October 24th, 2013 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “genetics”

  1. “What’s your field of study, Marty?”
    “Bio-Genetics? Like cloning and stuff like that?” Sarah’s eyes were round with surprise. Who knew this jock-in-geek’s clothing was smart too?
    Marty grinned, used to the surprised response he got when he told someone his major, “Yeah. Like cloning and stuff like that.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 10.24.2013

  2. Her big brown eyes, silky flowing hair and pure olive skin, “it couldn’t just be genetics” he thought, for her beauty shone with the radiance of divinity.

    By Dav Matthews on 10.24.2013

  3. They say it is a trick of genetics that makes us the way that we are — that who we are and what we must be are encoded into our very being. And yet, they say too that chaos plays a part. That the order of our upbringing alters us, changes us and brings about different things. An interplay between who we inherently are and what we might become.

    By terradi on 10.24.2013

  4. It wasn’t fair.

    Perfect teeth, flawless skin. Lovely hair.

    All of it natural, none of it faked.

    It really wasn’t fair.

    Some people simply had better genetics than others.

    By Alexa on 10.24.2013

  5. I find genetics interesting. I was just speaking to my friend the other day about the genetics councilor ye

    By angela on 10.24.2013

  6. Genetics is an interesting little thing. It’s the science of genes, the stuff that determines who you are, at least physically. There are those who say that nurture is greater than nature, that how you are raised has more effect on you than your genetic makeup. But there are those who say that your entire life, how you react to any kind of situation is all already encoded in you, all predetermined.

    By Tyrian URL on 10.24.2013

  7. genetics
    sugar running through your veins
    blood in your mouth
    passed on with love
    lived in hate
    would your ancestors be proud of who you are today?

    By maria on 10.24.2013

  8. the science of shape
    the patterns from which
    our world
    is sewn
    mark men
    with width
    and weakness

    By katiekieran URL on 10.24.2013

  9. The genetics code that flows within us is always one of a kind even if we are not human we are unique so, we should be proud of who we are.

    By Zarina on 10.24.2013

  10. Everything I am is everything she is; from soft delicate hands to the smooth velvety skin and almost perfect teeth. I owe everything i am to her yet i will never a mere shadow of who she was. You see i am a clone of her, a faded memory, a half remembered dream. try as i might will never really be her.

    By Yolanda on 10.24.2013

  11. It was part of who he was, he was a monster and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. She knew the truth, and so she decided it was best to kill him.

    By affront on 10.24.2013

  12. We seem to blame genetics for everything that goes wrong….and take credit for whatever blessings genetics gives us…even though we’ve done nothing to earn it. A little responsibility please!

    By Chana on 10.24.2013

  13. makes us us. It is so important to the making of us. Maybe that’s why we like donuts so much. Maybe the world spins because it fucking hates us cause we get donuts and it doesn’t. How do you think the world feels. Hmm? I bet it feels sad. I’d feel sad to

    By Angel on 10.24.2013

  14. Genetics is what our parents give us, that we have, no matter what, no matter with who we live. They made us tall or curious.

    By Rosanne on 10.24.2013

  15. ”I wish I had her genetics. She’s so perfect, it not fair that she’ve been give that by nature.” I said, looking to her.

    By Rosanne on 10.24.2013

  16. Guys, I don’t know anything about genetics. Please give a me a new word or somthing. Hurry up clock

    By Amber on 10.24.2013

  17. Genetics are a funny thing
    specially today
    I started fighting with my dad
    like almost everyday

    but lets look at him
    and compare to me
    I came from them
    they act like me

    maybe I act like them
    that is not the point
    I guess we never look at
    both sides of the coin

    By IsaPinaud on 10.24.2013

  18. genetics. it’s something everyone has, yet differs in each person. maybe your genetics dictate that you’re good-looking, and you’re good at croquet, and you like Star Trek. or maybe you’re blond-hair-blue-eyes, you hate sports, and you have a 2.0 grade average. it’s different for everyone, but we all have it.

    By Madison on 10.24.2013

  19. Genetics

    hmm… the first thing I think of is how I never wanted to have children. Well.. maybe I did when I was very young and played ‘mommy’ with dolls, but by the time I was around ten, I knew I didn’t want to have my own children. Adopt? Maybe. I could be up for that. But I felt like there was so much terrible stuff in the world, and I don’t have the greatest genes. I knew I’d love a child immensely, and I didn’t want to feel responsible for anything I subjected them to by “bringing them into this world.” But someone else’s child? One that was already here? I figured their being here wasn’t my fault! Someone else brought them into the world! And since they were already here, I figured I could give them the best life possible.

    – Not a very well rounded view of course! I wasn’t taking into account that some kids up for adoption come with issues I might not have been able to handle (though I thought I’d magically be able to fix everything with love and stability.) I also hadn’t given any thought to the amazingness of combining your own genetic material, with the genetic material of someone you’re madly in love with, and making human being that’s a combination of BOTH of you! Half your “stuff” and half theirs! A person whose biology is half from you and half from a person you think is incredible! How MIND BOGGLING and AMAZING is that?! The concept of it!

    So there are things I hadn’t quite considered at ten!

    I might have been persuaded to have children, under the right circumstances, but I never really had that drive to have kids. Some people NEED to have kids. Or at least they feel like they do. I didn’t have that. Maybe my lack of drive to procreate was also genetic. A kind of built-in safeguard. Natural selection.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.24.2013

  20. Why am I the way that I am? Is it nature? Nurture? They refuse to believe me, but I know that I’m different…. They think it has nothing to do with my adoption, but I believe it does….

