December 18th, 2012 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “game”

  1. Again? Game?

    Everything is a game. It’s a game when you leave the house and pretend to be normal as you walk along the street to go to work. It’s a game as people pass you on the street and dismiss you as unimportant while they continue with their life and you with yours.

    By Georgia Muir on 12.19.2012

  2. This is a game, they said. Then they blew off his head. I know, I was watching, and held the pumpkin scissors and the bowl for his watermelon brains to fly into. It missed the bowl, landed on the wall instead. The brains, I mean. I didn’t much like that game.

    By AC on 12.19.2012

  3. ive never been much good at games. i hate to lose. i try to lay fair, but sometimes i think i cheat a little just so i can win, especially at solitaire. im better when im in a sports environment, then i can be really competitive like i want.

    By holly on 12.19.2012

  4. the game, i need to get the game! It’s the one that my boyfriend wants for christmas and i need to get it for him, he deserve it, it is christmas after all.

    By ashleigh on 12.19.2012

  5. They rolled the dice, a twelve came up. The girl smiled but the people around her groaned, she moved her top hat a few a steps forward and got up abruptly.
    “I WIN AGAIN!” she did a celebratory dance across the room as the other players rolled their eyes.

    By Asma on 12.19.2012

  6. “Let’s play a game,” he said. “Look at me. If you blink, the most importan person in your life will die.”

    By kath jane URL on 12.19.2012

  7. He was ready. He waited all night to his copy and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the night playing through what was to be the best game ever. After loading up with snacks and pop he sat down, only to wake up seven hours later to it being at the main menu.

    By Melissa on 12.19.2012

  8. i play games

    By Bharatbuysell on 12.19.2012

  9. Game over.
    That was what he said when I killed my dad.
    He should’ve say “time’s up.”

    By kath jane URL on 12.19.2012

  10. The game had started and we were not fortunate to be on time to witness our son playing football with his team. This was a dream come true for us, after so many disappointments and set backs, David was finally kicking the ball around like no other player could.

    By victor URL on 12.19.2012

  11. Games are only fun when you know the rules and when you know who’s likely to win. Right? Bullshit. How fucking dumb can you be? Games are the best when you don’t know the rules and when winning or losing doesn’t matter.

    By Mas on 12.19.2012

  12. Its simply a game of two halves, one one side armadillos the other side giraffes.
    giraffes won 4-0 height advantage.

    By Jawj D on 12.19.2012

  13. Was it a game? I mean, maybe it is. Oh well, he liked playing games. By the end of the evening, she’ll be his. Well, for as long as the game lasts, probably till tomoroow morning. He smiled.

    By .Theo on 12.19.2012

  14. life is a game no one can win….it sucks…more so cos you dont know the ru;les…you are just shoved into a game which has no definite beginning or end…no rules and everyone is a cheater…including you….including the ones you love most..and it hurts when thay are trying to obstruct your path and you cant do anything about it.

    By aparna on 12.19.2012

  15. game. its a funny word..sometimes i feel like it can be used for life instead. and in life, its all about winning! little do we know that life lessons are learned only when we loose.

    By nidhi on 12.19.2012

  16. here comes the finish line! so give it ur all! but just when u think ur reaching, u realise it is much further than you thought!

    By nidhi on 12.19.2012

  17. Lol. Game? life plays game on us and with us. We are the best player it has. And you know no matter what you do,you are in the game,so you gotta decide if you are the one the game is played on or played with. Of course there will be losing and winning and the game goes on so just learn to enjoy it.

    By Jenis on 12.19.2012

  18. “Game on!” Or gamey, as in what wild animals taste like when you eat them. Is there a connection? “Game on!” Can be the shout out to the hunters as they rally their beagles and horses. Onward, chasing the game to ground, for a gamey dinner. Hmm.

    By Ara on 12.19.2012

  19. There are some people who have “got game”, which is urban slang meaning they are really good at something. But life is about more than just being good at something. You have to be able to promote yourself. You have to be confident enough to go for it. You don’t have to be the smartest or most talented, just the best at selling your talents.

    By rhonda URL on 12.19.2012

  20. pokemon in grandma’s garden. or pacman on our friend’s nintendo. I prefer junior monopoly but I hate being the banker. Unless I’m playing with stupid people, I’ll take advantage and sneak a note onto my pile of cash. dANCE MATS SUCK.

    By ... on 12.19.2012

  21. The urban slang “he got game” means someone is good at something. But success is more than just that – you must have the confidence to promote yourself. You don’t have to be the smartest or most talented person; you just have to be willing to push yourself and sell your skills.

