December 4th, 2018 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “fun”

  1. Oh fun this word this world funfunfun till your daddy takes your Tbird away, fun like sun like I am so done with the world’s insistence on glee and chin up and happy spirits — I find fun in the surly corners, fun in the funk

    By Liz URL on 12.04.2018

  2. They told me it would be easy. They told me it would be fun. They told me I had the support I needed and I’d definitely get this done.

    They lied to me – it was nightmarish. They lied to me – it was Hell. They lied so harshly through their teeth that it sounded like whistling bells.

    Their words will never comfort me; they do not meant a thing. And before everything goes mad, I plan on escaping.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.04.2018

  3. I like to have fun while playing sports like basketball and baseball and hockey although i’m not very good at them i still like to play those sports although my favorite sport is football.

    By JesseMowry URL on 12.04.2018

  4. I am Sam but sometimes think I am a tree please help me to feel the muffins warmth and smell of flowers

    By Tami on 12.04.2018

  5. Bright flashing lights, cutting through the darkness. Confetti fluttering to the floor. Sweaty limbs reaching skywards, twirling through the pandemonium.

    By Ari on 12.04.2018

  6. Is this fun? Is it? Do you feel your skin tingle at the sight of her and do you define this ritual as fun? Does it remind you of the playground or the scented markers in your clenched fists? Is it the bodies-electric? Circling in, then out, a wave function soon to collapse? Is the physics of it fun / to you? Would you spend the day wrapping yourself around her, tongue in cheek or something / like it? Does the shape of her ears resemble tiny fossils that you uncover with your fingertips, gentle and echoing with dust? Is this fun for you? Do you laugh to yourself when you dream yourself crushing their house into tiny pieces, a broken toy left / to rot? Is it fun for you, to imagine yourself into magnet, heavy and pulling / her into you, slow at first, then / entangled.

    By absolutelynthng on 12.04.2018

  7. Nobody had fun tonight. Well, one person did. The one who slowly took the knife and fed it through our skin. Layer by layer until we were nothing but hunks of blood and exposed muscle. They laughed throughout the entire experience.

    By Shannon on 12.05.2018

  8. Fun. Out-to-the-bars-fun. Eating the free peanuts, swaying to the band. Leaned against the counter, her mouth moving, fast and shifting / with the moment–fun. Her idea of fun. My idea of fun–we fuck in the bathroom, whisper each others names in pleasure. Vomit up / all our feelings into each other’s hands. Follow a theory to its end, cracking open a cold / one–find the secrets of the universe inside of it until we’re dizzy–fun. Fun in her nail beds, pushing the edges of them back and back, revealing the undersides of our bodies, study the nourishment–how it branches through us to the very tips of our fingers. She thinks it’s fun to watch me stumble into a room, taken aback by the brightness of it; and I think it’s fun to hear her laugh through the wall. Tears-of-gratitude-fun. Brought to my knees in front of her expansiveness, smiling when she pauses, gathering the bulk of it in her throat and spilling / the words out between us. So fun that it aches / just a little.

    By absolutelynthng on 12.05.2018

  9. how had the fun-loving, fun-living girl reached this?
    this state of curl-up-in-a-ball while wailing into her wine depression…

    By chantemcb on 12.05.2018

  10. and he’s off, feet against the dirt, racing the sunlight, arms stretched out in front of him, mouth agape in a breathless gasp and he chases the wind, tossing his head. his eyes are bright and flickering as he peers over the open air, holding onto nothing, mouth curved into a sharp, raw grin. he says he chases the adrenaline and the vertigo and the fun, but you can’t help but think differently. sometimes when he thinks you’re not looking, he just seems lost. (somehow uncertain, betrayed, broken.)

    By lynn on 12.05.2018

  11. C’mon, it’ll be fun. Come here for a few days, to this hill-less place where it’s impossible to walk from your house to the grocery store. Come here, where we’ll take you out to a not-that-great restaurant after all the work is done. Come here, and let’s see if we can steal a couple hours alone, after more than a year of being unable to hold a conversation.

    By Ella Emma Em on 12.05.2018

  12. i have lots of fun playing games on my ps4 with my friends it is cool to be able to talk with people from diffrent states even countres.

