids, and when I did, they would be stuck in nearly the same boat as me.

    By AnnieB on 10.24.2013

  5. “It’s just a matter of genetics!” he stated, failing to hide his frustration. “You can’t just ‘become’ Irish, you have to be born that way!” “But the Olympics are in three months!” she protested.”How about I marry someone?”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.24.2013

  6. There is was, the dog rabbit hybrid. An abomination of nature, we as humans have stepped to far as to play god. Although it is pretty cute, but maybe god meant it that way. That such cuteness should not exist.

    By Yow on 10.24.2013

  7. your genetics

    i thank your genetics

    for your handsome face
    your warm personality
    and your charming smile

    By MorganLily on 10.25.2013

  8. They were trying for a baby but due to his illness they were worried about it being hereditary. An appointment with a specialist was booked to discuss the genetics of his family.

    By Alexandra on 10.25.2013

  9. So you say that we are the great grandsons of the dinosaurs? Mmh.. I have always thought it was dragons. What? Fictive? But haven’t you red the book, where they explain how the world was made of golden light and the first living being to roam around was the emerald-colored dragon with his golden whiskers? And now I’m supposed to think that we the rhinos are actually molded out of dinosaurs.. Where did you hear that word from,what does genetics even mean?

    By happyrabbit on 10.25.2013

  10. It came up crooked. The poor flower’s stem pushed its way up from the hard dirt as best it could, but there was little space between the cracks. It bent and curled its way towards the sky, its bright little petals tipping to the side of its bent spine. Even so, it forced opened its little, yellow eyes towards the sun.

    By KT on 10.25.2013

  11. Genetics is a scientific word that means, physically, you’re 50% your mother and 50% your father.

    But, never forget, you’ll always be 100% you.
    What THAT means is up to you, not your genes.

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.25.2013

  12. Genetics play such a part in the “who” we are. I hope I have good genetics so I can live a lot longer. I’ve wasted too much of my life. I need far more time here to really live. Wish me luck.

    By just a girl on 10.25.2013

  13. it was simple, really. he wasn’t allowed to be in love because he wasn’t wired that way. it had been like that for his younger carefree sister, and his older, more wiser, brother, too. the clarks were independent creatures, people who made connections, but rarely the romantic type. it was in their dna.

    By joanwatsons on 10.25.2013

  14. The blonde hair and blue eyes were natural, as shocking as it sounds. His eyes weren’t the same basic cobalt that everyone with appearance-concerned parents had, his were the blue of the foam that washed up on the beach at the end of the night, and on the edges, the blue of the sea itself, inside as black as the night sky, with the same twinkle as he smiled at me and asked, “So, parents wanted a green-eyed kid real bad, huh?” I could feel him judging the engineered matte olive green as he looked into my eyes, but I was so focused on his, I couldn’t even say anything back.

    By Samantha on 10.25.2013

  15. I woke up,
    Not with a start,
    Sitting bolt upright in bed,
    But with the embrace of your memory
    Slowly bringing me back to the land of the living.
    You were in my dreams last night.
    And it couldn’t have been more perfect,
    Or safe.
    Our DNA existed together,
    And our distance or differences could never have mattered less.

    By Siege URL on 10.25.2013

  16. She had nothing wrong with her, it was a part of her. She was born with it. It was in her genes, her genetics were made up of how she felt, how she reacted. They didn’t like it, and neither did she, but she shouldn’t have had to worry about it. Not now, not ever. Why didn’t she move on, because she couldn’t. It was a part of her that was was it, nothing else, just her.

    By Niamh on 10.25.2013

  17. It hadn’t begun this way. It hadn’t been choices, destiny, or genetics that guided it. There had just been the cruel paths of life, the steering with no direction, that brought it all to that one day, that fateful day, that everything day. The day when all that was fell away, leaving only what could be, what was—and on that day, for the first time, he smiled his first true smile.

    By Anthony StClair on 10.25.2013

  18. There is a beautiful combination of chromosomes that intertwine to create the very fiber that is you. I’m happy your mixture doesn’t include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

    By Kristina on 10.25.2013

  19. Genetics. What does it mean–when you’re adopted? How do your genetics differ if you don’t know who your parents are, where you’re from? Do you think of genetics differently? I think I do, now.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.25.2013

  20. Genetics, what we are made of. the things that make us who we are. its commonly argued what effects us more, our genetics or how we are raised and it is undoubtably a combination. genetics lay down unchangeable pieces of us but so much more of us is malleable. everything we see during a day has the potential to profoundly change us.

    By Kayaus on 10.25.2013

  21. The water dripped, then it trickled, then it seeped, then it rolled, then it poured from the many meandering cracks in the dirty plaster wall. “Brace yourselves.”

    By Kevin on 10.25.2013

  22. the tanks
    the fish
    the molecules sliding against each other.
    are we really all made of the same thing?
    why are chinchillas so soft?
    i am eager to turn into a diamond once i die.
    cold carbon perfection.

    By Kairn on 10.25.2013

  23. I am beautiful,
    A work of art.
    Every time I am on a stage, I am complimented.
    My genetics are perfect, no one can stand in my way.

    By Iris URL on 10.25.2013

  24. It’s in my genes, they say. No, I’m pretty sure it’s not in your genes. If you’d look around you, there are plenty of other people with the same problem you’ve got. Are they moping around about it? No. They’re going out and they’re living their lives free of worry. Don’t ever say that it’s in your genes. It’s nothing if not an excuse.

    By Doug on 10.25.2013

  25. “With your superior genetics, you have nothing to worry about,” Doctor Krauss said, tapping his pen onto the clipboard. He looked impatient, as if he felt that this case was not worth his time, that this was no longer interesting to him. Decree 914 had changed medicine for him, after all.

    By Lantern on 10.25.2013

  26. “Genetics is the foundation of our differences,” the professor droned on. Mary sat there on her seat, twirling her pen around her finger. She kept on flicking on her phone, hoping that the seconds would tick a little faster so she could get that toastie she was dreaming of.

    If only she had listened at that time, things may have turned out differently.

    By Munchkin on 10.25.2013

  27. i think your veins are my veins

    By h. b. on 10.25.2013