November 10th, 2009 | 582 Entries

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582 Entries for “gallop”

  1. Rushing through the woods. Sunlight beaming, streaming downward like shafts of spears through the leaves.
    Your hair ripples in the wind, like the air itself was your comb. Find itself in the brief moments of flashing smiles and bubbles of bursting laughter. Twice back the echoes call through the warm, bark-boughed guardians all around.

    By Taylor Cody on 11.11.2009

  2. Let me gallop off into the sunset. First I need a horse. Let’s see. Open spaces to gallop into and a sunset I can see to gallop towards. Make it a good sunset.One that has pinks and oranges and light blues on the top. A sunset that doesn’t burn my eyes when I look at it.

    By TeacherHobnob on 11.11.2009

  3. The horses follow the man through the gate out into the pasture. They gallop out, playing and dancing with each other. The farmer smiles, the two oldest horses nurture their young, and

    By Jordan on 11.11.2009

  4. The horse rode hard through the night, the rider was weary and his vision growing narrow. He must reach the king by dawn or all is lost. His head drooped and he failed to notice the low branch ahead.

    By Fuck You on 11.11.2009

  5. The horses galloped down the street with carriage bouncing wildly behindn them. Inside, Maryanne and James held on for dear life hoping the carriage driver would get everything under control soon. What they didn’t know was the carriage driver was long gone.

    By Catherine on 11.11.2009

  6. i like to gallop

    By sean murray on 11.11.2009

  7. horses gallop. that is afunny word gallop. i feel like they are trying to make it sound like the actual sound like an onomopiea. or however you spell that. but i don’t think horses footsteps sounds like gallops. more like clops. so they should really call it clopping. and sometimes they do i suppose.

    By nancy on 11.11.2009

  8. Sounds like horse jibber jabber to me. I wouldn’t want to be around anything galloping, that sounds mighty dangerous. I don’t think this is a good word at all. It is a dangerous word and should be shot.

    Old Yeller would have never stood for this crap.

    Is my time up yet?

    By Atticus Jackson on 11.11.2009

  9. the horse galloped across the field in search for shade and a spot to hide from its brutal owner. At the spot she found a mustang. This mustang, a handsome stud with long black hair then galloped towards the horse an

    By a on 11.11.2009

  10. horse caballo running gallping mandy american justice dana williams pelo cabelo spanish the ring blood sangra y como mas no se scallops dad stinky cheese with nasty sauce and ewww tough

    By mina on 11.11.2009

  11. i’ll be running against the wind if i must… just to reach sinking sky in the fearless land

    By fallllen on 11.11.2009

  12. I galloped to the stable where I tethered my horse. There is something wrong with the way my brain processes these sorts of things, but I don’t know what else to say. I hope I break a window the next time I spit on it. You are smiling at me too much. What are you doing and where are we going this time? How is this all supposed to relate? I have failed.

    By Anonymous on 11.11.2009

  13. the word gallop is soo cool. it makes me want to ride a hourse and never stop. and just go. i love this word. it makes me happy. another animal that gallops is any animal that can run…i think. maybe. it is a cool word.

    By Addy on 11.11.2009

  14. wheeeee!

    By sara on 11.11.2009

  15. gallop

    By jamie on 11.11.2009

  16. horses gallop all day long in the grass on farms. It is so much fun for them to gallop around they are probably laughing all the time and running around having so much fun

    By Abby on 11.11.2009

  17. Bella

    By jamie on 11.11.2009

  18. horses running through the misty fields in ireland.
    my sister
    my brother
    my family
    just dreaming
    the fastest gait.
    run. run. run. run. runnnnn.

    By secretlyamaizing on 11.11.2009

  19. Galloping is how a horse moves. It is clasified as gallop when he is going very fast. It is more fun to ride on a galloping horse than on a horse walking a normal speed.

    By Anonymous on 11.11.2009

  20. I love horses and will own my own someday.

    By roopi on 11.11.2009

  21. Ride away past fields of seamless gold
    While the wind brushes through your hair
    While you lose yourself in the rest of the world
    While you just gallop.

    By shonalou on 11.11.2009

  22. the horse galloped across the pasture. The sun glisted on his fur. It was high noon, and the sun was beating down on the world.

    By James on 11.11.2009