February 21st, 2012 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “gallery”

  1. Gallery openings can be fun, but mostly they’re not. Take, for example, the one we went to last week. The music was turned down too low to actually enjoy, but too loud to actually converse. The photographs were inexplicable in that it was hard to say which of them might have been meant as jokes. Disconcerting. Next time I’ll skip it.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 02.21.2012

  2. I just read a blurb about a guy, a writer, who was in an art gallery that had tapestries depicting Jesus and The Last Supper and a bunch of other scenes that the big guy went through before he got…ya know. Anyway, long story short, this writer had an incredible epiphany due to the fact that these pictures told a story, as if it was a form of a screenplay or a storyboard. I hope that, sooner or later, I can manufacture some form of art that elicits the same sort of reaction.

    By Travis URL on 02.21.2012

  3. models pretentious abstract expensive guards gift shops party soho hipsters blank walls drinks in plastic cups trying to be elevated in opinion snobs art

    By adkrim on 02.21.2012

  4. surrounded by a gallery of small squares, each decorated with a different image, i question how long it will take in order for my work to be equally as appreciated.

    By t URL on 02.21.2012

  5. The gallery of pictures,
    The stories of painters,
    The shame of thinkers,
    Sometimes I would linger,
    Thinking over places I have never been.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 02.21.2012

  6. the gallery was filled with people but I didn’t know what I was doing there. People seem to know me but no one looks familiar.

    By Jojo URL on 02.21.2012

  7. art gallery, painting gallery, music gallery, a collection of arts in a gallery, a collection of music in a music in a library

    By gija on 02.21.2012

  8. As I said goodbye today to my sweet friend I have so many wonderful treasures of our 18-years together, I will keep our love alive in a gallery in my heart, always open to be revisited and enjoyed. Love you Lucy cat.

    By Alison on 02.21.2012

  9. The art gallery held his paintings. It was his first art show ever. The crowd was large and the enthusiasm even bigger. His paintings lined the walls of the gallery until the last one sold.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.21.2012

  10. Soon, a visit to New York will be paid. Where me and chosen boy can be artsy and go to the gayborhood and eat at hip vegan places and stare at galleries while saying mock thoughtful things.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.21.2012

  11. She walked in to the gallery slowly examining all the art work. Taking each piece in one at a time, heart and soul feeling overwhelmed. It had just dawned on her that all these pictures were hers. That the people that were there wanted to not only look at but also purchase and displays these things in their homes. All her life she was told that painting was just a hobby and now she finally got to show every one how wrong they really were.

    By Daci URL on 02.21.2012

  12. A gallery is where artsy fartsy people put their paintings so that the world can see. I happen to be one of those art geeks that goes to galleries…:)

    By carly on 02.21.2012

  13. Castiel looked around at the art, the countless pictures that were like stars–dead a million years ago, but the images still projected, still marveled at.

    By Ivy on 02.21.2012

  14. I need to finish the painting. This will be my opportunity to be something great. I need to finish the painting this week. They need the painting by this week and if I don’t finish, no one will ever see what I can do.

    By carly on 02.21.2012

  15. Art and wine and people in black dresses. old futs. know-it-alls have a showcase. cosmopolitan. achievement. happiness is always in the air only when you’re with someone special. I would hate to go to a gallery with someone who i didn’t like. I want to put on a wig and look like them, or rather strip down to a wig. I need inspiration.

    By Jessica on 02.21.2012

  16. movies. music, the milky way, musuem, art, alot, collection, shopping.

    By kelsey on 02.21.2012

  17. visible show. I now see what you got with all of you in the open like this. paintings

    By Kwadwo on 02.21.2012

  18. How can we define what a gallery is, what is Art? Can a gallery be the world around us? Or is it limited to pictures in a physical room?

    One must wonder, is the future in AR or merging the digital imagery with physical spaces.

    Bringing the gap will be interesting that’s for sure!

    By Andrew Brackin (@AndrewBrackin) URL on 02.21.2012

  19. I open the gallery and it is all gone. Everything. The whole collection has dissapeared. All i can think is “where are all the birds?”. Where did they fly off to?

    By Andrea on 02.21.2012

  20. Virginal white walls, hard, sharp angles, and tiny windows to other worlds. Paint splashed across carpet, spilled orange juice, dirty dishes.

    By William URL on 02.21.2012

  21. Paintings. That’s the last thing (now, wait, I meant first) I think of. Artistic things….abstract paintings. Sculptures. Something cool, something unique. I also think of Spence Shay from iCarly. I think of museums….I think of happiness and joy and France from Hetalia: Axis Powers I think of self expression. Peace. War. EVERYTHING. I think of anything a and everything that make s sense to the creator….and not everybody has to agree. And I also think of myself. That’s a gallery to me.

