July 15th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “gamer”

  1. The love is a game for two, two hearts, two gamers, two feelings, but it makes one relationship, one connection, one team, one couple, I ask myself what will we be without love, and I always answer myself the same : nothing, we won’t exist.

    By kelly on 07.16.2013

  2. She was already one up. The tension in the room was so thick, she didn’t dare try to breathe for fear of suffocating. Her heartbeat in her hand and her eyes glued to the screen, she fired again and again with the understanding that they would hate her regardless- win or lose.

    By Soft URL on 07.16.2013

  3. he was a gamer at heart. most of his youth was spent begging his father for the newest video game. it all started with pong. when he eventually graduated to pac man, he was hooked for life.

    By l on 07.16.2013

  4. When I was little, I used to be a gamer. Hey, I’m still a gamer. Super Mario Brothers and Crash Bandicoot all the way!

    The only time I lost interest in video games was when Pokemon cards came out. Only then did my attention divert from the television screen to my cousin’s holographic cards I wanted so desperately.

    High-five to all the gamers . . . somehow it never grows old, and neither do we! :)

    By Kayla Pongrac on 07.16.2013

  5. I see you. I see what you’re doing. You’re a gamer, playing your game, but until I know the rules and the stakes, you can play solitaire.

    By mrsmig on 07.16.2013

  6. My best friend’s husband is a gamer. He played Borderlands II from 2 am until 10 am this morning at least. I wonder if he ever eats.

    By Amanda G. on 07.16.2013

  7. is that her excuse for having such little connection with the outer world? I know she likes to think that it means that she is bolder, unconstrained by the rules and regulations of the rest of the world but really she just lives in another reality. Perhaps that makes her weak as she hides behind her cynicism

    By Penny on 07.16.2013

  8. the embarrassed cringe at the word gamer. They see a closet bound Gollum, pale skinned and starving on a diet of cheesy puffs, who has the social skills of a puking armadillo. I see someone who has embraced a new medium of stimulation and fun.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.16.2013

  9. stuck in an abyss of ones and zeroes i try to beat the boss in my cave of electronic reality that protects from whats real. i can be and do anything i want, but never have to suffer true consequences for my actions. take that!

    By hallmarkbandit on 07.16.2013

  10. in a duck there in the water the games begin to play as brilliant little leaves fall across the lake the games why the tricks and adventures the little ducks at the water begin to play with the notion of games in nature why this is their home and yet the yellow furry ducklings know to play when hatched from the original earth the egg that informs all of life informs the games and the gamer

    By reluctant URL on 07.16.2013

  11. It was a word that shaped his life. Gamer. It was what he was, what his friends were, what he based his life off of. But when does a gamer stop being a gamer? When do the skills he has honed inside the virtual reality of his games become useful in everyday life? Will first person shooter ever help him balance a checkbook?

    By Caitlin Coyne on 07.16.2013

  12. A gamer sounds very similar to a player. A player can be someone in sports, someone who plays a lot ; with women, games and outdoor activities. It also sounds like someone who is paid to play. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! ;)
    I don’t want to be gamer, I don’t want my son to be a gamer. the word brings pictures of anti-social couch potato human being into mind. Gamer I do not

    By Roopa on 07.16.2013

  13. The clicks made him look around, but all he could see was gamer after gamer, hunched over the little tables. Covered in little tiles, each table seemed barely big enough to hold the game, much less all the strategies and ambitions of the serious faces hanging above.

    “Do you play?” she asked.

    By Anthony StClair on 07.16.2013

  14. he tried to game a gamer. totally different game to pay when you have no idea who the opponent is—or even that there is one. utter shock to realize you’d been gamed all along. that was the plan from day 1. to play. hard. long. to the finish.

    By Safon on 07.16.2013

  15. you were toying with me
    it was not like you

    so i opened you up
    fingertips digging
    ribcage snapping

    found you.

    By h. b. on 07.16.2013

  16. The word gamer makes me think of a kid whos playing video games all day in his room. Sitting on a couch on a nice day eating potato chips with his dog next to him.

    By angie URL on 07.16.2013

  17. im the one who hunts your meat and i am the one who tears your hide and i will be the hound who chases you until you tire, until the bacteria in your stomach die off, so dont you run my dear, just stay gracefully still and let me ambush you i promise it wont hurt your ephemeral beauty

    By berenique on 07.16.2013

  18. I guess you could call me a gamer. I play over 15 hours worth of games every day. I’m on the world championships for several games that millions play. I’ve beaten the best of the best, and am a national star. Yeah, I’m a “gamer”.

    By K. Cooley on 07.16.2013

  19. “The Gamer” he liked that name, it made him feel important. The truth of the matter was that he wasn’t. He wasn’t important; just your average Joe going to work. With one major difference, he played a game. A game with a set ending, and that was everyone’s death.

    By remy on 07.16.2013

  20. A gamer is a person who plays video games for hours straight. They are the type of people that want to beat high scores. They are the type that will play for “a living”. I don’t know manyn gamers because my house has restrited time limits but a few of my freinds are gamers. Gamers can also just be fun people that like to play for long hours for fun.

    By Reshma on 07.16.2013

  21. He had been a great fan of Dungeons and Dragons, so much so that he became a re-enactor, and rehashed the major battles of the English Civil War, complete with bruises and the odd broken limb.

    By Bunty on 07.16.2013

  22. the high scorer that is always looking for a new challenge. Where will the next game come from? Can I play against someone?

    By Tammy on 07.16.2013