    By rhonda kim on 12.19.2012

  22. Me and dad were driving around the lot. we were going to play basketball. The fist court we found had a locked hoop and we went to go find another.

    By Caeden Polster on 12.19.2012

  23. Life isn’t a game. Some people think it is, but I think that can be dangerous. If you never take anything seriously, will you know what to do when the situation calls for real action? I think that can be a little scary.

    By Mr. Dunning on 12.19.2012

  24. I like to play games I think games are very fun. I once played a game at game club called leaping Lucien its awesome because its a little guy on a small airplane spinning around and you are trying to hit him and make him go up and hit others chickens.

    By Jonah on 12.19.2012

  25. My favorite game is monopoly. Monopoly is fun because you can play it with many of your friends. You move an object around a board and try to land on spaces. The object of the game is to get the most money of all of the players. I almost always win. It’s a lot of fun and you can play it with friends.

    By Kristen on 12.19.2012

  26. Games. I have always loved them. They are usually fun and entertaining, but not all the time. Have you ever played a game that you haven’t liked? Well Duck Duck Goose isn’t the funnest.

    By Grace on 12.19.2012

  27. Today’s game was really fun. Today we went to the football stadium to see the Packer game. It was really fun. We watched them beat the bears another time this season. My friend and I were thinking that they would make it to the Super Bowl. We also got lots of popcorn, cotton candy, and other candies that we loved. It was so awesome that we got to see their game. The stadium was so loud that we couldn’t stand it.

    By ChuaZ on 12.19.2012

  28. Once I got a game at the store on the corner. The game I got was Life. I love the game Life it is so fun to play. I love this game so much that I got it on my iPad too. This is one of my favorite games ever.

    By Sloane F. on 12.19.2012

  29. I had a game boy once. Well really it was my brothers but I loved to play lol no it. It was fun. It was green one of those colors you know. And we had a game cube. That was my favorite. We would play this game called super s,ash brothers. I loved being Kirby. He was awesome. But kind of creep

    By Olivia on 12.19.2012

  30. I don t play no games, she said leaving the dorm. I don t play no games. I like you or not!

    By lulu on 12.19.2012

  31. sports, childhood, second st. park, endless afternoons playing basketball. Who knew growing up would be so hard?

    By mel glenn URL on 12.19.2012

  32. life is a game, you have to play it right. the only rules are the ones you make yourself- aim to live by them. your game is the most important thing, ride the highs and lows and remember it will all balance out. Luck is made by hard work. Bring your loved ones along on your greatest journey

    By james URL on 12.19.2012

  33. The game was up. There was nothing left to do. No more options. What more could she possibly attempt? There was no way out. She slowly stepped out from her hiding place, hands raised. Time was up. The chase had come to an end.

    By saachosaurus on 12.19.2012

  34. I have played games since I was 4. Mainly self shooters; I am also a girl. My father also believes in guns. Never once in my life have I had the notion to go outside with my father’s weapons and shoot someone. People who feel shooting games are dangerous and violent need to try and find a different solution to this problem. I feel it gets my aggression out at the end of the day. Frustrated at work? Take it out on the zombies on the screen. I enjoy my gametime. I enjoy being a geek.

    By Kristin on 12.19.2012

  35. Lots of things pop into my head, but the first was the plural form of the word game. I love games. Board games, card games, video games. I really enjoy playing with a small group of people or a large group of people. Right now my favorite game is Catan.

    By ahoosiergirl URL on 12.19.2012

  36. this is a game i’ve never played before
    i know it has to be true because never have i wanted to win this bad before
    the rules are simple
    just keep positive and give him space
    i fail every time, right now im losing more than a game

    By dshanai on 12.19.2012

  37. Who has time for games? I’ve played around so much and wasted so much time the even thought of a game just makes me sick. I dreams are slipping away because I can’t get things in order. Anyone up for some Scrabble?

    By Gilliam Martin on 12.19.2012

  38. The game remains the same. Only the faces of the players change. The blue versus red, or green versus blue. They are all playing to win. Everyone is playing to win.

    By Maxfield on 12.19.2012

  39. Fun, excitement, with an end goal. Games are played of the mind, body, and social world. Games can have a positive notation, negative notation, or just be silly in general. What kind of games do you like? I like the word games, one word with three uses, used two for one.

    By kelsey on 12.19.2012

  40. Fun, excitement, with an end goal. Games are played of the mind, body, and social world. Games can have a positive notation, negative notation, or just be silly in general. What kind of games do you like? I like the word games, one word with three uses, used two for one.

    By kelsey on 12.19.2012