    By aidanmowry URL on 12.05.2018

  13. i have fun by watching movies play video games and playing with my friends online on diffrent games i also play board games from time to time

    By aidanmowry URL on 12.05.2018

  14. This is definitely not fun. not so much because I don’t enjoy it, but because I DO enjoy it but I am depressed when I think about how unintersted the seniors will be in this, as in everything.

    By Ira Abrams on 12.05.2018

  15. Fun is the feeling when you enjoy something. For instance Airsoft is fun because I enjoy it.
    And fortnite to I guess…?

    By Caleb Simmons on 12.05.2018

  16. After only being by his side for a year or two, never had hey seen each other’s true smile. But in the midst of swirling gowns and a kept promise, even the sun didn’t shine as brightly.

    By Jordan Ashley on 12.05.2018

  17. When I think of the word “fun” my mind immediately travels back through all of the memories I have with my friends. They are what makes life worth everything that could possibly go bad because when I’m with them I never have to think about the bad things going on all around me.

    By Lydia Park on 12.05.2018

  18. “They said this was gonna be fun” Billy whined. His blonde flattop haircut reflected the sun of the summer’s day. The blob on the beach gurgled.

    By Christa Pagliei URL on 12.05.2018

  19. It was fun today to play with kids in the morning ! Drive to Mihu’s school with her podcast was fun too !

    By abhishek on 12.05.2018

  20. two fifty four
    in the afternoon
    a ripped raindrop cloudy skied dreamscape
    you ask
    what is fun?
    a broken break backed construct
    when everything moves in slow motion
    and time stands still
    you can’t pinpoint the moment
    and you never will.

    By matt m on 12.05.2018

  21. Hah! Fun. Flagrant. At least one person ends up isolated when there’s fun involved. It’s hard to keep the energy of fun-filled situations equitable. Fun is more akin to mania than utopia.

    By Zoe on 12.05.2018

  22. whatever is your age!! our lives need some fun to keep on (when you just laugh, you kidding with someone,… is only to have fun)

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 12.05.2018

  23. This isn’t fun at all, this disillusionment with you. Is it momentary or permanent? Will I miss you, as I have missed you, when I’m gone for the amount of time I’m gone? Will we speak tomorrow to find everything changed once more?

    By Fox Hedgehog on 12.05.2018

  24. Is it possible for us to have fun? I have fantasized about you on my home turf, wandering the winding city streets together for hours and hours until the fog rolls in, dawdling among stacks of books until the sun sets vermilion red. I have fantasized about you laughing as I’ve never seen you laugh in the place I’ve called paradise, and about you crying for the first time in years tucked up in my bed.

    By whatever_artemesia on 12.05.2018

  25. It is fun to play guitar but it is also fun to play video games but you should play guitar and clean the house for your mother.

    By JesseMowry URL on 12.05.2018

  26. A way to describe things that are the opposite of boring, annoying, or grumpy.

    By David M. on 12.05.2018

  27. It’s easy to get caught up in checklists and planners, to seem great on the resumé, to have your achievements seen. But looking back, did you really have fun doing them?????????

    By humanly on 12.05.2018

  28. I hop gleefully out of the shower after my long 5-hour session of washing out the floor wax from my hair, and calming down the bruises on the back of my thigh. My roommate stares at me with disdain.

    “Friends don’t do these things to each other. They aren’t your sisters.”
    “We were just having fun! Stop being such a killjoy, you just don’t understand.”

    By humanly on 12.05.2018

  29. yoga is fun,dancing around is fun,playing with my sister is fun,doing my homework at my own pace is fun,spending time with dogs and animals is fun,caring for others is fun.

    By Isa on 12.06.2018

  30. yoga is fun,dancing around to indie songs is fun,spending time withmy dogs is fun,caring for others is fun,doing my work at my own pace is fun.

    By Isa on 12.06.2018

  31. It’s a ambiguous feeling, that moment of limbo between fanfare and the gloom of obligation. There are times when I wake so early that the sun is still down and there is a crisp in the air that is felt inside of my home. In those moments, I seem to have fun in whatever I do. This is counter to the exhilaration I feel while engaged in a little competition over video games or the truly disheartening fun I experience at parties when I am engaged.

    By Eric Harrell on 12.06.2018