November 11th, 2009 | 699 Entries

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699 Entries for “cone”

  1. As in an Ice cream cone? All that comes to mind is eating ice cream and it melting everywhere. Down my hands all over clothes all because I didn’t eat fast enough. My mom always ended up throwing it away.

    By Kailynn on 11.12.2009

  2. Snow cone in my hand
    is red and leaking
    down my fingers.
    My father sits next to me
    and wonders if I want
    some cotton candy.
    We are sharing a day.

    By Cherie on 11.12.2009

  3. I love ice cream. It makes me happy. Snow cones. I wannt to steal a trafic cone. It is my goal. Maybe one day I will make a cone. Cones are a big part of geomatry. Ice cream cones area great.

    By Robert on 11.12.2009

  4. I ate an icecream cone with Kay. Of course she got Mint Chocolate Chip since its her favorite. I got it too since well… cool like that. But not really kinda lame actually. Anyway we just sat and talked and ate. It was a good time

    By Kyle Jacobs on 11.12.2009

  5. Okay, I have no clue. I’m thinking traffic cones here, maybe ice cream, or an inverted cone of clouds in the distance, aka a tornado. Or those little hats on gnomes.

    By Lawn Gnomes on 11.12.2009

  6. shaped nostrils, cone shaped penis…what other things have such a delightful non-curvature, like the singuarity of a black hole imagine slipping into a cone and sliding, spiralling down its slope into the core, like the curve of the thighs of a woman.

    By dora on 11.12.2009

  7. I have it under my belly button. There it is sticking straight out. How did this get here?! Who does it belong to?! I asked my boyfriend and he showed me his square. Everyone has squares! But cones?! I may be the only one. I’m scared.

    I don’t want it. Help!!

    By Marsee on 11.12.2009

  8. Cone.
    snow or boobies?
    Classy or trashy?

    come on. be honest. we all thought it when we looked at that word.

    be honest with yourself. and send me pictures.

    By merkasylum on 11.12.2009

  9. icream, waffels summer at mapel view
    zone as in cars that go very far light to pick and sight so near I can be so clear

    By Hannah on 11.12.2009

  10. a cone, a geometric shape in three dimensions
    ice cream is often held in a delicious cone
    pine cones are not really shaped like cones… i wonder why they are named that

    cone enoc

    By Coeus on 11.12.2009

  11. what cone represents? My childhood I guess…waiting patiently for the summer days..and the first ice cream!! Kinda miss those days…ignorance was a bliss!

    By Christa on 11.12.2009

  12. cone

    By lydia on 11.12.2009

  13. The day was perfectly hot for an ice cream cone. I mean it was a day that could burn the paint right off a house, the kind of day that made you want to bust open the fire hydrants and dance in the streets.

    By olivia on 11.12.2009

  14. the highway the home of the red cone.

    By unknown on 11.12.2009

  15. An ice cream cone is a great thing to have in the warm summer days. Some people have to wear a cone in the corner of the room when they are bad. But if you are in the corner of a room with a cone on your head, than you would probably be much happier if you had an ice cream cone to match it. They use traffic cones to show you where you aren’t allowed to go. I don’t really like those cones, because they stop me from driving into places that I want to go.

    By Jillian on 11.12.2009

  16. big and orange i do nothing but sit all day, on this muddy/wet/slippery/ road. how i want to be on top of mount everest, on top of the word trade center! but how, i am stuck here. stuck here obeying the man. the man who put me here, to do a job, he set out for me to do. am i okay with that?

    By Kinsey on 11.12.2009

  17. there wasacone named jon.he had no friends. heis orange,orat least he was before the accident

    By STZ on 11.12.2009

  18. i don’t like ice cream cones, i use to ove the movie coneheads but the conehead daughter’s boyfriend chris farley died of a heart attack a long time ago.. he was so funny. i have never hit a cone on the road but sometimes i get scared that i might.

    By Anonymous on 11.12.2009

  19. round and deep. hollow and textured. ice cream cones are good, enjoyable. a cone is a geometric shape. A cone is interesting. A cone can be a birthday hat.
    Fill it up with candy and joy.

    By Delmis Rivera on 11.12.2009