    By Saudah on 02.21.2012

  22. Pictures everywhere. Breathe and enjoy. Jump into one and have an adventure. Which one?? Let’s go.

    By Mvc on 02.21.2012

  23. The gallery of paintings was awesome. I walked through very slow taken them all in. Wow, what a wonderful display of the original paintings from my favorite artist.

    By Jamie on 02.21.2012

  24. this is the place where intelligent people go. and also the place where young artists show themselves. nice atmosphere, make you feel up-class. and you can meet some great people there too. not mainstram.

    By Dmitry on 02.21.2012

  25. in your presence the world of others goes out of business, and from the street of my stare now only one lamp need flare above the grand stairs of your gracious beauty of which i care to kiss every step.

    By drew URL on 02.21.2012

  26. The writing gallery is full. I can’t believe this many people have come to read my writings. Wow. I never thought. I might make it big some day. My name in lights and on the best sellers list.

    By teeda URL on 02.21.2012

  27. Gallery. Gallery reminds me of Neopets. I used to be so dedicated to that site. But I grew up, I suppose. I miss it though. But, sometimes you just need to grow up…

    By Taylor on 02.21.2012

  28. The gallery was full of interested students for the Monet exhibition was on. The lines were long, but the room was silent. It was rainy outside, but I was hungry. But, I forgot about all of that as I stood and looked at the painting in front of me.

    By Lee Choy on 02.21.2012

  29. He walked into the gallery with awe and suspicion in his eyes. Walls lined with esoteric items, each more interesting than the last. Each one seemed to scream out for attention. The overwhelming stimulation was too much, and he fainted.

    By Raven LeBlanc on 02.21.2012

  30. The class were dismayed as they could not write at all regarding their experiences in galleries; but the teacher could. It was unfair! How come she had two attempts, but others had none. Not only that, but the ordinary, unsophisicated, uninteresting and lazy language of the teacher meant that the submitted work was also boring.

    By Lee Choy on 02.21.2012

  31. She strolled hand in hand with her lover scrutinizing his ski slope nose more than the artwork. Her doubts were like a trap door opening and shutting bringing forbidden thoughts into the corners of her mind.

    By Joni Boggs on 02.21.2012

  32. Friday night at the gallery, Bergamot station in California. Groove -out in black attire pretend to look at the art work while filling up on the free drinks. Poseur madness.

    By marylee on 02.21.2012

  33. Ignore the peanut gallery! Imagine exactly the movie you’re wanting to sit down to. Dream exactly the dreams you want to nestle into. Pay little attention to whatever has been; it is a platform; a bouncing-off point. You are moving in the direction of everything you could ever want.

    By Adesola URL on 02.21.2012

  34. a collection of art, or exhibits.
    memories lined up on shelves

    salary is virtues window, a whole lot of
    forgiveness in tow.

    By jonathon on 02.21.2012

  35. I always imagined that I’d meet the perfect guy in an art gallery. He’d have long brown hair and a black turtleneck sweater and he’d gaze seriously at a painting. I’d stand beside him and give it my best shot. We’d go for coffee and talk about art and life.

    By Robin on 02.21.2012

  36. a window. a viewing. artist showing. large grand room with visual creativity
    pictures, portraits, hallways. colors. grand scale showings and sales in order to exhibit art or artists work

    By leen on 02.21.2012

  37. The gallery was open but not well attended.
    he was disheartened. How could he ever mae it as a working artist of he couldn’t entice visitors with free drinks and nibbles.
    Amy was pissed off. She has worked herd providing great food for free with the promise of a big crowd to promote her new service.

    By KiwiPip URL on 02.21.2012

  38. My life is like a gallery; with an assortment of memories in my head to look at when times get tough. You can look through and see all those small things that made that one day really special. Those small memories are what can get me through times like this, when all I want is to hide in the past.

    By Jamie URL on 02.21.2012

  39. i was in a gallery once. and to say the least it was an odd one. for, instead of paintings in this gallery, it was simply humans. and these humans were no piece of art. they were quite ugly in fact. but i realized that as a whole, they truly were one big piece of ugly art.

    By Jake on 02.21.2012

  40. The art gallery was full of live when they entered, people in ridiculous finery moving from piece to piece. She felt underdressed – not physically, on the outside she fit in, but as a person. She did not belong here.

    By Melissa on 02.21.2012