    By John on 10.24.2013

  21. The genetics of me: free spirit, head-strong, lover of all things beautiful- nature, water, kindness, and an appearance that is not offensive.

    By GinaMTD on 10.24.2013

  22. Genetics has to do with chromosomes. We get half our chromosomes from our mothers and half from our fathers. There are dominant and recessive genes, and which ones are expressed depends on how many copies of each you have for any particular trait. These genes will affect hair, eye color, etc…

    By Christy on 10.24.2013

  23. I’m not really sure what to write about this except that some things are sex-linked. I guess other things like hair color and eye color have to do with these. This also makes me think of jeans, instead of genes. Genetics is a class I never took in college. I don’t think it’s that interesting. I’m not sure what the study really is.

    By Kelly on 10.24.2013

  24. life

    By Connie on 10.24.2013

  25. I was born with them.
    They haven’t left me.
    I suppose I can always count on them.
    Sometimes they’re called genes.
    often times we don’t like the style or color of our jeans.
    but they are the only genes we can’t take off.

    By brett on 10.24.2013

  26. It was in her blood. The desire to travel, to discover the world, to uncover every unbeaten path, to live a life rich with experiences. Her grandfather had traversed over oceans for her, so she would return her gratitude by just going – leaving on a whim and letting the wind and spontaneity guide her on this journey.

    By Simone URL on 10.24.2013

  27. It’s sheer genetics that gives me the length of finger and the span of hand to play the piano. How I wish genetics had also given me a sense of rhythm. I can play like a son-of-a-bitch, but jazz? No way.

    By mrsmig on 10.24.2013

  28. i wish i knew more about genetics
    im lacking in that area and it’s kind of pathetic
    i wanna be a scientist but that career is probably to hectic
    so instead i’ll play football so i can be more aggressive
    this poem is impressive
    but its not about genetics
    i told myself i’d write about that topic
    but my brain didn’t let me

    By Josh Nunez on 10.24.2013

  29. Genetics being the study of DNA and how we got to where we are, evolutionarily, never did quite explain away the fact that I was so set on traveling afar when none of my people have ever left the seaside.

    By Amanda on 10.24.2013

  30. Her genetics showed through in every freckle that dotted her forehead. Her dark green eyes were flecked with the memories of her mother.

    By Kristin URL on 10.24.2013

  31. It was in his genetics, he had said. Why had he said that? What a stupid thing to say in that situation! It was a fight, and a violent one. “In my genetics?!” He muttered to himself, “Maybe in my childhood. But genetics? They probably think I’m insane.”

    By Kristina on 10.24.2013

  32. Beauty in her eyes, beauty in her smile. She was everything any man wanted to fall in love with, the way her father did with her mother. Those same blue eyes

    By jmaq on 10.24.2013

  33. He wasn’t born this way. They made him.

    It doesn’t seem right, not really. It’s not right, to be like this, to have this ability. It isn’t fair, not when so many people…

    Anyway, that’s not the story. It’

    By Sarah on 10.24.2013

  34. “Of course you’ll be a great pianist,” said Mister Dorf, smiling over his coffee mug as he sat in his plush green chair. “It’s in your genetics.”

    “Okay, Dad,” Hazel groaned, “the term is ‘in your genes.’ And second of all, I want to try out the oboe, not the piano.”

    “Really?” Mister Dorf frowned. “But we’re related to – ”

    “I don’t care that we’re related to Mozart!” his daughter snapped.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.24.2013

  35. It’s who he is. It’s who he was and who he shall forever be. Those blue eyes and his blonde hair, but it’s still the fact that he always wanted dark hair. The fact he always loved hugs came from his mom but he pretends like it’s genetics if you’d ask him. And he’s beautiful.

    By Little Ley on 10.24.2013

  36. His eyes would have been of the earth and sea. I just know it.
    I should have given them a chance to open.
    His hands would have been dripping with artistic talent.
    I should have given them the time to learn.
    He would have grown white blonde curls every summer.
    I should have allowed them to see the sunlight.
    His voice would have healed a thousand hearts.
    I should have thought of all those people he could have saved.
    This boy would have led a blessed and selfless life.
    I should have let him live.

    By Crave A. Cadence on 10.24.2013

  37. “How’re you so pale?”
    “I don’t know Its just…genetics.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.24.2013

  38. All of us are born with genes. Who doesn’t have any? We cannot be a person without any.Some problems occurred who is the parent of a child.
    “I am not the father.”
    ” Yes, you are. Why won’ t you have a DNA test.” Said the mother.
    ” I told you, you are the father.”
    DNA test is a sure way of testing dnas.
    I can’ t believe so many people don’t know who is the father of their child or viceversa .
    It is a big problem right now.

    By roze_princess on 10.24.2013

  39. He supposed that it might be genetic, the way he walked. His father had the same gait, shuffling, slow, with shoulders slouched. It was the sort of movement learned through having legs and arms too long to be contained and a head just shy of brushing the ceiling.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.24.2013

  40. At night we write letters…well…night for me, day for him…
    Going by the modern equivalent at least since it’s all electronic.
    Course, I’ve never spelled it all out in DNA.
    Till today.

    By Intuition on 10.24.2013